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View Full Version : i'm starting a new fashion trend

2005-07-13, 00:36
i've decided to start a new fashion trend. actually it's a sort of dress code, which religions provide to people along with guidance about what foods they should eat and what kind of personal hygiene they should have. a religion is a way of life and people who follow a set of guidelines or the latest fashion trend in their daily rituals and habits are in effect following a religion. it is my goal to create a religion which liberates people and makes them comfortable with themselves, as well as bring out their best traits. or perhaps i will have to settle for being just another crazed cult leader.

so i've decided that as a fashion trend setter myself, that i will no longer zip up the fly of my pants anymore. it may sound ridiculous to you but that is to be expected, as just about all fashion trends are ridiculous from a practical perspective. for example, what is fashionable now is the wearing of a baseball hat backwards, shoelaces untied, bellbottom pants that are so long that they frequently touch the filth of the streets, clothes that are way too big, suspenders undone on one side, men asymetrically wearing only one earing on the left ear, or the wearing of a backpack on only one shoulder. all of this defies good sense and is what you would expect if a retard were to dress himself. the key to understanding fashion is to understand that those who are the fashion trend setters, are beautiful people themselves. so if a beautiful person does something ridiculous then it will have good chances of becoming fashionable. keep in mind that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that in order to exude beauty to others, one must amongst other things be self-confident and likable.

i know that i need to give credit where it is due by having the self-confidence to think of myself as capable of being a fashion trend setter, with proper recognition given to my own beauty.

those who find the sight of an unzipped fly on pants to be shocking are simply not appreciating the larger picture. from a practical perspective, having one's fly open is a good idea because that requires less effort to perform the mundane tasks of life such as taking a piss. furthermore there is the benefit of having good ventilation provided to one's genitals, and easier access to them as well. so since there are so many practical reasons for leaving one's fly in the unzipped position, i wonder why it has not become the norm and adopted by upstanding citizens who are pillars of their communities.

here is how the the unzipped fly fashion statement shall be implemented. if one is married then one shall zip one's fly while in the presence of the wife. but when one is a free man, which means when the wife is not around, then one shall forget to zip one's fly up, which of course can be interpreted ambiguously as either being accidental or as quite purposeful in advertising that one is available for casual sex or nothing more than harmless groping and tongue kissing. you should find that if your fly is unzipped women will pay more attention to your genital area in public, which is always a good thing. they will either tell you directly that your fly is unzipped, or they will remain mute while the subject of your genitals crosses their minds. either way you've either got yourself a great conversation piece, or they will be thinking about exactly what you want them to be thinking about. i recommend that you perform subtle thrusting motions when you catch them eyeing your crotch just to drive the point home for them. you see, women work by way of subtleties, so this subtle fashion statement is just what you need to capture their attention. the way to get away with the subtle thrusting without feeling perverted, is to thrust to the beat of a song. if you thrust randomly, then you are a pervert but if you are dancing to a tune then you are just like the majority of the populace, and you have a sense of rhythm. understanding the difference between the two is the key to mastering the subtleties.

while it may seem disingenuous to pretend to be musical while really being a perverted thruster, let me just say that there really is no difference between an extroverted pervert in public thrusting one's groin in a sexual fashion, or dancing in public. this is because music by its nature is sexual, especially when it has a discernible beat and rhythm. when one dances to music one is giving a demonstration of one's own sexual prowess. the musicians who have no shame in performing their music for the public also have no shame in performing sexually for the public, as the very beats of their thrusting cause a type of social sexual resonance that others follow.

and so i have said about all that i need to say in regards to the next fashion statement which i shall be, god willing, the origin of. some day ye shall know that it is yours truly who hath given people the gift of freedom by removing another barrier of the genitals.

i think the genitals are locked in bondage and must be free in order for us as a collective society to be free. the great misperception hath been that men are free and it is women who are enslaved, but i see in males too a bondage in regards even to sex. you see, if men were really free then they wouldn't have to pay for sex. the majority of prostitutes are women and this attests to how how much progress is needed, in order for men to be liberated. it is a big lie that men are free, and this lie has been promoted by the apollonians who want to keep men unhappy and miserable. the sexual freedoms which men have been granted as acceptable by society are nothing more than gilded cages and are a facade.

i say that men must also develop a higher regard for sex than they have, and stop thinking of it as dirty. the religion and way of life that i offer to you can work towards this. hereby i declare that the common practice of washing one's hands after urinating must be changed. one must now instead wash one's hands before urinating. this is because the penis is a clean part of the body, and one must wash one's hands before handling it. also i prohibit any reference to sex with negative connotations. terms like "sucks", "slut", and "fucked" are literally misleading and only to be used with caution or preferably avoided altogether, because those are good things and should not be associated with bad things.

at times i think of myself as a deity because i have what it takes to set people upon the path of righteousness and bring about the revaluation of all values, in which people are liberated. yet what i have done is not out of the grasp of ye mortals, but simply one guided by my wisdom. i hope that you all find inspiration from my divinity, not necessarily because you can do what i've done yourselves, but rather that amongst the lot of us humans we can find the divine.

2005-07-13, 02:56
are u're fingers hot hot hot

2005-07-13, 06:19
i wil say this
do NOT
i repeat
DO NOT give up your day job

just some common misconceptions thats all

one thing about sex and lust and love is that they are not the same

the reason monks are celabate is not to deny sexuality always but (at least in the budhist tradition generally) to remove the idea that women or men (depending on the preference for sex) are not simply here for sex

on Jerry Seinfield Elaine thinks he is chatting up a frioends of hers at a baby shower but he says "I'm male - it always looks that way"

made me realise our commmon ideas and how bullshit they are

there is freedom and there is free sex hippy bullshit who are a bunch of confused emotionally distressed wackos

and you have not truly looked into religions if you think you need to start a new one

ckeck out talks by buddhist monks like ajahn chah and brahm
do not even have to be a buddhist to get something ouyt of that "education"

that is the removal of human suffering

just do not expect God
or to better yourself

its about removing the limited selfishness

something many westerners have trouble with

a lot of westerners refine the self and find it harder to let go

and letting go of letting go is ultra difficult lmao

2005-07-25, 14:39
MJ...should definantly start his own bible... and make sure it comes with a free musical soundtrack...(u know... so ur thrusting to the music...and not just being obviously perverted). Lol.

I mean...i think it's a great idea... a new bible by a reinvented jesus, that comes with fashion pages and suggestions, music... its the bibles of the naughties man... time to burn the bible of the 90's.

on Jerry Seinfield Elaine thinks he is chatting up a frioends of hers at a baby shower but he says "I'm male - it always looks that way"

A woman gets drunk, wakes up half naked somewhere, first thing she thinks is 'have i been raped?'. A man gets drunk, wakes up half naked somewhere... he thinks "shit, what have i done?".
Men are seen to be the dominating sex which can be assosiated with assumed guilt.People tend to break down the sexes and heavily accosiate them with stereotypes. This trend seems to be forever increasing and forever being emphasised in modern influential materials such as magazines and television shows etc. It's interesting that dominantly male reading material emphasises how men are the superior sex, and female reading material tells women to let men feel they are the superior sex, while having themselves, a silent superiority.

2005-07-25, 15:00
oh and btw, i think exposing the gentials to some regular air circulation is a fab idea! I only ever wear underwear when i go out, or when i have my period. Other than that, i like my freedom.

What a great day it would be to meet a man with his fly open, on a day when i'm not wearing underwear...it would be like it was meant to be! :sperm: :hippie:

2005-07-26, 01:07
do not worry about the seeming disadvantage that women have $girl

the collective suffering of women (yes it exists) manifests itself during period time

notice how shitty you get?

i mean we can be honest here
thats how it is

focus in the subtle body field is my only advice

women have a greater connection with body
men with mind

more intellects are men

women have a great sense of knowing of the body though

the advantage there is that you can be aware of the unmanifested ultimate truth (god) easier because the mind is much more fickle that the body

both are indeed impermanent but the body less changing

and the greater the oppression the greater the move towards freedom

though i am not condoning the behavior of men

interesting what you said about them waking up naked
one thinks body one thinks mind
correct $girl
great insight

get this
yahweh (the jewish god) is a man ok
shekina (holy spirit) originally was a woman

yahweh means a release of built up pressure
sound like mens urges?

and woman is the field in which it does it in

the two are inseperable


and jewish scientists declared there was a BIG BANG!!!

no space existed nor did matter

we are indeed equal

but the mind has changed that

there was once a time in which women dominated the earth
i guess the tough men could not get enough teaching from the ego trip and did what they did

do not blame them for being bad it was a mistake

the mind is great at it lmao

i would enjoy being nude but im afraid instanct may get the better of me leading to a large amount of embarassment

i know it may be repetative thoughout history but "Know Thy Self"!!!

men with flys open??

i often do it and realise when i ge home hahaha

i fail to see the attraction but whatever rocks ya world

2005-07-26, 03:02
oh and btw, i think exposing the gentials to some regular air circulation is a fab idea! I only ever wear underwear when i go out, or when i have my period. Other than that, i like my freedom.

What a great day it would be to meet a man with his fly open, on a day when i'm not wearing underwear...it would be like it was meant to be! :sperm: :hippie:

After reading this and the one above it..how can you be called anything but whore? You are the one constantly pointing out your 'round bum, small waste and curvy hips' in a desparate 'look at me' plea for attention. Every subject no matter what always seems to turn back to you and is always, 'me, me or ME'.

2005-07-26, 06:09
It's an example of personal experience, dealing with culture, body image and after effects. Because i have an hour-glass figure, certain cultures are more attracted to me than others.

Did u want me to lie and say i'm tall, blonde, blue eyed and rail thin?

Talking about body image does not make anyone a 'whore'.

2005-07-26, 09:39
in my understanding is that whore is someone who has fucked everyone but oneself


and you miss me dude?????

why not talk to me

i may be going to lithuania to live
so get it in soon :p

find your own sanity Tim

the world is insane get used to it!!!!! lol

imagine putting out a fire with a bucket of fire

it is not water!

2005-08-01, 01:46
It's an example of personal experience, dealing with culture, body image and after effects. Because i have an hour-glass figure, certain cultures are more attracted to me than others.

Did u want me to lie and say i'm tall, blonde, blue eyed and rail thin?

Talking about body image does not make anyone a 'whore'.

what I find offensive is your statement that body image has no relevance to your posting here and yet I see three instances of you describing your appearance and then when someone expresses interest in knowing more about your appearance you seek offense or become offended by such inquiry.

2005-08-01, 09:44
i dont get offended at all, but i'm not going to post pictures of myself to try to prove something to you.

body image is an increidbly important issue to discuss. I'm not going to pretend i dont have a body, just so i can appear less proud, to someone like you.

2005-08-01, 10:48
to someone like you.

isn't that a tad judgemental?

that is how you would answer something like that. Let me be clear. I will bold it for you below:

isn't that a tad judgemental

There...I've done it. I've bolded 'the manner' in which you would speak.

I also spent a little time studying the great works of slx from p2pzone last night and I remembered why I loved and admired him once. He has Mark Twainish qualities about him.

Here is how he would get you to expand. I'll merely italicise it to distinguish it from your predictable answer.

what am I like?

That is how he would answer you. But I grew tired of the game of drawing you out...getting you to expand on your thoughts and or feelings long ago.

My answer to you is that I don't care what you think of me. I know that you don't like me for reasons that are entirely your own.

Is it funny that you got upset because Monet said he would 'spit' on you? You do know that he can't really spit on you....right? As this is...ONLY THE INTERNET!11111!, right?

Do you know how crazy that makes you sound for you to get upset over something as unreal as this?

Once again for those who aren't long time readers and miss my irony here. She has gotten upset because someone disagreed with her or outright rejected her ONLINE and said he would 'spit on her' yet she condemns me in similiar manner for thinking I had found love with her....only I never mentioned love it was her who was first to say something about plunging a giant 'love dagger' into her heart.

Maybe if you search for 'dagger' on this site you might see where the reference was made....but if I can get so upset at your rejection for which you now feel the same from Monet...why do I have not the right to be hurt by your rejection?

Notice the care I take to leave out ambiguity and clarify what I mean?

As for her answer for what am I like...it doesn't matter t'would only be repeating the past and just as blind and unreasoning as before...just google her words here or search her posts to see a reflection of herself in her thoughts for me.

2005-08-02, 01:18
I'm not going to pretend i dont have a body, just so i can appear less proud

girldfriend.....you got it.....flaunt it

2005-08-02, 02:50
nobody said anything about her being proud. It's funny the things 'we' [mark twainism] inject into things that weren't said.

Some say Mark Twain had a way of including himself when exposing character or personality flaws by using the word 'we' as in 'we' sure do funny things. He did it they say in such a way so that even in doing so that it didn't lesson the severity of this lesson.

The best illustrated example I have of this is him saying it was funny how the white man thought himself to be less savage than the savages and it showed a picture of proud white men standing under the corpse of a black man hanging from a tree...which Billie Holiday (a black singer from the 50's/60's era) referred to as 'strange fruit' hanging from the trees in one of her famous songs for which the title eludes me.

I had my own ephiphany on this while watching a kung fu movie with Gordon lui where Gordon wades through the evil minions of a cruel overlord in order to get to him to extract his revenge for some wrong doing by the evil overlord.

In one scene as Gordon Lui crushes the skulls of two men he says to the evil dictator or tyrant, "You cruel bastard, don't you have any mercy?"

Y'know it worked in the movie and I never questioned it until one day before my mark twain revelation how hypocritical this guy was having just crushed the skulls of two men asking another person if they didn't have any mercy and calling someone else 'cruel'.

Go fish.