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View Full Version : parrot in a tree in Mo

2005-05-07, 01:56
So on Monday this lady is walking her dog and she asks me if the parrot in the tree is mine. I am thinking that she is pulling my leg and in an empty lot next to my neighbor there is an amazon parrot in the tree!!!!! It belongs to an asshat on our street that wants to sell it. It supposedly escaped Sunday afternoon and is still in the tree. We called the fire dept. to see if they would help get it down and they said no. Well Dan went out to take some pics with Cash and ppl started coming out to see what they are taking pics of. A crowd started forming and eventually a cop came by and managed to get the fire dept to come out. But to no avail as there was a powerline in the way. But they did call some ppl with a bucket truck and at 9 P.M. the bird finally got out of the tree. At which time the ass who owns it started asking all of the gathered neighbors if anyone wanted to buy it! I am sure you think I am full of crap but it is true and here are some pics to prove it.

2005-05-07, 04:44
That bird is pretty well camouflaged.

This reminds me of the time I visited Chicago in 1987 and saw some nests of monk parakeets (http://chicagowildernessmag.org/issues/winter2003/monkparakeets.html) which escaped and were adopting to the local climate and building nests. And because they were adopting and spreading, they were viewed as a pest rather than as a pretty exotic bird. Unfortunately many people only find things beautiful or worthwhile if they are scarce.

2005-05-07, 11:16
that is cool g/f. we have plenty of those parrots in australia, they are pains in the arse, because when the sun is setting, they gather in very large numbers and poop on everything! lol, but they are pretty and lovely and part of this country. parrots by nature are early to rise and early to go to bed.

i once saw a movie where these americans were selling native australian cockatoos in NY City, and they had this van and the birds were stuffed into round tube cartons. it made me sad, because the americans had no idea what those birds are like flying free in the sky. Everything exotic is always in high demand.

and hey badfish, where are some pics of Cash in his sandals!!!!!!

2005-05-07, 11:18
and hey g/f, here is a thread i posted at another forum, which i think fits this subject perfectly!!! LOL

I was woken up by an extremely loud drama next door!!!! The neighbours cockatoo got out, and is up in the tree, and the neighbour is there going "now charlie, CHARLIE!! CALM DOWN!" and the cockatoo is SCREEECHING "RAAAAK GET AWAY!!!! RAAAAK GEY AWAY!!!" and the neighbour is just yelling "CHARLIE! C'mon Charlie!!" "RAAAAK GET AWAY!!! RAAAAK GET AWAY!!!"

2005-05-07, 15:56
the birds rule this country at times