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View Full Version : Verizon's message to its employees in regards to "intellectual property"

2005-11-07, 18:23
The following excerpt is from the Security Quarterly Activity Report, Second/Third Quarter 2005, page 1:

To Verizon Employees:

Protection of Verizon property extends beyond the physical and financial assets of the company. Beyond our buildings, furniture, switches, cables, and vehicles. Beyond company funds, cash, and checks. We also have an obligation to protect intellectual property.

Intellectual property includes proprietary information, patented and unpatented technology, copyrighted and copyrightable materials, and trademarks. We all must safeguard our company's information and ideas.

As Verizon employees, we also have an obligation to protect the intellectual property rights of others. We may not download, use, or copy copyrighted content (such as music, games, videos, or software) using Verizon computers, storage devices or Internet connections. The unauthorized downloading, use, or copying of music and videos constitutes copyright infringement and could expose both the individual and Verizon to significant civil and criminal penalties.

Employees should consult Verizon's Code of Business Conduct, which addresses the subject of protecting intellectual property in detail. Here are some of the highlights:

Never install or download non-approved software onto a Verizon computer.
Never use peer-to-peer or file sharing software to download, save, copy, or exchange any types of intellectual property using Verizon networks or computers.
Never instruct or assist any Verizon employee, subscriber, customer or potential subscriber or customer in the use of non-approved or unauthorized software or in the copying, use, or distribution of copyrighted content or other intellectual property.
Respect the trademarks and copyrights for music, videos, software, and other intellectual property.
Use Verizon property, communications devices, and computer systems only for legitimate business purposes, consistent with the Code of Business Conduct and all applicable laws.

If you observe or know of the unauthorized use or downloading of music, video, or software, call the Verizon Ethics Line, or notify Verizon Security.

James J. Trainor
Vice President - Verizon Security