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View Full Version : Papua New Guinea

2005-04-08, 09:36
I was watching the news this morning... apparently the PNG Prime Minister visited Australia couple days ago, and the airport security asked him to remove his shoes, as a security precaution. So this greatly offended him, that he, as a leader of his grand nation, is subject to airport security. As a result of this, he has refused to accept the 800million dollars in aid Australia gave to PNG to improve the peoples water systems etc, unless Australia apologises.

I hope the motherfucker gets asassinated! Denying his people AID money for vital things, because his ego is bruised. I guess it is ok, as long as he has clean water and medical access!

what a loser.

Even our politicians have to go through metal detectors etc, in order to get into parliament house.

2005-04-08, 11:48
Even our politicians have to go through metal detectors etc, in order to get into parliament house.

Actually I don't think it's appropriate to put the prime minister of a country through a metal detector, and I don't believe that the Australian prime minister or president Bush would have to remove his shoes in order to board an airplane in Australia. Most leaders have security details who are armed accompanying them. Should his security detail be disarmed in order for him to board the plane?

As far as his reaction to it though, I think he ought to have been more humble and cooperated rather than thinking he was above the law. And what he perceived to be a personal insult has nothing to do with the issue of aid his country is receiving.

2005-04-08, 11:57
he was asked to take off his shoes when he was coming into the country, on a personal trip, not an official one.

I think no matter who you are, you should be subject to any appropriate security measures, that any other person would be subject to.

Remember the days, when none of the flight crew would be subject to baggage inspections... how much money/drugs/weapons etc were smuggled across borders. No matter who you are, you should be viewed as a potential security risk, and if there is some suspiscion, you should be subject to any searches necessary.

2005-04-08, 15:48
well it is resonable to ask someone to take off shoes for the prevention of a real threat
as aposed to the threat we face
though u gotta ask are high up people above the law?
with a magority in the senate or whateva Bush and Howard are invincible for a while
imagine fit hey found coke or something on one of them on a plane in aroutine check?
that woula make me laugh

2005-04-08, 15:51
and $ hoping somebody gets assasinated may just be an exaggeration but i hope u do not mean that
democracy will help a little unless it is fascist built like many of them around the world
we do not need to get violent though somebody always will

2005-04-08, 16:18
ha! I love it when slx backpedals. Shows what a snake he really is.
it's too bad we will never know what was deleted.

2005-04-08, 20:19
ha! I love it when slx backpedals. Shows what a snake he really is.

you're right....slx backpedl'd

my copy from notepad got fuk'd up and i didn't have time to fix it....but will later

2005-04-09, 14:54
constantly attcking ech others method is not going to get anyone anywhere
by that i mean way of life
shut up and get over it
talk if u got something to say but the bitching will get none anywhere
give it up