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View Full Version : there's no money to be made in p2p

2003-07-10, 00:27
p2p in its uncorrupted form is not a money-making venture. The thing which should drive people to contribute to its development should be other things, such as the drive to build a digital community of friends, and to share the things we find beautiful with others. For me p2p is a money-losing venture, because I pay more for computers, websites, and other equipment. Overall the satisfaction I gain from it is worth the financial loss.

The argument has been made that the developers ought to be rewarded for their efforts, and they need to support themselves. Well I think they ought not to expect a financial profit from p2p. The most rewarding things we can do in life, such as raising children, do not give us a regular paycheck, and actually it costs us money to pursue our passions. Someone who wants to make a money-paying career or business out of p2p is just plain wrong.

There is little difference between how the greedy p2p scoundrels think and how the RIAA thinks. Their motivation is greed. The concept of a p2p company or p2p corporation is oxymoronic, or just plain moronic. p2p is about individuals and communities, and not corporations.

Do not think that the natural evolution of p2p will be towards pay services. Thats is just the big lie that the greedy scoundrels would have you believe. If you believe that you might as well believe that soon everybody will be paying for sex. How about I set up a chain of whorehouses and call it McFuck, and then try to get people to pay me everytime they want to get laid?

2003-09-08, 11:02
So many people in the p2p community have had a compromised attitude on this subject. I recall the reaction last year when it was found out that Chris Hedgecock, the head of Zeropaid, also worked for a company called EmpireDRM. At the time people were supportive of him saying that it was reasonable and within his rights to seek extra income. Again I brought up my issue to people about why I can't stand the Piolet (http://www.piolet.com/) program, which was that it is infested with popup ads. And again people came to the defense of the programmers, saying that their efforts ought to be rewarded with some income.

Now that tolerance of corruption has come around to bite us back with the latest case of Sharman Networks trying to stop websites from linking to Kazaa Lite (http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=119).

There is no acceptable compromise on this issue. p2p developers should not expect financial rewards for their works.

2003-09-08, 12:59
why dont we get some coders shut out any money involved with it and sue kazaa and the music industry and shut them down and become rulers of the world?
only if we had the money
its all for the money

2003-09-08, 13:04
argh double posted dont know how but hey delete this!

2003-10-08, 20:54
Originally posted by Criminal_Sniper
argh double posted dont know how but hey delete this!
I changed the user options (http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=103) so that you can delete it now. Go to the post you want to delete and edit it, and then select "delete" at the top left.