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View Full Version : Vanity Plate

2003-07-24, 04:04
I'm getting vanity plates for my 1984 Cutlass Supreme, here are what I'm looking at:

You help me decide :)

Scroll down to see the choices..

2003-07-24, 09:30
None of those images are working for me.

2003-07-24, 17:41
Yeah, I just found that out E, I'll fix em

2003-07-24, 18:05
Here we go..

1... (http://www.angryrants.com/images/beejus.gif)

2... (http://www.angryrants.com/images/supreme.gif)

3... (http://www.angryrants.com/images/mp3_12k.gif)

4... (http://www.angryrants.com/images/mp3_p2p.gif)

2003-07-25, 04:19
I liked mp3 p2p best.

2003-07-26, 17:04
I'm still not sure what I'm gonna go with, but finally I'll have my car on Tuesday. I had it at one garage and he hadn't touched it in 3 weeks and I was getting really impatient and then he wanted to charge another 120$ (for what? I don't know) so I was like, fuck this, I took my car and took it to another guy that said it would be done on Tuesday, maybe Monday if he could get to it in time because he had a lot of cars there, but at least he cares about doing buisness.

2003-07-26, 19:29
My first car was a 1967 AMC Marlin (http://www.marlin-guy.com/picture.html), but it was a nightmare because it kept breaking down. Fortunately it had a big engine compartment and I was able to fix things like changing the alternator and the starter. So due to being poor I had to learn to fix it myself. The problem with it was that it was so old and the company went out of business, so I couldn't get parts for it easily.

I used to have the trunk full of tools and accessories to fix it in case it broke down on the road.

2003-07-27, 19:10
Originally posted by eclectica
I liked mp3 p2p best.

;) @ u both.