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View Full Version : the mp3 war - we won

2004-12-29, 21:26
First, the bad news.

My hard drive, with my collected over 5 years 65gbs of mp3s with no substantial backups, died a few weeks ago. Right now, I have the poor thing sitting in a freezer, praying I can one day get a few precious backup minutes out of it and pondering whether I should take it to a real data recovery place and pay real money so I can have my mp3s back.

Both options are unlikely, and I've begun facing the daunting task of replacing, or at least finding similar stuff, to my 65gb of mp3s.

Now, here's the bad news for the music industery: I don't think I'm going to bother doing it by downloading.

Fuck Soulseek, fuck Kazaa, fuck Waste and fuck ftp and forums. Why bother? Here's the catch - most of my friends have similar musical taste to me, and they all have 40gb+ of mp3s as well. So why should I bother downloading? I figure 3 days spent at about 3 different friends houses with my new 80gb drive and my external enclosure and I probably will have MORE then 65gb of mp3s and even better shit then I had last time (this, in addition to the 10+gb of mp3s naz gave me on 3 dvds some time ago - thx naz!).

That's the catch. It's over. For most of us that are tech savvy, we've backed all our shit and more up on mp3. Most of us in NYC now have our music collections exclusively on mp3. And, unlike if we used some crap legal means like ITunes, if our drives crash we're just a quick walk from our friends houses to replace our collections.

The RIAA can bitch and sue and seriously alienate all the customers they want. This shit is OVER. They are kicking a dead horse. If they completely stopped downloading tomorrow... it would still be over.

Their only hope is to get technology companies to begin releasing products like personal computers and walkmans that won't play mp3 files. But how could a company do that when their competition would so quickly put out something similar, but that DID play mp3 files and therefore trounce them? The only way it could happen is if tech companies, like with HDTV right now, were legally enjoined to do something like that. But unlike HDTV, which is simply requiring all decoders sold to only play television with a unique "broadcast flag," nothing about mp3s are inherently illegal, and any law that declares that you couldn't, say, play a type of audio file would be legally doomed.

Aye, it's over kids. Wrap it up and call it quits. And pat yourselves on the back, because we won.

2004-12-30, 01:22
Aye, it's over kids. Wrap it up and call it quits. And pat yourselves on the back, because we won.not so dude....

the 1st song sang was not the last

2005-01-02, 16:48
65 GB of mp3 files. You are quite a collector. I'm going to guess you had about 10,000 songs.

I have 880 mp3s taking up 5 GB of space. That's around 70 hours of music. I also have about 300 audio CDs in my collection, making up a total of around 250 hours of music. My mp3 collection is more diverse than my CD collection though. Most of my full albums are in audio CD format, with the mp3s being various songs gathered from all over. If I like a whole album I will buy it, unless it is a copy-protected DRM CD. Then I will have no problem downloading and sharing the whole thing.

The great thing about the mp3 is that there is no DRM attached to it, so it has no expiration date or limits on copying. As long as we keep using formats without DRM we will always be winning.

2005-02-12, 22:15

we have always won
we are the people
we can pitchfork style rise till theres no tommorrow

stop being so weak ;)

ive got not near that in mp3's
especially now i lost a lot of them
data recovery my ass

ive got about 2 Terabytes or random data
including no less than 50K ebooks and holy damn do i ever stop reading
perpetual reading machine thats me