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View Full Version : hi there

2005-07-05, 14:46
hi all
how are we going?
collectivly and individually
fill me in on your happenings if you would like to do so
i am most interested

i am as always amazed and shocked beauty and ugliness of the world

angst sums up the experience of life
but trancend it must we
try another filter(mind-state) it can make the world of difference (or difference of world)

things change as soon as you change them

2005-07-05, 15:17
hey dude =]

seen any good movies recently?

2005-07-07, 15:02
shaun of the dead
way too gory though (beyond belief!!!)

ace ventura 2 which i watch all the time

not really been watching movies
im a documentary person mainly

people interest me more if you know what i mean

what about you?
and how are you going?
haha wheres uknowwho?

2005-07-07, 16:19
Im a documentary person mainly

Try Paradise Lost 1&2

Some belive them to be more of "docudramas" but I will mail you $1 if they don't make you think.

2005-07-08, 09:54
one of my fav documentary movies is My Flesh & Blood. Very touching.

I went and saw War of the Worlds a few days ago, and i thought it was very well done! Loved the sounds too... finally a film that gets the audio right...

also watched 'I Am Sam' today, and it was just lovely...

I think a person can learn alot about the world, through films also, not only documentaries. Films tend to deal more with personal struggles. Education is embeded everywhere. It doesn't have to be clearly marked as 'learning material'.

I'm alright dude. I cut my finger the other day sharpening a knife. It just sliced right through, and into my bone. When i looked at it i had my finger bent, and the skin was open like an envelope, and i could clearly see my shiny bone in the middle. The whole time i couldn't stop thinking about how great those knives are.

surprisingly there was no pain. Even when i filled the wound up with vodka. Healing nicely btw.

How are things going with you? anything exciting to report back to us?

2005-07-08, 16:31
that reminds me i am learning russian....hope your finger feels better now
that would have hurt when i think about it
but pain is pain in any case

and technically badfish you owe me a dollar because i make myself think! lol
the movie is just a condition in which i can choose to think :p

but technically i cannot find them and havent watched them
so we are even :p

I am sam is a god movie
who is the star? he does play it well thats all i know

i like the green mile
i know how that feels

i agree people can learn much from films that are not trying to teach
but one can also learn bad behaviors and beliefs etc
too many pothead movies can do it perhaps
but beings a ex-stoner i can just laugh

we all know that we can choose to imitate things good and bad


i can say cat in russian (among other things) khorshka (roughly - i said i can say it not spell it pa-angleskee)
but i am pretty proud cause i can say cat in about 5 languages now

(probably all thinking i am crazy and i do not mind that in the least - genius does use it creatively not destructivly ;) )

i finally smoke no cigarettes

i am really enjoying the new System Of A Down cd
it is one of the best cd's i have listened to for some time (if your into it you can understand me) the thing is that it is the worse half of songs they made and the second cd comes out at the end of the year

listening to lots of russian old school metal
as always

i find my peace i develop in meditation staying with me as i continue into everyday life which is a positive thing

i am feeling great
i was going to do Uni in 9 days but i have decided to take a year and a half off (somehow) and deepen my meditation for 6 months in retreat and then come back and study hard in preperation mix with a few hours a day meditation

i am playing cricket in the rain sometimes

we have had a really warm winter
not got under 15 degrees yet
yes it is sad
but this is the coast
inland it is much colder (where i have often lived)

going through the malcolm in the middle dvd loving every episode

i am becoming interested in napal and nepali (the language)
i may go there after my studies for high altitude meditations for a few years but it will likely only be about 1 year at the most

i will have to sell lots of furniture

oh year i am making all kinds of woodmade stuff

i have to cancel my trip to India next year (not sure i told you all about this one)

pretty much because im hard up on the cash right now
i can get it but i would rather put in some really hard work
although Nepal i will be there sharing with my father perhaps for the first 6 months to ease both our expenses on accomodation

i am just supporting myself and managing to save at least 20% of what i earn unless i decide to buy some wood in bulk
pretty good since i have only just started a little while ago and have had a friend staying with me who i put up for 1 month

i helped him get over heroin addiction and turn his focus inwards to discover himself

though i had to slap him once to calm him
i think i will be forgiven ;)

digest that for now

glad to talk to you all again
it has been sometime :)