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View Full Version : Dinosaurs and teh Bible...seems They do exist!

2005-04-13, 10:21
link (http://www.christiananswers.net/dictionary/behemoth.html)

2005-04-14, 10:38
man thats lame

2005-04-14, 12:29
no that's empirical evidence.

2005-04-14, 16:21
no thats dogma
and dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago
the common human present today started around 400k years ago
im not saying i agree with the current model of evolution but creationism is also flawed
i think it is unchanging
things are as they are
from the point of view of God that is
humans in time see things
imagine no dimensions man
and spiritual knowledge
i would call it wisdom is not based on the relational world
though it makes u see the truth to the orld and how it really works

joins u back with the source
no matter what u choose to call it

infinite variety is imaginable because we see thing also as finite things
its just an interplay of opposites

2005-04-14, 16:25
but I have web links to back up what i am saying.

2005-04-14, 17:09
u have bible quotes that are not very convincing
and i suppose everything is literal to u?

how can it be?
some of it is rediculous
its the inner truth man

its only a way of making u see it
some people do it in different ways