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View Full Version : you started it eclectica

2005-05-19, 04:25
talking about sex, I mean .

Look here, mister. A taste of what you have to look forward to...

parents of the year? (http://dgroups.lhj.com/n/pfx/forum.aspx?nav=messages&tsn=1&tid=502&webtag=parentscorner)

2005-05-20, 04:20
OMG I feel so sorry for the poor man!! LOL I know that the day will come when every parent has to deal with that situation but I hope that when it happens to me I don't blow it and leave my beautiful daughter scarred for life. :confused: :coward: :fright: :eeek:

2005-05-21, 01:40
know what you mean, I laughed reading parts of it but that had to be a real shocker for the poor guy. All in all though, I think he handled it pretty admirably.

and hey, you'll do fine but I don't know that I'd recommend the throwing the glass of water on her technique if, or when, it does happen.

I know times have changed but I can't imagine in a million years my mother ever giving me a "thing", blue or any other color. My parents were more the "leave the informative books on the bookshelf at curious kid eye level and fervently hope they don't have any questions beyond that" variety.