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View Full Version : well thank the god's

2005-12-03, 04:31
well thank the god's. I know that didn't last long. *sigh* rolleyes
slx's moddin powers should be permanently taken away...so why is that fats?/chubs?
slx was mentioned so as to hear a fat reference..so predictable..you know its coming.
after he gets rolling dollar chimes in.
don't know what happened to e's ballz lately tho?
At least on p2p-zone they give you a reason or a funny explanation to ridicule as to why they do they things they do.
The only time conversation happens here is when i criticise slx and then get insulted by being called fatsor chubs.

Banning is no fun...nor is not being able to post. if it still exists on iagd.biz u should read or re-read what dollar wrote when walter_jnr wanted to delete the chilli account for inactivity.

maybe I'll prove something with that somehow.

for now as ghandi said, 'when they fight you..you win' when you ban me it means you lose. I've gotten the best of you, Loser!

2005-12-03, 07:01
vBulletin 3.5 displays to the banned user the automated time length of the ban, as well as an optional reason that the staff member can write in. That will be visible to the banned user if the user tries any link that brings up the "no permission" message, which on this forum can be seeing by trying to view Who's Online (http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/online.php).

This is why you were banned the last two days. It is because you made a thread which you edited several times, and then a post which you deleted. After that you started another thread which looked like it was on its way to becoming a worthless thread, with it being only one sentence long. You were spamming the forum with several bullshit posts in a relatively short period of time. So I gave you a two day cooling off period.

When you post with the mannerism of a tough guy saying things like you said in the post above: "I've gotten the best of you, Loser!" then you forget that all the tough talk of yours means nothing without an audience to try to impress. You've only been able to get away with your threats of other people and other sites, due to the grace and freedom you've been given everywhere you go. I think that in your narcissism you will always believe that you won no matter what the outcome is. When you are unrestricted you will claim victory in your ability to defecate at will throughout a forum, and when you are banned you will claim victory because you have been given martyr status and you will say that is exactly what you had wanted all along.

2005-12-03, 11:53
you are right about me always claiming victory. Its the only way to live. Do you not agree that perception defines your reality?
This isn't where I wanted to go with this post but its not a bad point. My perception defines my reality. The reality of my situtation might be different based upon another's observations of it.
Ergo, I could work at McDonald's and feel rich whereas the other person observing my reality would say, 'you work at McDonald's for fucks sake! you are not rich.'

The apostle Paul from the bible had a saying about having had more than enough and also not enough and he said he learned to be content in every situation he was in whether wealthy or poor.

I have a brother whom I perceive as worthless which endangers me to hellfire according to the bible because you should never call anyone 'racca' which means 'fool' or worthless.

Anyway in his mind's eye he's a big man a bully type living off of others currently me and my mom. He's an adult child who had raised adult children up until a little while ago.

Anyway I saw this great series on Pbs called 'The Power of Intention' which boiled down to this point: If you change the way you look at the things the things you look at will change.

I forget why I bring this up now something to do with Dollar making fun of me and a situation I am contented with whether it was my position of all perceived power on the forum here or whatever. I need to feel myself always in charge it is what defines me.

I was pleased to see you posting again in response to me. I like the attention...yes I know you aren't supposed to give self or external imposed labels such as trolls attention....anytime you scream, shout, argue with a troll he wins...yadayadayada bullshit.

A person is a human being. I am no troll and take exception rightfully so at being called that. Maybe 'troll' or trolling defines or represents a pattern of behaviour for someone who is an asshole. Asshole as I say it could be broken down and dissected the same way the troll mechanism is but yet (well quick example: why do women always go for assholes?) I know literally I'm not a hole which is basically what an asshole is. An opening at the end of a large intestine. Yet everyone recognises an asshole when they see one figuratively. Literally they do because the ass is present but you can no more define one hole or opening from another without the prescence of the ass the 'asshole' would not exist. Asshole or hole equals nothingness empty space.

So I guess dickhead and asshole go hand in hand so to speak but yet this troll terminology offends me. It offends me because it seems in every case in which it happens most recent be walter_jnr's site. He says basically when I monet fail we resort to name calling and personal attacks. He and you resort to restricting and banning when you can't deal with a differing point of view or disagreement so really what's the difference? We both do the same thing.

I see zero difference between resulting to name calling and personal insults as there is between restricting and banning someone based on your inability to deal with that person's opinion or attitude.

Finally in closing. I wanted to add something great here but either I forgot it or it wasn't there to begin with. Looking at this logically I see that I still have the ability to annoy you/piss you off how? in the way you said above...do I really need to quote it again?

The solution for how to deal with trolls is simply to ignore them. So when my posts were edited or deleted that action should have been ignored because to do otherwise would claiming caring which you've shown so in giving this attention the troll has won by your demonstrating caring for his actions.

However you did quite well in doing similiar to a troll tactic in that you covered all your bases by pointing out the fact that I would claim it a victory no matter what you do.

However even though I'm inclined to agree you are right I'd still like to move beyond this. Its nice to know I can still push your buttons E. and its even nicer to know what to do to push them.

So now I know multiple editings which and this is very important to note (you didn't specify) change the context of the original post is a no no.

Deleting posts is a no no. On this one its nice because it means to me you care about my words. You value them here. it's how I see it do you see it differently or is it just an annoyance to you?

There's very little argument for this because one could say how is it spamming or messing up your board if it isn't there? I deleted it right?

Then we could get into the little hack you installed to try to embarass the person who deleted their post by showing it as being deleted. This isn't good and does look tacky if too many posts are deleted. Whose fault is this then? The person who deleted the post or the person who installed the hack for whatever nefarious reasons he had.

I.e., why did you install a hack for showing deleted posts? What did you want to accomplish by that? Was there any other purpose for that the one I stated?

There we've resolved everything. So you were right all along to ignore me for so many months in doing so you won.

I don't want to be at odd's with anyone here in or 'against the man'.

Sometimes though I think we both get caught up and silliness and just need to laugh.

I like you, man and that's genuine learn to accept it.

Peace dude and thanks for not making it permanent again.

p.s. I often do things and say things I regret. Later on looking at some of the things I said feel remorse and seek to rectify the wrong by deleting the post.

I think the expression of that anger is good but once I realise the hurtfulness of my words I want to take them back. Its much easier to take back those words on a forum.

pps. I used to think it was funny to say things like I wanted to rape or kill dollar for the reaction that it gets but I no longer find this funny.

It wasn't so much I meant the things but it was the reaction to my saying such things that I enjoyed because I think that this is only the internet/messageboard and no one can reach out physically to anyone to harm them so any damage that could be done is all in the person's head.

Its that perception thing. The reality is she's a nineteen hour (22 hour) plane ride away from me. Very unfucking likely I'm gonna do either of these things to her.

I still see her online sometimes and by that I mean I see her username show up online as being active on certain forums but the need to ridicule her isn't there anymore probably because she hasn't done the same to me in so long.

I genuinely like her too and am glad I no longer find it fun to say such things for shock value.

2005-12-03, 21:12
In regards to the perception of victory, it is hard to say that either one side wins or the other side wins. In wars often both sides lose, but who is to even say that there is a war going on here? When I ban you I am disappointed that I have to resort to it. I ban you because of your spamming of the forum, by posting in threads in which your posting has nothing to do with the topic, but is an attempt to hijack the thread. I ban you for the posting and subsequent editing or deleting of your posts. And usually it's not one particular incident of bad forum protocol coming from you that will cause a ban, but instead several within a short time period. I ban because you are spamming the forum, not because of difference of opinion. Also there are no rules here posted but that doesn't mean you can do whatever you want.

You wrote that I have put in a hack which allows people to see the existence of deleted posts. Actually that is a permission which is set in the usergroup settings of vBulletin. I allow regular Registered members to see deletion notices to increase board transparency, so that if posts disappear then people will know why rather than have to listen to rumors from both parties. I see that TehRu has adopted the same approach. One thing I adopted from TehRu was to put banned members in the Forum Leaders (http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/showgroups.php) listing, and to show "last edited by" even from moderator edits, which I think is good to promote transparency and honesty on a forum, from the staff. Otherwise there would be an unknown number of prisoners held in secret detention sites, much like the United States does with terrorism suspsects. How come P2P-Zone doesn't make publically available its list of banned members for all to see?

You claim to be a real person yet I remain unconvinced. Everything seems to revolve around p2p-zone.com in your references, which makes me think you must be one of its upstanding community members. You see this site here as a spinoff of P2P-Zone rather than a site of its own accord. You also have the same attitude towards iagd.biz and tehru.org. I think you are disappointed that people have left the mother ship and started their own forums, for to you that is an act of treason and you still believe that there is a "Napsterites" community, and that P2P-Zone is the only legitimate place for anyone to post. Hence you go onto those "spinoff" boards which in your mind are cheap imitations revolving around the mother ship, and try to create trouble by making people feel uncomfortable when they post there. You must be terribly jealous of the TehRu community, which when it saw the death of [Dark], came together. So you got the brilliant idea that you wanted to do the same thing on P2P-Zone, by resurrecting old accounts like Belle or Maze and creating some fictitious tragedies, such as the death of pb8, the death of Lezbeefriends in threadid 19239 (http://www.tatom.org/documents/P2P-Zone (19239) - RIP Lezbeefriends.htm) and lately, the unbelievable bullshit in threadid 22217 (http://www.tatom.org/documents/P2P-Zone (22217) - To all goldies friends.htm) in which we are supposed to believe that one day after Goldie's house caught fire, the girl's daughter registered and joined on P2P-Zone just to let everyone else know. The idea that a person would rush to post at your forum there in the face of tragedy is your attempt to create a community which you really don't have. I also see that Mazer created a subsequent thread looking for donations, so I believe that he is involved with the bullshit that goes on there. Are the funds to be used to pay for the webhosting of P2P-Zone?

Look there isn't much of a community here on this site and unfortunately I will probably never meet anybody in person due to the large geographical distances. But I don't pretend to create a community by resurrecting members and faking deaths and tragedies as you have done on P2P-Zone. You often try to scare me by saying that the forum is dying here, and then you expect me to be willing to let you spam the forum because you think I would rather have that than to see it die. But for me, having dishonor occur to this forum is a fate worse than its death. I would rather see this forum die due to inactivity than resort to such things as gazdet or his supporters have done in an attempt to keep the place alive. Nor will I resort to doing something like the JackSpratts Week In Review, which is simply rehashing material from other sites in order that search engines will pick up on the site better. For P2P-Zone, death would be a good thing, like when Terry Schiavo was finally put to rest.

I should be hearing gazdet singing his praises of me, for giving his members an enemy to rally around to bring them together, much as the fake tragedies have done over there. I am to gazdet like Osama is to president Bush. I take the attention off of the fact that Gary is a bumbling idiot full of hubris, who surprisingly like president Bush, has managed to hold his position for so long.

For related topics, see these threads:

2005-12-04, 00:57
you see.

2005-12-07, 03:02
U think tttimmy (pp head) posts at p2p?


As who? . . . DAWN :nope:

2005-12-11, 17:30
well thank the god's.
I've been dying to have somewhere to post this pic...

2006-01-09, 12:00
hey eclectica... if i win the lottery, i'll fly you and ur family, and every one else and their families on this forum down to my place for that cocktail party i have on hold! What is your drink of choice? Or should I just prepare a platter of imported beers and caffine pills for you? Or maybe i will turn the two key ingredients into a strange cocktail, named after you ofcourse. :banana: It's going to be the next big thing.

2006-01-09, 23:00
What is your drink of choice?

It starts with this...:eatout:

Besides that there is Bud Light as a beer and for a mixed drink, I like Pina Colada. I like the homemade version of Pina Colada which is made with pineapple juice and cream of coconut. The smoothie mix they use at bars is not so good.

The idea of beer and caffeine pills is a good one. Budweiser copied the idea with their new BE drink. I would recommend as a start for a good buzz:

http://www.tatom.org/images/DisturbedTroll.gif four 12 oz beers,

http://www.tatom.org/images/DisturbedTroll.gif three 200 mg caffeine pills,

http://www.tatom.org/images/DisturbedTroll.gif one acetaminophen 500 mg.

They could call the resultant buzz the MJ Beast. The acetaminophen is optional depending on whether you are planning on having sex or not. If you want to feel euphoria and feel godlike but not have sex, take the acetaminophen.

2006-01-11, 11:52
u know dude, u should revolutionise the the image of bars in America, and open your own, where with every drink 'sequence' you get a side plate of acetaminophen and caffine pills. Add some caged lesbian bondage shows, fancy curtains and hot bar staff, and it'll become all the rage with the famous people.

Don't foget us when you're famous.

2006-01-12, 02:21
Is life still sweet for u $ girl? I have a feeling it is.

I'm feeling good & having a blast too.

L o L's . . .

2006-01-12, 08:01
Hey nic! I'm a survivor... so good or bad, i'm getting by! I feel like i should be living a bit more. I've let too many days slip by.

I'm glad that at least you are having fun! Maybe a bit of that will rub off on me. It's great to hear that you are feeling good. I guess if you feel good, then you're on top of the world.

2006-01-13, 00:36
I guess if you feel good, then you're on top of the world.


Knockers on wood . . .