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2004-12-24, 04:17
Some weeks I drink a lot but other weeks I don't drink as much. There have been times where I get drunk maybe three or four times a week for several months of time, as was the case last year. This year I haven't been drinking much. Also in the Winter, it is dark early so I am less likely to drink when I get home from work. I avoid drinking at home when my wife is awake because she disapproves of it. But by the time she goes to sleep it is too late. Late drinking is depressing to me. Some dudes like to drink late and go to sleep drunk but I am an early drinker, and I like to if I can, start around 10:00 and be finished around dinner time. The functional alcoholics I know at my work who drink every day tend to also be the ones who like to drink late. Most people like to drink later in the day and unfortunately bars often don't open until the early afternoon. Some construction workers like to have a beer with their lunch, but for me I like to drink by itself without any food. I don't like strong alcoholic drinks, so I stick to beer. Usually when I drink I have about four 12- ounce bottles of beer. Rarely would I only have one beer. That's always the lure with friends: you think you're going out for one beer but then it becomes six and you end up getting home late or missing some kind of appointment. I know better than to say I'll just stop by for one beer.

I don't like being tired when drunk so that is another reason I don't like to drink late. Sometimes I take caffeine pills with the alcohol to offset the tiring effects that the alcohol has. A good number of people take cocaine when drinking for the same reason, to drink more or to drink without being tired.

When I have my first couple of beers my mind races with ideas and words. I find that alcohol stimulates my writing ability. Unfortunately internet cafes serving alcohol are not common, so I have these ideas racing through my head and then don't get to do anything with them. Drinking is best done at home because it is cheap and I have free internet, but the environment isn't good with my daughter or my teetotaler wife being around.

Withdrawing from the alcohol has the effect of creating a sleepy feeling, until the withdrawal is complete. It is usually after eating dinner that I feel the terrible down effects of sobering from the alcohol, combined with being full from the meal, and have an hour or two of feeling miserable. Then I may take a good after-dinner shit and recover my energy again but in a sober state, with my mind again racing with ideas and words.

This week I've had the following days of drinking:
Monday: had five 12-ounce beers from 12:00 to 13:30
Tuesday: had two 16-ounce beers from 12:30 to 13:30
Wednesday: had two 12-ounce beers from 17:30 to 18:00 at home
Thursday: had five 12-ounce beers from 12:00 to 13:30

So it's been a good productive week, and I might again drink tomorrow when my wife goes to work, but on the weekend I will probably be sober while she is around. That's the opposite of most people, who like to drink on weekends. But my wife hates alcohol and unfortunately that is one of the things in life I won't be able to appreciate; to enjoy a moment of drinking and relaxation together with my wife.

Tomorrow I am off from work so my wife may take my daughter to work, leaving me alone at the house. I know that if I wake up I would take my usual caffeine, which makes me a little nervous. And sometimes I get so stressed up that I really feel the need to have a drink, which I suppose is mild type of alcoholism. I always feel like I will accomplish so much more when drinking but in reality a day of drinking some times leads to nothing productive. Often it will motivate me to clean the house. Who the hell wants to vacuum the house while sober? Alcohol also has given me great energy when it comes to going for long walks and long bike rides. I have walked like fifteen miles one time, and another ridden fifty miles on my bike while drunk. However, it tends to make jogging a drag.

Drinking alone is like a self-indulgence, and I enjoy it more than doing other things in life, such as masturbating. Masturbation to me is just something that has to occur like twice a week for medical reasons, but I get more pleasure out of drinking than I do out of masturbating.

2004-12-24, 12:32
Yes, but have you ever tried doing both at the same time. Could be interesting. lol.

2004-12-24, 13:51
Masturbating while being drunk is good. Alcohol relaxes me and allows me to thoroughly enoy myself. When I eat food, I eat with a good appetite while drunk, and I enjoy eating more. Alcohol enhances other pleasures.

2004-12-25, 00:32
I don't like alcohol. My father is quite a drinker. He drinks about 30 beers every 1.5-2 days, and also has shots of spirit before he goes to bed. I dislike the smell of a man that drinks. I hate the smell of their sweat, and the smell they leave on the pillow, i hate the smell they leave in the toilet after a they piss out all the alcohol.

You don't sound like a big drinker eclectica from what i see of your drinking schedule... but alcohol isn't about getting drunk and waking up with a hang over. Over time alcohol will take its toll on your nerves and your patience. It will seep the joy out of your life and it is your family that will pay the price. Your daughter will have memories of you, long after you are gone. If you make her childhood beautiful, and her adult years beautiful, she will remember her life as beautiful and only then can u, when you are dead, truly rest in peace.

Alcohol is a bit like being fat... it's not about eating the burger and chocolate and then going on a diet once u reach 300 pounds because ur doctor told u ur knees can't handle your weight and that u r now a diabetic. U can loose the weight, but u will be a diabetic for the rest of your life.

It's hard to break bad habbits and most people have no clue about prioritising. I know i don't.

I hadn't had a drink for such a long time, that the other day when i had 2.5 glasses of wine, i was so tipsy i couldn't walk straight. I actually woke up witha hang over? my tollerence of alcohol is low.

My mother is not a drinker. she will drink about 2 glasses of champagne in a year. She dispises that my father is a drinker. My father is not a drunk alcoholic. But he doens't have to be one, in order to break up the peace in a family.

I have seperated myself from their life. Some people even in adult hood would be devestated that their parents got a divorce. I woudlnt' care either way. I'd only be sad about the feeling of lonliness they would feel growing old with no one but their own bad memories.

My boyfriend is not a big drinker. He likes the odd glass of red wine. I like the odd glass of white, but even then, i only drink it because i feel that is what i am supposed to have with a meal.. not because i enjoy it.

2004-12-25, 01:04
So how do U feel about pot?

2004-12-25, 01:26
i've never done drugs dude. i don't smoke anything, i don't pop pills and i don't drink. i still manage to be miserable though :banana: :console:

i find it a turn off when people go through life as doped up or drunk zombies. there is just somethign so disconnecting about it. SOmethign that makes the other person a stranger to me. being a zombie just isn't real, it isn't real li ving, it isn't real connecting.

2004-12-25, 02:27
Every day I take caffeine. On the weekends, I take less but still there is some. Occasionally like on a Sunday I will go totally without it, and get a headache as well as feel pretty useless due to my low energy level. So I'm usually not the "real" me but instead someone who is on caffeine. Normally I would be slower or have less energy. I'm not happy with my natural energy level, and I hate being tired unless it is bed time.

I recall being in the Army and needing more sleep than my peers, and falling asleep in the middle of the day, even though we all had the same waking and sleeping schedule. I need more sleep than the average person. Also, you know those people who on their days off from work like to get up at 07:00 because they claim they can't sleep later? That's not me. I can sleep until around 11:00 or later if there are no distractions or noises. My wife is the same too.

I'm not a morning person, but thanks to the caffeine pills I can be. Now it is not a moment of horror and torture having to wake up in the morning for work. I remember back in the Army, there was some enthusiastic dude who early in the morning would yell out "IT'S A GREAT DAY IN THE U. S. ARMY", and it occurs to me now that the dude had his morning coffee, and after drinking it I would probably have felt the same way too. That's the best way to start a day, full of energy and enthusiasm. Otherwise the day drags and life sucks.

I tried marijuana a couple of times, but didn't like the whole process of it, with the smoking and coughing. It's way too inconvenient for starters, due to being illegal, and the burning of the lungs. If it was legal I still wouldn't like it. My wife likes it though.

2004-12-27, 12:22
relying on caffine to give you energy is dangerous. It plays games with your heart rate. Some people commit suicide by over dosing on caffine. They swollow a jar of instant coffee until they strain their heart so much that they die.

I remember writting a university essay, it was due the next day and i hadn't even done any research. I made coffee by dumping heaps of tablespoons of instant coffee granuals into the cup. I got very scared because my heart started beating so quickly and my stomach became very painful, my heart would skip beats and beat irregularly.

It was scary. I just wanted that feeling to go away. I laid in bed that night, with my heart speeding away, and my mind racing. it was freeky. I just wanted to be in control and just grab my heart and tell it to chill the fuck out.

I have become a sugar addict. I get headaches if i don't have some chocolate etc.

I think u should try alternative methods to give u energy. The fact that you lack energy symbolises problems in other areas of your life style. Perhaps you lack certain vitamins, or your mind is over worked, maybe u need to find new ways to relax, or new ways to vent your creativity, frustration, joy, anger etc.

I dont think mixing caffine pills and alcohol is a safe habbit. I get tired when i drink too, my energy disaperes. It depends on the environment i am in. If i am in an exciting environment having fun with friends, then i do not get sleepy. as soon as things quieten down and the environment becomes less hyperactive, my eye lids become heavy and i am ready for a nap.

2004-12-28, 01:49
The fact that you lack energy symbolises problems in other areas of your life style. Perhaps you lack certain vitamins, or your mind is over worked, maybe u need to find new ways to relax, or new ways to vent your creativity, frustration, joy, anger etc.

Some of that could be changed if I were to change my work hours but I would have to do so much to avoid taking caffeine, that then I would be slave to many other things instead of the caffeine. For example, suppose it is late at night and I have to drive home. Do I say I can't do it because I'm too tired and I refuse to take caffeine, or do I take the caffeine and become impure by taking a drug? Or the fact that I work early in the morning. Should I refuse to work a job that requires me to get up early in the mornings so that I'm not a slave to caffeine? Then I would be a slave to my tiredness. Caffeine is the lesser of two slaves.
:coffee: :caffeine:

My tiredness is within normal limits, but due to my personality, I don't like being tired. It's not caused by a chemical imbalance.

2004-12-28, 01:54
what'r you saying with the gw avatar?

2004-12-28, 03:22
Check it out

2004-12-28, 07:19
The Alcohol.

If there is a bottle per man, I can see the bottom of mine atm.

The way me and me friends drink usually, I get so sick for days that im giving up on drinking.
Its still fun to be drunk etc. but the price to pay for it has become too big for me.
I dont go "for a beer or two" in the local pubs anymore.
Nowadays I'd like to have a big reason to celebrate/drink.

The Weed.

Is fun also but I dont smoke that much, only if some of me mates has some and offers to me.
I've never bought it "off the street", probably never will.
I treat it as beer, it fucks up the head pretty much the same way.

Other Drugs etc.

Never tried them.
I know im weak and the chance to get hooked on some nasty drug is valid imo.
I will not "try" stuff like others do.

I got enough trouble with Siggies and Beers and the few Jazz Tobacco I smoke sometimes.


2004-12-29, 01:37
booze is bad for your body, but legal.

Pot doesn't hurt, and might help your bod. Pot tends to make a perp lazy and drive slow. It, however, is illegal.

I drink very little, but toke hardly at all. Should toke more & drink less.

2004-12-29, 20:18
/me sings "getting to knoooow you!"

drugs i intake daily


drugs i intake weekly (2-3 nights per week)


drugs i intake bi-weekly (1-3 times per month)

various presription pills (vicadyn, codeine, etc.)

drugs i take bi-monthly (1-2 times every 2 months)


drugs i take every 6 months


drugs i take very rarely now but have taken

hallucinogens (lsd, mescaline, mushrooms)

so... as you can gather, i'm a fan of drugs. they are quite fun. i pretty much reccomend every one i've taken except heroin and nicotine, as i've seen those 2 devastate people. i'm only smoking on weekends right now, but this is after lung surgery. the problem with smoking is it cohabits so well with whatever romantic notions of self-destruction i have that it becomes very difficult for me to quit in the long term. heroin i have no problem with but i've seen some people get really sucked into it and they tend to never quite return fully after that happens, even if they quit; so I admit it's scary shit that i'll not rec.

For me, drugs and drinking are about the interesting game of losing/regaining control of my consciousness and, to some degree, my sanity. It's also, for me, about engaging in socially deviant behaviours that my superego might normally prevent me from engaging in comfortably. And when I say "socially deviant," that doesn't necassarily mean I'm jerking off on the subway or something, it could just mean insulting someone at a party that I think is morally flawed, though I am also implying more interesting stuff then that...

Wow, I seem to be the only drug taker here. Interesting, consdering the environment...

2004-12-29, 21:30


have used but dont anymore
cocaine (didnt like it the one time i tried it)

started in 8th grade with pot and by the start of 9th grade i was going to school either stoned or drunk every day. me and a friend would have either get drunk or stoned at her house before walking to school that is if we made it that far.

by the middle of 9th grade i was taking speed to stay awake and smoking pot to get to sleep at night.

by 14 i was getting into bars - going to friends houses and drinking either rum & coke or vodka

straightened out when i was 16

now i stay away from beer and usually just do shots

most people are ok when they drink beer its when they do the shots they get mean or obnoxious....for me its the other way around....give me shots and i am great...give me beer and be ready to get kicked out of whatever bar we happen to be in.

2004-12-30, 13:06
Well, I've done the following:

Smoked pot (in high school), loved it.
Tried acid 1/2 hit, once...it was cool, but not cool enough to try again.
Cocaine, it was okay...too expensive.
Mushrooms, once...but i think they were fake, cause i never felt anything.
Sniffed that "rush" in the bottle, hated it, gave me a headache.
Tried "crack", (cocaine mixed with baking soda), if they're the same thing, and I loved it.
but I loved it too much & decided I shouldn't do it. but as assorted said, I've watched it ruin lives, and those of some of my closest friends. I've never done it or any other drug again.
I find that the drug of choice these days is pot and many of my friends live for it. They say that pot isn't addicting, but yet, do it daily, many times, daily. They are miserable fucks if they don't, so I have to think that it is to a certain degree. If not physically, then psychologically/emotionally.

That's about it. I'm not one for drugs. I hate not being in control of my faculties. Stopped doing pot because I began feeling sleepy and paranoid, as I got older and the feeling wasn't as free and spirited as it was when I was younger.

As Dollar states, I only enjoying drinking when with friends I love and the occasion has to be one I am totally in sync with, or else I know right away that I don't feel like drinking.
I like Bud light or a spicy Caesar and that's about it. I'm not into whiskey's or hard liquors.
I hate hangovers with a passion and will stop when I know I'm gonna get one, unless I'm having the ultimate blast, in which I feel the hangover will be worth it.
And the same pertains to alcohol, when I feel that I am losing control of myself, I stop drinking.
The thought of never drinking again doesn't fizz me in the least. I could live without it.

2004-12-30, 13:55
well...after reading a few of your replies, i've determined that i'm the dull boy here...

i don't drink or do drugs....i don't like anything that interferes with my awareness

2004-12-30, 14:26
i don't drink or do drugs....i don't like anything that interferes with my awareness

consciousness is overrated

2004-12-30, 14:37
life is overrated most of the time, but you work with what you've got...and if a little something helps you make it through another year, go with what works.

consciousness is overrated

2004-12-30, 17:14
my main concern with this thread is the spelling... and how certain people manage to spell worse as they get older...

other than that i also find it amusing how some 'woman' thinks that unless a man (in this case her father) does exactly what she/they thinks he should do, that somehow that destroys the peace in a family unit... undoubtedly if peace should occur in such a family unit it would be but an instant before some 'woman' found fault with something else, bemoaned it, posted how it displeases her on the internet, and ultimately made me realise that most women are absolute idiots. Forgive me for appearing to go on and on... but i become weary of reading for the 80th time in a different post how some shallow bint from somewhere or other dislikes the smell of a d00d's urine when he has had a beverage... i mean... why not use a different toilet? oh... do u only have one? in that case why not ask him to use a different one? oh... perhaps he paid for it... so why don't YOU go somewhere else eh? if his smell in his toilet offends your delicate lady's nose so much then perhaps u should get ur own toilet? seems fair to me.

I could quite happily put up with a size 20 girl who farts, drinks like a sailor, smokes and takes her clothes off for money... as long as she was honest and good... but i suppose I am just different from the most of the populace who care about shit like fancy meals, nice cars, nice smells, nice pillows, comfortable things, looking good etc. blah lol

Then again this is the internet, and this is a bulletin board... where people proffer their egocentric, inexperienced and generally ridiculous personal opinions.

My personal opinion is that all of your personal opinions are shit. Happy New Year.

2004-12-30, 17:33
so mek, what drugs you do?

I don't like alcohol. My father is quite a drinker. He drinks about 30 beers every 1.5-2 days, and also has shots of spirit before he goes to bed. I dislike the smell of my daddy that drinks. I hate the smell of my daddy's sweat, and the smell my daddy leaves on the pillow, i hate the smell my daddy leaves in the toilet after my daddy piss out all the alcohol. I hate the smell of my daddy's drunken sweat when he's fucking me.

2004-12-30, 18:10
so mek, what drugs you do?

I have some beer when i feel like it... maybe once every couple of weeks... not habitually... as and when i feel like it really...

I enjoy weed most of all, but even that i don't do all the time... being English I like my tea... several cups a day...

unfortunately i smoke cigarettes... in moderation... but def 5 a day or so.... i prefer cigs to joints because as some idiot pointed out in a moment of lucidity, doing it all the time does make u a zombie.

other than that I've pretty much done it all 'cept crack and smack... and i hope i never do, excepting the morphine i'll get when i'm on my way out.

did some coke on Xmas eve... nothing major... first for 2 years... 18 months maybe... don't really care... i like it... but i don't love anything as much as weed and tea...

oh... yeah... there is music too... that is a 100% full time addiction... good for me =]

2004-12-30, 22:35
booze is bad for your body, but legal.

Pot doesn't hurt, and might help your bod. Pot tends to make a perp lazy and drive slow. It, however, is illegal.

I drink very little, but toke hardly at all. Should toke more & drink less.

pot also makes your reflex time slower and your alertness decreases. SO either way one shoudlnt' be driving.

I think one of the most dangerous things on the road is people driving when they are tired. I know so many people that have fallen asleep driving on the road late at night. maybe i should reccommend caffine pills :banana: :caffeine:

2004-12-30, 23:41
pot also makes your reflex time slower and your alertness decreases. SO either way one shoudlnt' be driving.

I think one of the most dangerous things on the road is people driving when they are tired. I know so many people that have fallen asleep driving on the road late at night. maybe i should reccommend caffine pills :banana: :caffeine:

i recommend spelling tests for you =]

2004-12-31, 01:47
My personal opinion is that all of your personal opinions are shit. Happy New Year.


Merry New Years Mek.

And fuc'm if they can't take a joke.


2004-12-31, 01:52
fuc'm if they can't take a jokeif i ever got a tat.....

that's exactly what it'd say

2005-01-01, 17:45
Users of different drugs have their own cultures. You could stereotype the behavior of a person based on the drugs a person uses. Stereotypes aren't always accurate but they sometimes reflect a generalization that is based on the average traits of a group. Do the drugs create the behavior, or are people with certain behaviors drawn to certain drugs?

Particular drugs are used in particular groups. After all it is peer influences that introduces people to drugs, so that makes sense. Crystal meth used to be a White trash hillbilly drug but now is popular amongst gay urbanites. assorted mentioned ecstasy, which is popular in night club crowds. I don't know people who use ecstasy, but I know tons of people at my work who drink alcohol. People are influenced by their peers.

For a while the White folks were doing cocaine while the Black folks were doing crack. Inequities in the law between sentencing guidelines for different drugs created accusations of unfairness.

Violent crimes may have dropped because the fashionable drugs do not produce as much violent behavior. Heroin is in style and crack is out of style, so people aren't as violent now.

A generalization I would make of full time marijuana users is that they are selfish and self-absorbed. This is based on the few that I know.

I think marijuana should be legalized, and the alcohol drinking age should be lowered to 18.

There could be a show down between the marijuana and the alcohol crowd, like the show down between the cat lovers and dog lovers crowd. I'm on the side of the dog lovers and the alcohol drinkers.

Some people only do some drugs while under the influence of others. It looks like assorted only smokes when he drinks, and I know a lot of people who are like that. New York city has a law that one can not smoke cigarettes inside of a bar. I think that is a ridiculous law.

2005-01-05, 01:13
U type to much.

If it was that important, U could express it quicker.......

2005-01-05, 01:23
U type to much.

If it was that important, U could express it quicker.......lol

you coulda just said it in one word as well nic...but you read it all, didn't you.....what else were you doing anyway dude......that's what you came here for...to read some shit....go ahead admit it...i'm right ain't i.....you read it all and that's why you came here

entertainment, that's the purpose of the pc...they take us to other worlds of entertainment...such as internet forums where people say too much and talk about all kinds of crap we have no interest in but read anyway...

i like it, you like it, eeryone that comes here and types anything....i mean anything at all, likes it, why...i'm not an expert but i go back to entertainment and we have a dull, boring life....then again maybe this isn't real, afterall, it's only the internet....and as we all know from those that know...if it happens on the world wide web, it ain't real

is it....?


you read it all again....huh nic?

2005-01-05, 02:03



Well not quite that quick... hehe

slx, U are so right about entertainment, however I do care about some here. It's obvoius which ones too.

the proof really is in the puddin' U know.

2005-01-05, 02:10
hey nic...i hope you and all the ones you love the absolute best for the fuk'd up, new year i think we're all in for

2005-01-05, 19:13
There's a slogan printed on a sign at my work:
A productive day is a satisying day
But they forgot to add:
but an unproductive day is even more satisfying!

I'm having a productive day though. First I went to the bar and had a 16 ounce draft of Bud Light. But I got bored with the bar and drooling over the female bar tender who only looks appetizing after several beers, so I left that place and made my way up to the cyber center where they have a good internet hookup. Like I said before this place doesn't have beer, and for me I like to have a mixture of alcohol and internet. But that was no problem, for I am a problem solver. I went to the deli nearby and picked up four different flavors of Woodchuck Draft Cider (http://www.woodchuck.com/products.html), and brought the drinks into the cyber center. That's four 12-ounce bottles of cider with a 4-5% alcohol level. This stuff is really good and I think that once my supply of Bud Light runs out at home, I'm going to replace it with this stuff when I go the beer distributor. I'm on the fourth one and they seem to all taste the same to me. They are all apple flavored. Apple is a flavor that isn't too prevalent but I think should be more common. Has anyone tried apple ice cream? I would like to.

Fortunately for me there is a nice spot in Brooklyn on 3rd Ave and 37th St just two miles from my house that has a Costco, a beer distributor, and a titty bar, so I can take care of all my needs in one spot. The nice thing about the titty bar is that the girls are all natural there. No plastic implants, unlike "The Pink Pussycat" in Manhattan two blocks south of the World Trade Center on Greenwich street, which has a shitload of babes with plastic boobs. God that is a turnoff to me. Another cool thing about this spot in Brooklyn is that they have a back room place you can go to and if you give the girl thirty dollars, she gives you a lap dance and you can eat her pussy or she will give you a dry masturbation (man that hurts; the bitch better cut her nails next time).

But of course I only go to Costco and do my shopping for the household, because I am a family-oriented man.

2005-02-12, 20:47
this is an interesting topic

well you guys know ive been a drug addict but i've not told you much of my adventures

i did pot, alcohol, and ciggarettes on a daily basis for almost 8 years
coke and acid every day for the last 6 of that time

i should be dead i know
but im not

first time i did acid i thought i was God
first time i did mescalin thought i was God
first time i did mushrooms was high on acid and though i was god and had fucked up reality and tried hanging myself

fucking stupid shit right
what i thought
i am with the current consciousness that exists
whatever you want to call it
i'll tell you it's a load off

just a comment on consciousness
its one factor which we can change
whatever changes is not permanent

drugs can make some changes

we do drugs because we are not happy with the consciousness we already "have"
boredom is obvious right?

and is consciousness yours?
ownership is hand in hand with control

in control of what really happens to all the things that make up you?

when did you decide to decide to move?

free will is a never ending cycle that is impossible

control old age can you?

we have less control on things than the process does on it

where do i start and you begin?
thats what i want to know

if not for all us where would the single one be?

drinking alone im guessing lmao

2005-06-27, 04:32
My alcoholic beverage of choice is now Bud Light, and has been for some time. I started off drinking alcohol with wine coolers back in 1993, but have since around 1999 been more of a beer drinker. I do not like strong or bitter tasting beers.

I've come to realize about myself that on Sundays I am the most horny as well as the most depressed. The reason I am the most horny is because I am off from work Saturday and Sunday, so on Sunday I am well rested due to sleeping late, and therefore horny. And I am the most depressed because it is the day of the week in which I take the least amount of caffeine. Perhaps I am also depressed because I am so horny and not getting any sex.

People drink alcohol because they are depressed, but end up being more depressed once the effects wear off. This is not to say that one should not drink alcohol when depressed, but instead to provide information so that one can weigh the pros and cons of the situation. In fact one may argue that the best way to deal with depression is to further it by adding to it so that one experiences it to its fullest level, because it's okay to be depressed and unhappy sometimes. I do not know what makes people happy or not, but sometimes there is irony in happiness, where happiness breeds unhappiness and unhappiness breeds happiness. So one can not easily formulate a correct way towards happiness.

I think that people who use drugs like alcohol are seeking a change within themselves and are not content with their own sobriety. But that in itself is not a bad thing, because if people were happy with themselves they would never leave diapers or make changes and advancements in their lives. We are all able to change our destinies and transform ourselves, so that the very outcome of our lives could be viewed as our own continuing project.

Some religions use drugs as a way to enhance the religion, and the reason they do so is because drugs can help reach another level of spirituality. I have been spiritually enrichened because of the usage of drugs in my life. I think people could gain from the altered states that drugs bring them if for no other reason than to understand their sober natural states better. It is similar to the idea that the learning of a foreign language may help one understand one's native language better.

One of the reasons that I like to drink alcohol is because I enjoy the sensual feeling that it brings me. I have little sensuality in my marriage, because my wife does not like to do things like kissing, touching, or having sex.

I remember the last time I had sex in April, how the next day I was full of energy, self confident, and in a good mood, and I wondered if getting laid was the reason for that. But rather than get hung up on the things that I am lacking in life, I have come to accept my fate and realize that it's hard to get everything you want in life. I have a lot to be grateful for in my life, so I shouldn't get hung up on the things that bother me in life like the shortage of sex for me. It's hard to get everything you want in life and I am grateful for what I have, and that things aren't worse.

What I like about alcohol is that I lose the fear of being who I am, and the fear that the person I am may not be accepted by other people. It's a liberating feeling. I don't make a fool of myself particularly when I drink. But I do things and say things that I normally wouldn't do when under the influence of alcohol. And the next day when I wake up sober I remember those things and may be tempted to feel a little shame, but that also is an exercise in self acceptance; that we both accept ourselves for what we are while sober and accept ourselves for what we are while drunk.

2005-07-08, 16:52
yes true acceptance is important but for me alcohol make it impossible to see clearly until i was sober
that i can also accept
there is nothing passive about accceptance
in others the is nothing we do but give them a shoulder to lean on
but knowing that everything ends i can do it in confidence

like my mates getting drunk around me i know now how much of a dickhead i was at times
funny but stupid
stupider than a stoner
but not as funny lol

stoners focus inwards but do not do the searching often
acid you do look inwards and outwards at the same time without realising it always

Pot is bigger than life to them also
i know that from experience

people loose control
i did many times

but i never did on anything else really

i let loose but never did i loose control

i have images of the universe in my brain from my use of acid so i will not say it was all a waste of time
not sure how many people see colours on the stars because they have seen them first hand

sometimes a a certain diet mixed with certain drugs can make people very agressive or depressed or whatever

i was very depressed eating too much processed food

to me purification is the way

just some random thoughts
as always

2005-07-11, 03:09
It's all ok 'lurkie ...

If you can, try to find a copy of "Death on the Installment Plan" by Louis-Ferdinand Celine. I swear it will make U're troubles seem as least as small as U're penis.

The prick manged to get it published in 1952. The second translation by Ralph Manheim is the one I read.

It tends to change ones outlook and is funny as hell to boot. ;)

Trotsky didn't know what to think of the dude.


2005-07-11, 13:06
death on an installment plan?

cannot find it wanna fill me in on what it is about?

2005-07-11, 21:35
Here's the Amazon link

2005-07-12, 02:19
Here's the Amazon link

Have U read it yet eklecka?

Could do you good. Might make U less pissie.

2005-07-12, 02:28

If U read the book you'll know what I mean.

2005-11-13, 16:49
Here are a couple of alcohol-related social activities that I'm aware of. It seems that alcohol is widely used across different cultures because people like the social effect it has. Those who call for its banishment are defying years of human history.

One social group is known as the Hash House Harriers (http://www.harrier.net). They are "drinkers with a running problem". I actually ran with them once about two years ago in Maryland, because my sister's husband runs with them in Bethesda. I was invited to go on a run with them when I visited.

When they run someone runs ahead and marks the trail with flour, as well as creates false trails. So then afterwards the rest of the group runs and tries to find the correct trail by looking at the flour markings on the ground. For me the whole thing was a bit strange because of the playfulness of it, having adults play games and form a group. But I liked the basic premise, which was to run first and then drink afterwards. I always feel good after running, and then to drink afterwards is an even nicer feeling.

Yesterday I read in the paper an article about a type of Catholic preaching called Theology-on-Tap (http://www.yamchicago.org/yam-TOT04-BishopReport.htm) that was started in 1981 by John Cusick. It is an attempt to reach a younger audience by preaching in a bar. The participants are more likely to be engaged because alcohol lowers the inhibitions and causes people to participate more.