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View Full Version : a motherfucking D.R.A.F.T.

2005-07-10, 00:00
There is a satire on Bush and his foreign policy using the tune of the 50 Cent song P.I.M.P, which is available at Kazash (http://toccionline.kizash.com/films/1001/138/). I paid the $2.50 and got an .exe version of the embeded swf file, which means you can view it without Macromedia Flash installed on your Windows computer, and without having to have an internet connection to their site. Here is the .exe version, 2.3 MB:
draft.exe (http://www.p2pjihad.org/eclectica/Dominic A. Tocci - draft.exe)

2005-07-10, 14:35

i am still laughing

that is the best i have seen yet

sad though at the same time
at least we can use humour to make a good point

brilliant find E
good stuff

2005-09-23, 04:04
Hahaha! That was so worth downloading and installing Wine. Thank you!

2005-09-23, 09:47
It would have been so much easier if I could have saved the shockwave file from their site, but even though I actually looked through the html source code of the site and found the 1.4 MB file located here (http://www.kizash.com/movies/d.r.a.f.t./draft.swf), I couldn't get it to play once I saved the file to the hard drive. It redirects for me to stolen.php (http://www.kizash.com/films/stolen.php).