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View Full Version : hwww.studiosmackdown.com/?id=3tal

2005-02-06, 17:00
check it out....this has to be the most bitchin web sight i've ever seen in regards to graphics and format

it's incredible what some peple are able to do

the sight also has some entertaining stuff too


2005-02-06, 17:47
That's Shockwave stuff. I'll bet viewing that on a large screen will make you dizzy, when the screen moves, if you were to have a large monitor. I clicked on a lot of stuff without even knowing what I was clicking on.

2005-03-05, 23:57
That's really clever. I have no idea how someone would even make something like that!
It's fun and different. It takes alot to be unique in cyber space, because everyone is creating something and everyone has a website up and running.
Talk about creativity explosion.