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View Full Version : To kill someone

2005-05-07, 14:23
Today i watched a film called "Crash". There was a particular incident in there, where a good off duty police officer picks up a hitch hiker. After a bit of conversation, the hitch hiker starts laughing, and the police officer gets offended as he thinks he is laughing at him. The hitch hiker was actually laughing at a little statue on the dashboard of the car, as he himself has an identical one in his pocket. After being threatened and warned to get out of the car, the hitch hiker tries to clear things up, reaches into his pocket to get the statue. Before he pulls his hand out of his pocket, the police officer shoots him dead as he thinks he is reaching for a gun.

Instead of reporting the incident, he dumps the body in some bushland and burns his car to be rid of evidence. Despite him having a good history of being a loyal police officer with a kind & helpful nature, he chose to dump the body instead of reporting it.

What would you have done, if you were the off duty police officer in the above situation? Would you let your fears overtake your morals?

2005-05-07, 15:53
a hand in a pocket is not a gun out of one
if there was one there and they shot it throguh they obvoiously had intention to hide it
and if ur dead ur dead
things like that make ya think

2005-05-07, 16:01
it's all hindsight $....

i doubt anyone could predict their reaction to what they may perceive as a traumatic situation

2005-05-07, 16:13
any more than one that is not traumatic?
perception is part of it too yes

i could imagine that second line of urs as being a hard sentence for English language larners to grasp

hindsight is the same as foresight
though it is conceptions
we can have some false views on it and its part and even our part and role

why are we in the mess of needing cops?

2005-05-07, 20:15
hindsight is the same as foresight

i agree with that...

2005-05-25, 18:22
I saw this movie last week and it was awesome! I felt bad njfor the poor dude that he shot the guy and how it all went down. I really don't know what I would do in that situation. It is hard to say. But I did love the flick. Especially the story line about the girl and her dad and the magic cape. That was my favorite.

2005-06-06, 13:21
it was a fantastic film i agree!!! and that story with the little girl and the coat is amazing... really is.

It was also interesting to see how easily people can be driven to commit crime... i mean that arab dude or whatever, was going to go shoot that other guy just because he thought he ripped him off on getting his lock fixed... it's not the other dudes fault his shop got broken into! i mean why would u go and want to shoot someone for that? That would be the last thing on my mind if it happened to me... people are just fucked up!

I guess the denser the population per block, the higher the possiblity of crime, not just because there are more people and thus increased odds of crime, but because dense population in a small space is probably more frustrating for people and leaves less resources available per person, than if there was half the amount of people in the same space.

2005-07-02, 04:56
I enjoyed that movie too. It wasn't THAT realistic though. The officer who committed that murder was previously warned by his racist partner that he'd end up the same way and of course he did, just before the closing credits.