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View Full Version : WinMX dead?

2005-09-21, 15:19
Currently Winmx can only be used for connecting to SlavaNap and OpenNap servers. The WinMX network itself, known as the WPNP, is not working. The program connects to that network at first through the cache servers located at winmx.com. Winmx.com is not resolving to an IP address, but frontcode.com is working, though it has created the appearance it is not working by having the following as the source code of its index page:
<HEAD><TITLE>404 Not Found</TITLE></HEAD>
<BODY BGCOLOR="#cc9999" TEXT="#000000" LINK="#2020ff" VLINK="#4040cc">
<H2>404 Not Found</H2>
The requested URL '/' was not found on this server.
Some people when visiting frontcode.com think that the site is not working, but it is fully working on the same IP address it has been working on, which is What has changed is that the former html pages are no longer to be found.

The whois information for frontcode.com is:
Role, Domain Registrations
Frontcode Technologies
PO Box 27010
N8T 3N5
Phone: +1.5199873632

The IP address for winmx.com used to resolve to, but now winmx.com can not be reached by way of the domain name, though the old site is still working when connecting directly by way of the IP address. Its page is the same looking as frontcode.com. The whois information for winmx.com used to be similar to that of frontcode.com through the end of 2004. But on 2005-01-15 their whois information was changed to:
Registrations, Domain
PO Box 50
Port Vila,
+44 141 005 0251

Some people speculate that the reason winmx.com has been offline in the last day or so is because of a threatening letter sent to it and a few other filesharing companies by the RIAA. A lot of people were thinking that WinMX was immune from the RIAA because they were Canadian, but in fact both WinMX and Frontcode Technologies had their servers located in Houston Texas with Everyones Internet (http://www.ev1.net/) as their webhoster.

WinMX saw little development after its release of WinMX 3.31 in 2002-10-19. It slowly degraded in quality with a high amount of leeching and unreliable performance, but still retained a loyal base that prevented it from quickly degrading in quality. In June of 2004 someone made a public announcement on an eMule page of the intention to build an open source version of WinMX called OpenMX (http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/showthread.php?t=547), and the very next day that caused developer Kevin Hearn, who felt threatened, to announce beta testing for a new release of WinMX. Many of the devout WinMX fans were drooling like hungry dogs being thrown scraps of old meat and bones over that announcement. But the subsequent updates that WinMX saw involved small changes and the beta testing was behind schedule. The last full release of WinMX was version 3.53, released 2004-07-02.

The downfall of WinMX was that Kevin Hearn refused to release the source code and to develop it vigilantly, so that in his desire to maintain control of it, he clipped its wings and smothered it. With so many p2p applications out there being open source already, along with the converts to open source: Limewire, Shareaza, and Ares, there was no good reason for WinMX not to go open source.

WinMX was the first p2p application I used after Napster. But I gradually lost interest in it and migrated to other p2p applications such as eMule, and by 2004 I quit using it at all. I hope that this is finally the end of WinMX, because there are so many better p2p applications out there that people ought to be using. The death of this program is like euthanasia, and will bring dignity and peace to this sickly miserable p2p application.

2005-09-22, 19:02
I am deeply saddened to see the end of a great relationship. I am a devout WinMX fan. I was very dissapointed to hear of the end of WinMX. I hope to wake-up from all of this and it only be a "bad dream". Maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel. Although I can't imagine finding a better replacement. "Amercia" used to stand for something right?

"Wonded lover",

2005-09-24, 17:15
For those of you who still want to connect to the WinMX network even though it has stopped being supported by WinMX and Frontcode, there is a fan site located at Vladd44.com (http://www.vladd44.com/phpbb2/) which has a modification of a file that allows for one to connect to the WinMX network by way of the computers of designated users rather than by way of the address winmx.com. Here (http://www.vladd44.com/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=5605) in the first post one can find the link to a zipped file named "host", updated at 13:44 GMT today, which one can download. The forum thread is already up to 21 pages. And here (http://www.vladd44.com/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?p=27168#27168) you will find the detailed instructions and mostly everything you need to know rather than wading through all the posts in that thread.

This page does the best at explaining the whole process:

I took a look at that file "hosts" and what it does is have the program avoid using the winmx.com domain name and instead use direct IP addresses to connect to the WinMX network. I saw only two different IP addresses in that "hosts" file. I don't know how scalable the network is with this improvised fix, but I'll bet that now there are fewer leeches and long queues, because only the hard core fans are using it.

The new "hosts" file can replace your former one, which would have only one entry by default: localhost
The new file also includes that default entry. The "hosts" file overrides any DNS lookup, so even if winmx.com started resolving again to an IP address, the fix provided would not be affected. Depending on the operating system, the file has different locations. It is located:
Windows XP: c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc
Windows 98 or Millennium: c:\windows\hosts
Windows 2000: c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc
You can actually block your computer from visiting sites, or have it go to the wrong addresses by editing the "hosts" file. Some malware programs do just that.

Once the "hosts" file is edited or replaced, the computer needs to be restarted for the changes to take effect.

Here is how the "hosts" file I downloaded this morning looks, when opened with a text editor.

# Copyright (c) 1993-1999 Microsoft Corp.
# This is a sample HOSTS file used by Microsoft TCP/IP for Windows.
# This file contains the mappings of IP addresses to host names. Each
# entry should be kept on an individual line. The IP address should
# be placed in the first column followed by the corresponding host name.
# The IP address and the host name should be separated by at least one
# space.
# Additionally, comments (such as these) may be inserted on individual
# lines or following the machine name denoted by a '#' symbol.
# For example:
# rhino.acme.com # source server
# x.acme.com # x client host localhost

# WinMX Missing DNS fix to make it work $Revision 2.00$
# This well change over time and hopefully some day be
# eliminated all togeather - SABre'911 winmx.com www.winmx.com err.winmx.com c3310.z1301.winmx.com c3311.z1301.winmx.com c3312.z1301.winmx.com c3313.z1301.winmx.com c3314.z1301.winmx.com c3315.z1301.winmx.com c3316.z1301.winmx.com c3317.z1301.winmx.com c3318.z1301.winmx.com c3319.z1301.winmx.com c3310.z1302.winmx.com c3311.z1302.winmx.com c3312.z1302.winmx.com c3313.z1302.winmx.com c3314.z1302.winmx.com c3315.z1302.winmx.com c3316.z1302.winmx.com c3317.z1302.winmx.com c3318.z1302.winmx.com c3319.z1302.winmx.com c3310.z1303.winmx.com c3311.z1303.winmx.com c3312.z1303.winmx.com c3313.z1303.winmx.com c3314.z1303.winmx.com c3315.z1303.winmx.com c3316.z1303.winmx.com c3317.z1303.winmx.com c3318.z1303.winmx.com c3319.z1303.winmx.com c3310.z1304.winmx.com c3311.z1304.winmx.com c3312.z1304.winmx.com c3313.z1304.winmx.com c3314.z1304.winmx.com c3315.z1304.winmx.com c3316.z1304.winmx.com c3317.z1304.winmx.com c3318.z1304.winmx.com c3319.z1304.winmx.com c3310.z1305.winmx.com c3311.z1305.winmx.com c3312.z1305.winmx.com c3313.z1305.winmx.com c3314.z1305.winmx.com c3315.z1305.winmx.com c3316.z1305.winmx.com c3317.z1305.winmx.com c3318.z1305.winmx.com c3319.z1305.winmx.com c3310.z1306.winmx.com c3311.z1306.winmx.com c3312.z1306.winmx.com c3313.z1306.winmx.com c3314.z1306.winmx.com c3315.z1306.winmx.com c3316.z1306.winmx.com c3317.z1306.winmx.com c3318.z1306.winmx.com c3319.z1306.winmx.com c3520.z1301.winmx.com c3521.z1301.winmx.com c3522.z1301.winmx.com c3523.z1301.winmx.com c3524.z1301.winmx.com c3525.z1301.winmx.com c3526.z1301.winmx.com c3527.z1301.winmx.com c3528.z1301.winmx.com c3529.z1301.winmx.com c3520.z1302.winmx.com c3521.z1302.winmx.com c3522.z1302.winmx.com c3523.z1302.winmx.com c3524.z1302.winmx.com c3525.z1302.winmx.com c3526.z1302.winmx.com c3527.z1302.winmx.com c3528.z1302.winmx.com c3529.z1302.winmx.com c3520.z1303.winmx.com c3521.z1303.winmx.com c3522.z1303.winmx.com c3523.z1303.winmx.com c3524.z1303.winmx.com c3525.z1303.winmx.com c3526.z1303.winmx.com c3527.z1303.winmx.com c3528.z1303.winmx.com c3529.z1303.winmx.com c3520.z1304.winmx.com c3521.z1304.winmx.com c3522.z1304.winmx.com c3523.z1304.winmx.com c3524.z1304.winmx.com c3525.z1304.winmx.com c3526.z1304.winmx.com c3527.z1304.winmx.com c3528.z1304.winmx.com c3529.z1304.winmx.com c3520.z1305.winmx.com c3521.z1305.winmx.com c3522.z1305.winmx.com c3523.z1305.winmx.com c3524.z1305.winmx.com c3525.z1305.winmx.com c3526.z1305.winmx.com c3527.z1305.winmx.com c3528.z1305.winmx.com c3529.z1305.winmx.com c3520.z1306.winmx.com c3521.z1306.winmx.com c3522.z1306.winmx.com c3523.z1306.winmx.com c3524.z1306.winmx.com c3525.z1306.winmx.com c3526.z1306.winmx.com c3527.z1306.winmx.com c3528.z1306.winmx.com c3529.z1306.winmx.com