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View Full Version : HOLY CRAP!!!

2005-05-07, 19:06
Look at what is on my neighbors back porch!!! His dog was barking up a storm when I was smoking so I went to see but couldn't tell from the fence what he was barking at so I got the digicam with zoom and look at what I see! It is a regular National Goegraphic around here!

2005-05-07, 22:55
My wife can not stand to even look at snakes. If she sees one on TV she looks away. She has had that since being fifteen years old.

2005-05-07, 23:13
g/f! i understand how u feel! i once found a dead red belly black snake in the drive way... it freaked me out because they are one of the most deadly snakes in australia!

are snakes often found in residential areas whereu live?

2005-05-09, 15:53
some people are used to them
im fairly used to them
some are too agressive for me though

too big to get them near me but i have lived in many places with snakes