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View Full Version : I can still raise this place

2005-11-13, 11:43
from the dead...but I don't want to and even not wanting to and knowing myself to be BETTER than ANYONE ELSE here I may still have mercy on it and revitalise it.

The key is to just do it and not cleverly announce my goals or demonstrate the magnificient artistry employed to manipulate you all like puppets.

There is one here who finds such cunning manipulative and deceitful if not downright detestable...yet the ease with which I do it boggles the mind especially when one is used or owned and isn't aware of it.

That is what makes me truly special. The ability to control others. I can make a person kill themself just using words. Magnificient but scary.

The desire to 'revitalise' isn't healthy, natural or normal. Just looking over things I realised there's nothing worth saving here.

Let it die, E or give it to me as was given to U once.

I'm going to note something for you here. I've got an issue of 'Wizard' magazine (a fanzine for comicbooks) which reviewed a particuliar issue of a comicbook called 'Hellblazer' in which the main character, John Constantine *yes its the same crappy keanu reeves movie* literally talks this guy into comitting suicide. I identified with that because I've seen this power in my own life.

Words are the most powerful weapons for destruction but violence is very satisfying. If words don't yield the desired result we turn to violence to accomplish our goals.

Nothing I enjoy more than hurting someone.
It's very satisfying feeling. I feel so alive, so powerful when I do this of course later I regret the action but for a moment I'm in euphoria sort of like an orgasm from being violent.

Edit: I don't want to continue or propogate this violence here.