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View Full Version : change this site's domain name?

2005-10-02, 16:14
I registered the 3-3-3.org domain name 2003-03-27 and the registration is set to expire 2007-03-27. For the first month the domain name pointed to the reloaded database of The Real Underground (http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/showthread.php?t=3). Then this current forum was started 2003-04-28 using that same domain name.

The reason I chose that name "dionysians" was because I thought it represented pretty well a good theme for a forum that had universal and timeless significance. I understood the word dionysians in the sense that it meant something along the lines of: the affirmation of life, sensuality, passion, and the irrationality of music.

It would be hard to describe a particular theme of this forum or a domain name that matches it. One of the specialized topics that occurs on this forum relates to filesharing, and there are two subforums devoted to that specialized subject, making up only 11% of the total forum posts.

The problem with a forum devoted to a specialized subject is that it does not have flexibility to grow or have or any long term significance. Many of the topics discussed on the p2p news forum Slyck will have little significance twenty years from now and will be as relevant as horse races from the past are to us now. While chat is considered temporary and forums are considered permanent, even the content of a forum is temporary when compared to the lasting power of organizations and communities. Just recently EFF had its 15th birthday, and 2600 magazine reached the 20th anniversary of its first publication started in 1984. 2600 magazine has been, through the publication of its magazine, a hackers forum, because of its strong community participation and engagement that occurs in the articles and the letters. I've been subscribing to the magazine since 1995. So it is possible for forums to last twenty years, though it is questionable if they would last so long if they existed in the electronic format of websites.

I would be surprised if this forum was still running twenty years from now. And if it were, most of the original members probably would have left. It is not that I plan to shut it down any time at all, but my experience has shown me that twenty years is a long time to maintain an interest in something.

I was considering possibly changing the domain name of this site to something besides 3-3-3.org, to a domain name having a filesharing theme. Can you think of a different domain name that you would like for this site?

2005-10-02, 18:52
I don't think anyone gives a shit.:suicide:

2005-10-03, 01:29
I don't think we should really be thinking 20 years ahead... i mean all topics, even ancient topics, manage to evolve with the times to hold some sort of relevence to modern day. It is common that posts in the file-sharing section of this forum, are announcements of new information and news which help to ensure the topic never grows old or loses significance.

As for a domain change... I think Dionysians is unique and powerful. There's just so many technical domains out there, that their popularity just becomes a matter of who has the better connections and web rings, and as a result manages to have their 'community' grow faster due to accosiation and connected recognition.

Perhaps it is time to decide what image is appropriate for this forum and what path it should take. Perhaps it is time for a revolution, to re-sculpt what dionysians is... but by doing that, we may just be making dionysians common, losing it in the sea of other file sharing forums.

2005-10-03, 14:48
mans name doesn't define his heart & soul

2005-10-03, 23:42
I stumbled across this domain name while looking for a site devoted to the worship of dionysus; I wanted to see if I could find any true Dionysians out there who decided to take a break from their orgys and write up a website... At first I was disapointed, but in the end this place claimed a peice of my heart. I personaly think you should keep the name and not restrict yourself with a p2p devoted name... Do you have that much to gain? The current name has a nice open ended and mystical feel...
Hey... if you realy are going to ditch it, can I have it?

2005-10-04, 01:13
The domain name isn't all that bad. Sometimes I wonder if a different domain name would be better for the site. After reading the positive comments in regards to the domain name I feel that is not the case and that 3-3-3.org is a good name for the site. There are a lot of topics discussed on the forum so it's hard to say what a good name would be.

When this forum was started, it was just one public forum containing the lounge subforum, and now it has grown to four subforums. Those subforums were extracted out of the original one forum when enough material existed to go back and create new subforums, and then move those threads into them. But many internet forums are created the opposite way, with the subforums set up first in the hopes that the topics will then fill them and in order to give the site a theme.

A name doesn't matter much if people come to know the site for what it is. In regards to the filesharing issue, there are many sites which are related to filesharing but do not on face value have it in their domain name. I think of Slyck as a good example of that, as well as Unite The Cows. I've already created a distortion and bias towards filesharing by selecting the news topics on the home page to be fed out of the two filesharing subforums, which only produce 11% of the site's posts.

So I'm not going to claim this site is a filesharing forum but I also won't say that it isn't a filesharing forum either. It is just one of the many topics of interest. When it comes down to it you could create a subforum for each member here, because that is how different the people are from each other in their posting and mannerisms. What makes a forum is when those varying people come together. Creating too many subforums creates a cellular site and in the process there is a loss, because it keeps people and topics divided, with artificial fences and barriers.

2005-10-04, 01:54
good... I would hate to see you change it, especialy if the new one wasn't a .org address. Maybe it's a bit dangerous, but for some reason when I see .org I think "I can trust them..." By the way... why inferno? Maybe I just don't get the meaning behind it, but I think if anything needs to change it's that.

2005-10-04, 10:30
I agree about .org domain names being the most desirable for a nonprofit type of setting. I would only have .net if I were setting up a network and .com if it were a commercial enterprise. I notice so many people register .com domain names because they are the most popular. But I think anyone who is not an internet novice, should know better than to use a .com domain for a noncommercial site. You can see here (http://www.registrarstats.com/reportimages/zonefile_big.gif) a graph of some top level domains. It's good though if .org isn't too popular, which increases the likelihood of getting the desired name.

In regards to The Inferno name, you're right on track with how I am thinking in realizing that while the name was cool sounding it also created confusion to people because it had nothing to do with the site, so I just changed the site's name recently to 3-3-3.org from The Inferno. The thing that is left to change is the banner or logo, or whatever that thing on the top of the page is called. I'm not much of a graphics person but maybe I'll find something that looks worthwhile or someone else can come up with something. Inferno is a good name for the main default style (http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/showthread.php?t=40) of the board. Also it is relevant for the secret back door entrance (http://www.3-3-3.org/index.htm) to the forum when the title is considered: "abandon hope, all ye who enter here", which is from Dante's Inferno.

2005-10-09, 03:44
so are you wanting this linked to as p2pzone.com or what?

2005-10-26, 09:07
I don't think we should really be thinking 20 years ahead... i mean all topics, even ancient topics, manage to evolve with the times to hold some sort of relevence to modern day.

I disagree. Case in point. When I was active on the formerly defunct p2p-zone I touched a little bit on that forum's past or history with the one incident involving slx's banning there. no big deal in retrospect but what it concealed was.
Slx's banning was a scab on the open wound of a deeper controversy and something Gary Robinson wanted deeply to hide which was the fact he was never a poster on the lol original napster boards and had through subterfuge stolen the name napsterites from shawn fanning as well as the forum and its follower's from boobless.

No one gives a shit about how he stole the forum now and because it occurred to me while composing this post. Eclectica was also at the center of a maelstorm of controversy with the duplictious way he too acquire this forum and its membership.

I remember posting one excerpt of this one time and it immediately being deleted. He is just as ashamed as Gary Robinson was of how he obtained this forum.

What I'm referring to is his own words basically showing how he doled out mod status as favors for friendship. I don't give a rat's arse it was deleted and in the grand scheme of things it matters not.

I posted this to point out that some things don't evolve they just become irrelevant and fade away.

Here's the original pm I sent you. It's idiotic or a bloody shame you no longer wish to have private correspondence with me so I'll repost it here not giving a shit if it makes someone jealous or if I lose "Pm's" here again.

[quote=PM_sent_to_dollar_about_this post}

Pm was entitled "but still"

isn't this forum only doomed to the oblivion it enjoys now unless I am
made known again and we continue whatever bickering/rivalry whatever it
was we had?

The forum as I see it has been consigned to oblivion only my pm'ing you
has rekindled any interest on your part.

Without me causing controversy I see a continuance of non posting...but
three people uniting against a common foe ain't really a reason to keep
a place going either?

So aside from pity why do you bother posting such sweet things? Surely
you don't hold the belief that there is anything valid here?

If so what? Give an example if you can of something good here. I bet
you'd be hard pressed to find one and damn near impossible to list 3 to
5 things you want to keep...such as threads that were particuliarly
meaningful to you or had some value.

I can't believe I'm talking to you again but you're a difficult person
to hate due to your redemptive qualities such as your thoughtful and
caring nature.

I am sorry for acting an ass in the past and hopefully my lack of action
has proved my repentence to you.

I feel sorry for the awful way I behaved and the terrible things done to
you in the past. I've had no desire to continue such things for nearly
two months now still in wonder or awe of how I behaved hardly believing
the way that I did.

Please accept my apologies for any grief caused you in the past. I can't
help my dramatic nature and that's the truth.[/quote]