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2005-09-09, 01:30
seems FEMA's decided to pass out 8000 readily available $2k voucher to folks @ the astro dome....

and decided it's best to mail the rest of the refugees the money....people were informed they must register with FEMA, providing their addresses and they will be mailed their $2k checks....

give me a fuking break...where are these guys heads....what address, what banks, what mail delivery?

2005-09-09, 03:55


2005-09-09, 10:20
FEMA was started under president Jimmy Carter and then elevated to cabinet level position under Clinton. I think the absorption into Homeland Security was a bad move and made the agency ineffective. Also Bush didn't appoint a competent person for the job.

I think too many people thought of the United States as like the Titanic and as being solid and unsinkable, and thought that there was no harm if there were an idiot or unsuitable character in office who was mentally asleep. The shit has hit the fan and it's coming apparent that having a president who made for the most part all of the wrong decisions and policies, would have serious consequences even beyond just bankrupting the country, killing thousands of soldiers, or destroying the credibility and reputation of the United States, which Americans knew about when reelecting him in 2004. Prior to the hurricane damage, people were willing to accept that much but with the large amount of civilian deaths in which maybe half or more could have been prevented, then they just may have lost patience with incompetent governance which includes president Bush.

Or maybe they still didn't have enough and will elect brother Jeb to serve eight years from 2009 to 2017. Jeb appears to have Down's Syndrome. The presidency of the United States will become a place to put retards and cheer for them no matter how miserably they do in their jobs, like the Special Olympics.

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2005-09-09, 17:32
slx, the reason [img] tags don't work here for attachments, is because any images containing a dynamic url will not be displayed graphically inline. This is an option that I set in the admin control panel. Here is a description of it:
actually...i gave it no thought....anyone wants to see it, click it

2005-09-10, 23:59
It's all about the burocrats, ain't it?

Tho's idiots can do squat . . . . . .

2005-09-13, 04:32
The FEMA site invites people to create an account and fill in an application for aid. Unfortunately, it requires users to have Internet Explorer 6.0.

That excludes anyone running a non-Windows operating system such as Linux or Macintosh OS X or who decided to forego IE for other popular browsers such as Firefox or Opera.

2005-09-13, 17:06
That's outrageous. You can see here (http://www.fema.gov/register.shtm) that IE6 is needed:
Do I need Internet Explorer to Register for Assistance Online?


Currently to complete your application online you must be using Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6.0 or above. We are in the process of modifying the application so that it will be available to additional browsers.

Download Internet Explorer 6 (http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/downloads/critical/ie6sp1/default.mspx)

Here's a news story on FEMA's browser requirement:

2005-09-14, 00:49
i didn't verify it but i believe IE 6 isn't availabale for mac users....latest version for them is 5.5.....

i guess this is small in the scheme of things but it's still a bitch, all considered

2005-09-14, 23:37
President Bush is expected to give a televised address on Thursday 2005-09-15 at 20:00 Louisiana daylight time, which is Friday 01:00 GMT.

Bush in a press conference in regard to hurricane Katrina said: "To the extent that the federal government didn't fully do its job right, I take responsibility." That is the first time I've ever seen Bush take responsibility for anything, and is out of character for him. But maybe that is his way of saying that the Federal government is not responsible, and local officials are all to blame.

2005-09-15, 01:28
a novel idea...

September 13, 2005
HUD Unveils New Orleans Housing Concept
by Scott Ott

(2005-09-13) -- As part of a White House PR offensive to refute charges that President George Bush doesn't care about poor black people, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) today unveiled a plan for rebuilding public housing in New Orleans that will ensure near-total evacuation of low-income residents in advance of future emergencies.

An artist's rendering of the proposed new public housing complex shows what appears to be a vast train yard, with thousands of Amtrak cars refitted as charming family residences. At the end of each column of railcar-homes, the sketch shows several engines.

"When the evacuation order comes," an unnamed HUD spokesman said, "the conductor hollers 'All aboard'. People get into their homes, and off we go." The HUD source said the idea was proposed by Mr. Bush himself.

"Since the president takes the blame when people ignore evacuation orders, we're making it tougher to ignore them," said the spokesman. "Now, if you want to stay, that's fine...but your home is going to Chicago."

Amtrak is a quasi-governmental agency whose mission is to transport taxpayer dollars out of federal coffers to an undisclosed location.

i like the last line.....

and btw....http://www.p2pjihad.org/slx/ec.GIF

2005-09-15, 02:43
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The bug ticket is described there as follows:
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Logged in as Adminstrator or as Super Moderator the message I got for newthread was "Invalid Forum specified.". For newreply I got the message "Sorry! This forum is not accepting new posts.". Logged in as a Registered member I got the error message for newthead.php "Invalid Forum specified." and for newreply.php I got the message "Invalid Thread specified.".

vBulletin's response is that it isn't really a bug, but a design issue.

Here is what you do when you get such an error message without losing your work. You simply back out of the page with your browser so that you are where you were before you tried to change the style, and you will see your text in the input box there.

2005-09-15, 03:54
i just copied my text from notepad, pasted to the reply form, submitted and it looped twice, just taking me back to an empty reply box.....

the 3rd time i used the open in IE, FireFox extension, pasted the text, submitted and got the error or notice...

i then proceed'd to bed

2005-09-19, 03:40

Doctor says FEMA ordered him to stop treating hurricane victims

In the midst of administering chest compressions to a dying woman several days after Hurricane Katrina struck, Dr. Mark N. Perlmutter was ordered to stop by a federal official because he wasn't registered with the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

"I begged him to let me continue," said Perlmutter, who left his home and practice as an orthopedic surgeon in Pennsylvania to come to Louisiana and volunteer to care for hurricane victims. "People were dying, and I was the only doctor on the tarmac (at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport) where scores of nonresponsive patients lay on stretchers. Two patients died in front of me.

"I showed him (the U.S. Coast Guard official in charge) my medical credentials. I had tried to get through to FEMA for 12 hours the day before and finally gave up. I asked him to let me stay until I was replaced by another doctor, but he refused. He said he was afraid of being sued. I informed him about the Good Samaritan laws and asked him if he was willing to let people die so the government wouldn't be sued, but he would not back down. I had to leave."

FEMA issued a formal response to Perlmutter's story, acknowledging that the agency does not use voluntary physicians.

more @link

2005-09-19, 07:11
Our fearless leaders...at FEMA.

It occurred to me after reading the article that no one works for FEMA who can immediately help people. FEMA is a coordinating agency that gives out money for disasters. So the idea that everyone working for FEMA would be there to help turned out wrong, because FEMA itself relies on others to do the work. So if the local workers it relies on aren't there or are incapacitated, then FEMA itself can't do much immediately. FEMA has no ground troops of its own.

FEMA might be better structured and more effective if it was a part of the National Guard.

FEMA made things worse in its attempt to control things, when it created obstructions to help. It made their jobs easier to have people die because that made it easier to keep track of the location of the victims. In light of that you can see why they optimistically ordered 25,000 body bags.

2005-09-20, 00:41
That's right 'lurkie...

and a good description of our bureaucrats to boot.

2005-09-20, 17:45
do a google, "i'm feeling lucky" search for the word failure.....

2005-09-20, 18:36
I like "miserable failure" as a title better