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View Full Version : Migmaf trojan

2003-07-11, 19:59
This is a new trojan that is out, that is not yet included in virus protection definitions. It listens on port 81 and is resident on the computer with a filename of "wingate.exe". It is used to run porn websites off of the personal computers of people, and has hit mostly AOL users. But it doesn't do any damage otherwise. I think of this as a benevolent trojan, because having more porn does everybody good, and it puts pressure on the webhosters to allow it in their terms of service.

More information can be found here:

2003-08-12, 01:32
A guy was acquitted in court recently on charges of possession of child pornography in his computer. His defense was that a trojan program put them there and he was not responsible for them. Here is the article: