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View Full Version : Fight Off The RIAA

2003-07-26, 18:40
Ban the RIAA/MPAA From Your Website

Now you can take action by blocking the RIAA and the MPAA from your website. The people over at TechFocus.org have gathered a bunch of the IP ranges from the RIAA and MPAA and put them together in a ".htaccess" file. For those of you that don't know, the .htaccess file is the permission control file for Apache webserver. In the file you can tell what IP addresses you would like to allow to view your website, and those you dont want to allow. TechFocus.org has put all the RIAA and MPAA IPs they have in a file and put it up for download for everyone. Grab this file and put it on your webserver to block them from accessing your website.

Download the .htaccess file now (http://techfocus.org/files/htaccess.zip)