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2005-10-08, 22:59
p2pZone was an older p2p forum. I don't know when the site originally started, but I found that its forum database dated back to 2002-06-14. That was found either by looking at the date of the oldest post, or the date when the first member joined the forum.

About a week ago I visited the forum located at http://p2pzone.rouben.net/modules.php?name=Forums and found that the site was down. Two days ago I contacted by way of email the site owner of rouben.net asking about the site's status. This is the reply I received by way of email on 2005-10-08 at 19:30 GMT:

Hello and thanks for dropping me a line... Honestly, I didn't think
anyone would notice or care much.

The p2pZone website was created as an alternative, low-bias (against
p2p) moderation meeting place for p2p users. In particular, lots of
people got frustrated with Grokster's forums, and that's what prompted
me to create p2pzone.rouben.net and later on even purchase the domain
name p2pzone.com. Heck, I wanted to turn p2pZone into a *democratic*
on-line community, where the "elder" members get to shape the rules
and policies of the community.

Nowadays, there have been only 6 or 7 people that visited the forum
regularly. I appreciate their loyalty towards the website, but
unfortunately it is obvious that p2pZone was dead. There was very
little public interest (not enough of it anyway) to keep the site
running. It had withered from a fully-fledged online community to a
mere forum frequented by a handful of people.

Furthermore, I have other commitments, and keeping the website running
has become a much more cumbersome task, in part because phpNuke's (the
engine on which the website was running) developer has decided to
mutate the project (phpNuke) into a ridiculous money-making scheme
(just visit their website and the number of ads on it should give you
a hint). They keep releasing new versions to force people into paying
the $10/month "membership" fee on their site to get the latest version
which, according to them, happens to have all the fixes (which is not
true anyway).

As a result, the quality of the engine suffered, numerous security
holes (mostly in the phpBB module) were discovered and never fixed by
the phpNuke developer, since he is probably too busy drooling over the
small pile of green he managed to rip off people. Initially I tried to
keep up and keep fixing things up, creating workarounds to keep the
site "alive", but down the road I realized that I simply *can't* keep

Anyway, on to the point of this e-mail. I have decided that:
a) p2pZone has to go down.
b) I will still remain the owner of p2pzone.com and rouben.net.
c) I will redirect www.p2pzone.com, p2pzone.com and p2pzone.rouben.net
to www.p2p-zone.com for no particular reason, other that the name is
d) If any webmaster is interested in submitting their site to be the
"target" of my redirect, please feel free to contact me at
redirect-at-p2pzone-dot-com (replace "-at-" with @ and "-dot-" with a
period) and bring up reasons as to why I should redirect traffic from
the above 3 domain names to her/his website.

Sincerely yours,

sewer_monkey :)

P.S. Feel free to circulate this response as widely as possible but
only under the condition that you keep me anonymous (please don't
disclose the e-mail address and the name appearing in the "From:" line
of this e-mail). It is OK to post the e-mail address appearing in
section (d) of the last paragraph of my e-mail. Thanks.

2005-10-09, 03:40
I made this pleasant discovery a looong time ago and bookmarked it as " a non evil p2p-zone" I even thought we could get gary for copyright infringement on the name but the interest just wasn't there.

2005-10-18, 01:00
Why not sell this shit hole to tttimie.

I bet his mom has 100.00 a year to cover the bandwidth.

rat way u could get money, U love money. We know.

2005-10-18, 01:02
pay attention pls.

2005-10-18, 03:03
Why not sell this shit hole to tttimie.

I bet his mom has 100.00 a year to cover the bandwidth.

rat way u could get money, U love money. We know.

We've had this conversation b4 and you got exactly what you wanted - a response. you sucessfully "trolled" me. congratulations. you won.

Since I'm censored here.

I made another board (http://members.lycos.co.uk/walterjnr/forum.php?f=2) here (http://members.lycos.co.uk/walterjnr/forum.php?f=2)

using free bulletin board software.

I had no reason for doing this. My heart ain't really in it.

but what?

I don't know. I'm tired and its late.

I thought I might introduce this board by letting eclectica or walter_jnr "find" it through their respective referral logs.

I don't like using the name "walter_jnr" there and will most likely change it to tim.

I pm'd dollar_gal about something not too long ago. I also have her email address so I don't really need to PM her. I can just email her direct which I will do if my pm's dissappear again.

Anyway what pm'd her about was something eclectica had posted about how I had slipped in here mysteriously in the night logged on under a proxy or an alias and pm'd him and how he "caught" me (lol) doing it.

Never once did he consider the fact that I just didn't give a shit and that I had done nothing wrong.

He choked the life out of this forum himself by being over controlling. don't know a better word to describe it.

Anyways on zeropaid when a user gets banned they reregister a new alias and say what they want and it stands.

Here I manipulated eclectica into consolidating various clones or alias's and putting their posts in one pot or username so to speak.

Anyway he did it when I reregistered the username of Fl@x0r quite recently and PM'd dollar_gal. I stress that I pm'd Dollar_gal because so many of you can't stand for me to do so, so I do it anyway merely to incite you as I don't give a shit what you think.

As I said I'll just email her direct if new registrations get cut off here I'll go to a diff site she frequents or catch her some other (email most likely).

Its not so much I have anything to say to her as much as its protest against you trying to stop me from doing it.

So if you make any moves to prevent me contacting her I will do the very thing you sought to prevent through restriction which is to contact her via means you have no control over such as telephone or email citing you as the reason for the furthur continued nuisance.

Anway this new forum (http://members.lycos.co.uk/walterjnr/forum.php?f=2) was revealed too soon. Meaning before I decided what should be done with it.

Should it be like my old dollah-gal site? or something different?

Should I exact my revenge on walter_jnr by posting his personal details there?

I haven't decided that yet.

Oh eclectica. I don't give a shit if you merge this post under the restricted username of tim that merely does the same thing that reregistering a new alias does on zeropaid. The trolls voice still gets heard.

So I alway win no matter what you do.


2006-01-08, 16:58
Good to see people still care.

Nothing worse that apathy.

How about a client called "interfora" where everyone each has a forum of at least one member (themselves) & whenever they post in someone else's forum, it is joined to theirs automatically, & any changes have to be agreed upon by both parties before the thread can proceed. If agreement can't be reached, the fora are split, & diverging threads can be separately moderated thereafter.

Of course, people with large fora will have more of a negotiating hand, but at the same time only generally agreeable people would ever come to be a part of large fora, by the nature of the way they would be allowed to conglomerate.

Effectively, if you or the other guy votes for a split, you both lose the right to moderate each other's threads. Users following the diverging threads in question would then see them grouped thus: "A's side of the argument", & "B's side of the argument".

Not too confusing.

2006-01-09, 00:27
That's an idea.

But would it work?

Hahahahahahahahhahaaaa>.. . .

2006-01-09, 10:08
Here are my thoughts on the suggestion of an "interfora" client. All forums have a database where the threads and posts are stored. It could be a decentralized p2p network and duplicated on everyone's computer, like a distributed file system (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Distributed_file_system) using a distributed data store, such as how Freenet works. Or the database could be centralized and online somewhere. For online stuff, if it is free webhosting it tends to be crappy with commercials or unreliable, so in order for it to be good it would have to be paid for by someone, which would take away from its decentralized control. It sounds like some kind of thing Google or myspace.com would play around with. But there would be no particular theme, structure, or organization to the resultant forums and it would be a series of threads and posts all grouped together.

What I saw proposed that may work was a suggestion on the vBulletin forum here (http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/showthread.php?t=162545) of the idea of "virtual forums". That would be content from one site duplicated on other sites as well. Rather than duplicate all the content from a forum onto other sites, it would only have the best rated threads from a site duplicated onto a webring. It would involve the creation of a special subforum using its own tables in the database which is identical and mirrored on all of the participating forums. And when anyone posts on threads within that special subforum, it would also show up identically on all other participating forums as well. Suppose that I think there is a worthwhile topic on this site and I want to add it to the "virtual forum". Then I would move the thread there and it would suddenly show up on all of the mirrored sites.

As far as people being able to log in to several forums at once, that is not possible that I know of because of differences with cookies and security concerns. So if there was a "virtual forum" one would still only be able to reply to or edit comments to the thread in the native site that one was registered in, even though the thread would show up in all participating sites.

2006-01-09, 20:32
Right. I don't know any more, if I ever did before. :suicide:

I'm going to make a cup of tea. Tell me what to do, & I'll do it.

2006-01-10, 01:09
Right. I don't know any more, if I ever did before. :suicide:

I'm going to make a cup of tea. Tell me what to do, & I'll do it.

10 years after (cool old hippy band)

I don know what to do ~ so I'll leave it up to you . .