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View Full Version : Boycott-Riaa.com call to action

2003-07-23, 10:36

2003-08-16, 18:53
hey well im from near sydney australia (newcastle to be exact but id get a wtf and a wierd look most of u not being from australia im guessing :p)

anyway ive been in a lot of bands and done music at school for ever and ive gotten to know a few people that love and worship music and ive told them all that music is now to be free and to not buy a cd for a year unless things change
now i have convinced at least 10 or so people to permanantly stop buying which would have ben a few sales per person every few days they are phanatics as i am

just thought u would like to hear the effort being made at the other ends of the earth

a music store that they put into an old donut shop near me
how can they fit their catalog into it? thats right they cant they are saying to us get it from here when we cant get everything of what is ours and what we can isnt always in stock and costs a lot more than free

when will they wake us and start kissing our asses once they go too far all will be seen in time

2003-08-16, 19:49
I think this boycott RIAA campaign is a response to the litigation campaign of the RIAA. Some people have stopped file sharing or have moved to encrypted private networks like WASTE. I haven't changed my habits. I continue to buy CDs and to participate in file sharing.

The best way to fighting the RIAA is to defeat the DMCA 1998, which is the law that empowers it in the United States, and to defeat its legislative supporters in Congress.

2003-08-16, 20:13
lol id still be buying cd's but i bought everything id ever liked and about a month and a half later it was all stolen including cd player and speakers and the rest of our houses items while we were away
living in the same street as the local police station as well mind u

im not going to buy them again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no way plus i own copyrights right? they cant expect us to buy new cd's every few months because of scratches or theft
microsft does the same with its os's just keeps them going untill they need to make a bit of cash again
it is the case well with almost everything nowdays
tv's? the little piece that costs 2 bucks but cost u more than the tv and is a disposable part!!!! tv's used to last 20 years show me an old telly with problems now and it will outlast the new one u may have got and the sound is much better and picture? depends how much u have fiddles with the back over the last 20 years lol

ever wonder why things always fuck up 2 days out of warranty? ;)

plus cd's cost a lot of money here i dont know about u americans but then again they have been found too have been ripping u guys off for how long now i think they need to be shut down and\or investigated

they fuck us and the artists

we have no need for the labels for recording or marketing or distribution they are an unnececary middleman

we can record privately lol all the good bands should do and and a lot do
there are so many good producers and such out there its very easy done especially if an online orginaization was formed for the very purpose

marketing dont make me lol this is the internet it has to be beaten back with a stick sometime
the groups of certain music hang more so it would be a tight group internationally
distribution well we know whats up here

sorry for my rant its 5 am and ive been drinking vodka for 3 days and listening to music
trying to workout which has affected me more in life lol

2003-08-17, 07:55
Peer-to-peer file traders are ambivalent about this. On one hand there is the desire to disprove what has been said about them; that file trading is equivalent to stealing, piracy, and is causing lost CD sales. On the other hand there is the desire to cut the money and power of the organization which opposes peer-to-peer and is now so arrogant as to sue people who are sharing.

For myself I find that engaging in p2p file sharing causes me to purchase more CDs and discover more music. But there are some who download CDs and don't buy any. The RIAA sees that as a lost sale. I see it as a person who if deprived of the ability to download whole CDs, wouldn't buy them, but would instead find other activities and hobbies. Perhaps someone would watch TV and spend less time on the internet if p2p was shut down.

Each side can try to come up with statistics, but none of them are conclusive. There are too many variables.

It wouldn't matter anyway if peer-to-peer were found to cause lost CD sales, because artists don't have a birth right to being millionaires. Wait, what is this about "artists" anway? A true artist produces out of passion and not for need of money. The rewarding things that are pursued in life, are not pursued for financial gain.

Actually, it's not the "artists" which are getting hurt by lost CD sales, it's the record companies. "Artists" get a small amount from CD sales.

So as we peel the layers of the onion and remove the various misconceptions, we are left with this conclusion: that the RIAA is a greedy parasitic organization, which would like to feed upon the p2p community.

2003-08-17, 12:13
well in recording they get ripped off a bit unless they sell A LOT!!
well some make it but lots with long hard years of blood tears tears and a bit stress and strain u could say
i dont think they need to go with these people
go with the net its going to be everything weather this is the technology and whichare the fast growing technologies?
computers software and hardware
some lazy programmers at the moment wont say any names
this sites fine too :) loads quick enough for me even
and its all ties in with the other the net
its going to be a big part of thing if it isnt now ;)
too bad the music industry cant of even refuses to keep up so what they say is lost sales is actually lost sales because they failed to provide a service that was emerging
MP3 players?
now why can they sell they like record buttons on tape cassetes and tape players
we had to keep up and they didnt want us to do what they were giving us to do
are they not thinking of this or just thinking about sueing people cause after they sue about a qauter of the damn world they might be happy but we wont be buying cd's anymore due to lack of money what 150K per song?
we will have gone anonomous by then and they know they cant stop us so they are taking a last cahnce to stop us in our tracks but we wont back donw so they go to insults and illegal tactics hacking and they have not respect for anything but money and control
they will lose the artists to independant it happend alreadu once or twice hmm?
because they can sell on the net and in cd shops sometimes too :)
and they are happy usually to start up net based services i dont mind paying 250 aus $ a year for song and burns no limits come on everyone will have it
listen to a cd a friends is not a crime!
why dont all the independants join and programmers join and make a pay model nice n cheap it like a net connetion fee kind thing
and we would have everything
and a p2p base of what? 500 mill or more around the world it would have to be
cant wait for the future so well wait n see
well signing off with this pic um hehe

2003-08-18, 10:08
$150,000 for a song. That sounds about right. ;)

Besides changing the DMCA 1998, another change would be good in the law. Currently musical artists are usually required to sign a contract with labels for a certain number of years. If such long-term contracts were outlawed, then their situation would be more like the actors, who have contracts binding them to a studio no longer than seven years by law. That has been the case since 1945, when actress Olivia de Havilland sued Warner studios.

Here is an article about musicians lobbying for the change in the law:

2003-08-18, 12:17
no its 7 albums or life contracts
whichever comes first :D
$7000 to $150000 their choice
hopefully it is all changed for the better and we can all get back to listening to music again
the day we have lost our faith in the labels and riaa and such people we will all be out buying cd's again and downloading as well
they fear it will mark and end of album format destroying atrists but they can still make cd's i love cover art and the lyrics and everything and mp3 isnt as good as cd not 100%

2003-08-20, 04:31
I have over 12,000 mp3's, but I still buy cd's...

the only reason why I wouldn't is:

1.) the band sucks
2.) they are sell outs
3.) 20$ a fuckin cd?!!! FUCK THAT!!

But however, I did buy this:

Click Here! (http://www.thinkgeek.com/tshirts/generic/61e7/)

And I still donate to a good cause :)

Your choice of a white or black tshirt with an anti-RIAA slash thingy emblazoned on the chest front and center. $2 from the sale of each RIAA slash t-shirt will be donated to the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation).

2003-08-20, 09:54
I donated $65 to the EFF and I got the red T-shirt. We ought to be their poster models:

2003-08-20, 10:27
think they would have to pay you for that kind of contract but i guess they have to save as much as possible so i guess ur out of luck :D
damn :p

2003-09-20, 07:31
The mass boycott and demonstrations against the RIAA should have been timed to be unleashed a few days after the RIAA sued the 261 people on September 8, instead of early August as they scheduled it. That would have better timing because then it was big news for the public.

2003-09-25, 06:07
i think this is only just getting started
3rd gen p2p is just around the corner

2003-10-14, 09:53

This site is affiliated with Downhill Battle (http://www.downhillbattle.org/) and will be launching a one-week boycott of CDs to be launched when the RIAA launches its next round of lawsuits. Web sites can sign up with them to endorse the boycott and to help spread the word.

I'm glad to see that the boycott will be timed well with the actions of the RIAA.

Let the hammer come down upon the forces of greed.