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View Full Version : Hey Guys...(please read)

2005-07-20, 00:57
Some things have been really tough lately that have been keeping me off the internet. But mainly I have just been busy.

I did take the time at my website www.beej-world.net to explain my where abouts. I hope you all take the time to check it out because there has been a major event that I wanted to share with everyone I know. I know its really a long post, that's why I chose not to post it here, but please read. Well, that is if you care where I've been, lol.

I hope all is going well for you guys, and I looking forward to catching up with you all. See ya around soon.

2005-07-20, 11:09
I think of bulimia as being caused by cultures which have being thin as being beautiful. Depending where you go, skinny women with no curves could be valued. The fashion industry tends to promote skinny and sickly models. I'm going to guess that in Maine a girl will feel that is an insult to be told that she has a fat ass. Here in New York city, women with large asses and curves are valued more.

Beejus, you will have to let Melissa know that you value her and find her attractive with curves and if she gains weight. You have to be careful what you say around her and how you react to other women who are plump, and to avoid making any derogatory comments or looks in regards to women who are overweight.

I read from your blog that she is living with you and your parents. It sounds that your parents are supportive and helpful. Maybe you two can move into an apartment together once she starts working again. I'm wondering who is going to pay for the 30-day treatment and if she has medical insurance.

2005-07-25, 14:47
Glad she is taking steps to beat her illness dude. That's alot of weight she lost. It's good news that she was spared the side effects of bulimia.

It's interesting that despite a society of people being exposed to the same culture, each interprets, and handles the effects of the culture differently on a personal level. For example, not all people living in a culture where extreme thinness is idolised, become bulimic. I guess alot has to do with personal development, and personal environment too.

Different cultures of men are definantly attracted to different shapes of women. I tend to notice that i get attention mainly from african or greek/italian men, because i have a classic hour-glass figure. Those particular cultures like women who have round bums, curvy hips and small waists.
In Australia, Australian men preffer tall thin women, with a prefference for tanned skin and blonde hair.

2005-07-26, 00:47
genarally Australian men are more into doing what is popular than the women they criticise for doing so

drinking women lifestyle

perhaps no fashon style but lack of it

one man a grub the others are

herd mentality is strong

people just have to come to realise they are not form

mental or physical

it is but an illusion

people say but it is so real

i say yes
so is a mirage to a thirsty traveller in the desert
perhaps the thirst human beings have is an illusion also

maybe one we can enjoy though

we are but a potential

and by we i do not mean mental or physical potential

know what im saying?

without awareness you cannot

but that is why we are here

no illusion - no enlightenment

i thought for so many years i am ugly i am ugly
then i became disenchanted with the physical form to some extent

i became more identified with the mind
i saw potential (true but not ultimate potential)
then i saw irregular nature or mind
i now see it as another form that we identify with

the true potential is not named because it has no form

the unmanifest

that is the only way these "things" will not exist

war hatred bullimia etc

all the same condition

i can hear voices saying "but this is physical and mental not beyond it"

i am saying it is

pain happens
do not turn it into suffering

god luck to you both (and everyone else also :))