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View Full Version : how long can you hold your breath for?

2004-12-16, 03:44
If you need to see seconds displayed, double click the clock on your computer.

First I took my pulse and got 60 beats per minute.

I held my breath for 80 seconds. It's best to breathe in and hold it. Anyone want to try to beat that?

Tomorrow morning I'll give it a shot while under the influence of a fresh round of caffeine.

Is it true that if you hang yourself while masturbating, that it improves the orgasm? Maybe somebody should try to masturbate while holding the breath and report back the results or better yet, provide a live webcam feed.

2004-12-27, 22:52
I can't hold my breath for more than a few seconds. Perhaps if i trained myself to do it, the length of time i held my breath would gradually increase. I don't now what my absolute maximum could be. I don't know my potential in 99% of the things i do and wish i could do.

I used to play these games when i was younger, with friend, trying to hold ur breath for the longest. I always lost. I would count to 11 and float back up for air.

I don't like holding my breath, because i become very aware of the beating of my heart. I also don't like the pressure and dizzy feeling i feel on my brain. I think its unnatural to be so aware of your internal organs. I like to know they are there, but i don't want them throbbing in pain or something to make me aware.

2005-02-12, 19:17
i do it for 2 and a half mins
only cause i go to the pool every day and hold my breath

not only incrases lung capacity but also opens the veins in the brain
Carbon dioxide is bigger and widens them so when reoxegenated the brain (hardware) really beefs up the capabilities of the mind (software)

brain diets with that kind of practice and everything is so clear
and timeless

$ to be aware is to awaken
and especially the body
it is the seat of the holy reality we are experiencing

to know you body well is to be at peace with the physical - body level of things

i focus on my heart while listening to music and i hear it beating
wasn't something i saw as possible before i did it

then heart vibrations
that was the most enlightening experience ive had
true compassion is a constant vibration like this
it becomes unnoticable

2005-02-13, 00:20
sometimes being aware of certain body parts are a bad sign of illness or trouble.

2005-02-14, 14:01
yes but being aware of it on a wider scale knowing which is good and which is bad it is easier to do something about it
prevention can be achieved much easier with attention

anyway how r u $
hows life?

2005-02-14, 14:14
life is shit, but i'm happy to be alive. can't complain really can i... i'm greatful to have an age at all.

i've been deliriously happy for the past two days. i think it was the weather. clear blue skies with big fluffy scattered clouds and perfect wind... i foudn myself laying in the grass watching the dragon flies and the parrots... that quickly faded when i realised i was laying in dog shit.

and how are you dude?

2005-02-14, 14:28
thats the spirit
it sucks but we gotta take control of the opportunity thrown forward

its the fun part if u play it right

im great feeling good
its been the usual raining every three days but its been warm but not too warm
just right

2005-02-14, 19:32
she wasn't really in dog shit That never happened.
Yet just another example of one of the ways in which she likes to embellish her stories and make them sound funny or interesting. I've finally learned that and am greatful for the revelation.

2005-02-14, 22:32
actually, yeah i was. i have two german shepards. bless their weeee hearts.

My other dog used to have one pooping spot. my two dogs just shit all over the yard. they really love the freedom.

2005-02-14, 23:06
actually, yeah i was. i have two german shepards. bless their weeee hearts.

My other dog used to have one pooping spot. my two dogs just shit all over the yard. they really love the freedom.

I had an experience with dogshit myself recently when I went to feed by brother's pitbull and found him to have been wallowing in his own feces. The smell was awful.

2005-02-14, 23:57
I don't care.

2005-02-15, 00:49
I don't care.

you would not have made a point of saying so if you really didn't you just would not have responded..and for that matter neither do I.

2005-02-15, 15:19
so i see u two haven't changed much eh? ;)

always scomes back to shit

i wanna see E do a test of holding his breath under different influences
maybe im asking for tooo toooo much
i doubt it though :D

enough talk of dog shit lets get to the main event

2005-02-16, 05:38
Well I just tried it again and now have a new record of 85 seconds. But at 45 seconds into it I already wanted to quit. So it's a question of how much stamina there is for enduring the discomfort in the home stretch.

The United States government has approved of the torture of prisoners with a technique called "water boarding", in which a prisoner is tied to a board and put under water. I wonder how long those prisoners are kept under water for.

2005-02-16, 14:03
another fucking disgusting act of the world empire
did i say empire i meant state

2005-02-19, 01:12
A stake up the ass is too good for him.


die u ASS. Quit fookin with other people.

2005-02-21, 13:34
twisted as always i see Nic?
how r u otherwise?