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View Full Version : are women's orgasms a biological fluke?

2005-05-18, 23:37
Is a woman's orgasm a fluke of nature? I have posted as an attachment an article from yesterday's paper in which someone claims that women's orgasms are relics from embryonic development, the way nipples for men are.

I think that orgasm in women is real and not just a fluke. I think on average it is not as intense for them though, and that men have a higher sex drive than women. The advancement of the species would occur better if women were to enjoy sex, so I think there would be a biological advantage for women to enjoy sex. I think that the female orgasm ties in with the ability in primates to have casual sex during infertile moments rather than just during ovulation or peak fertility. Scientists don't understand how it came about that primates have casual sex, but speculate that either it causes more sex to occur, giving a reproductive advantage, or that prolific casual sex strengthens social bonds and communities. For example, when you don't know who the baby's daddy is, then it takes a village to raise a child, because every guy thinks that may be his kid.

While women are generalized by these scientists, it varies depending on personality as to how much they can enjoy sex and have orgasms. I think of women who are neurotic and unhappy, or who are prudish and think of sex as dirty, as ones who would not have orgasms easily.

The idea that women don't have real orgasms suggests that they would play a passive role in sex and mating and wait for the men to choose them. When women have orgasms and have a desire for sex, then that means they play a role in choosing their mate. Scientists are not correct about their depiction of what happens in nature with male animals fighting and whether the female is choosing or not. For example, they will depict a fight between two males over the female, as a situation where the female chooses the winner. But I see it as a case of the victor taking the spoils and the female passively standing by.

It's interesting how when a man catches his woman cheating on him, that he is more likely to get angry at the other man than find fault with his woman. That response suggests that she plays a passive role, which is implying that she need not enjoy sex or have free will.

2005-05-19, 03:06
women respond to physical sex as much as men....i think they're more sexual or amorous than men, just more subtle about it.....

you suggested their orgasm may not be as intense as mens....consider the number of times they can or do in one session....

i guess that's the balance

2005-05-19, 03:30
aren't women usually more subtle about most things?

but then there is the matter of how you just can't see it as easily when we are aroused but you guys have to go around with your shirts untucked or your hands in your pockets.

giving away girly secrets here, but intensity varies from "um, that was nice" to "excuse me, mister, would you mind peeling me off the ceiling" which is dependent upon many variables including what is going on between her ears as well as what is going on between her legs.

and yep, we have the ability to more than once (insert a majorly shitty grin here) but you guys can watch without the aid of mirrors and that's gotta count for something.

and e, I'm not sure I even really care about the hows and the whys of it, just that I can.

2005-05-20, 04:21
I agree with the above but from what I have always heard womens orgasms are stronger longer multiple and better than mens.

2005-05-20, 17:42
girls can get orgasms without sex
just like men can get erections without having sex
its not exactly the same but the mind can certainly enhance it i think
love and connection
u can not have good sex if u are bored and unhappy either

which comes first? the sexual ability or the thought of what u can do with that ability?
can it be answered even?

2005-05-20, 17:44
and some women only have one orgasm like men
some constantly

2005-05-22, 09:54
a womans orgasm helps in conception as when a woman orgasms her uterus kinda violently contracts which tilts it and aids sperm in its mighty mighy journey.

It is the levels and balance of hormones that determine a persons sex drive (considering they are healthy people free of other medical problems). I am hornier than a rabbit, and my libido could probably compete with any mans that i know. But i also know men who have more fun playing cards than they do having sex.

2005-05-24, 16:55
i think the problem is when people make it the goal of life that there is a problem

it is great but hey without everything else it would not be around to be great
good to be thankful of everything

2005-06-07, 01:47
[QUOTE=kel]aren't women usually more subtle about most things?


The clever/smart ones are.

2006-01-14, 11:41
Is a woman's orgasm a fluke of nature?
If we can influence on the ability to orgasm by nutrition (special diets and products) and supplements (such as Sentia) it has the physiological but not genetic nature.

2006-01-14, 16:46
My wife tells me that there are two times of the month when she tends to be horny. One is around ovulation time, and the other is right before the menstrual period. For her, sex is better, and less painful, when she is relaxed rather than tense or strung up. If she were a drinker then a "glass of wine" or the equivalent may help her relax and enjoy sex. But she does not drink so what works instead to relax her is when she is tired from sickness or from work.

I find it interesting that women are given an increased libido with a product called Intrinsa, which is testosterone. So since a "male hormone" such as testosterone is responsible for the sexual drive in women as well, that suggests that the sexual drive is fundamentally masculine. But the flaw in that thinking is to assume that testosterone is a male drug, because both genders have it naturally. If things were black and white and males and females didn't have an overlap or similarity of the hormones in their bodies, that would make them less able to associate with each other, as they would be too different from each other. So the existence of homosexuality may be unavoidable in a population because of the overlap of hormones and the shades of grey regarding the differences and similarities between the genders. A population lacking in homosexuality may also be a population which has stark differences between male and female, causing them to interact socially very little except for reproduction in some sort of violent encounter.

2006-02-05, 22:15
I have nothing constructive to add here but there's something about all this vaginal/clitoral talk and the name " badfish" that strikes me as faintly amusing. :bluefish:

2006-02-06, 01:00
Napho is a fuc'n dog.

He'll hump any knee~anytime. :bluefish:

It really was dem fuc'n smilies napho :)

2006-04-20, 13:38

I still have nothing constructive to add but I will say if they are a fluke I am GLAD to have them anyway.