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View Full Version : trying to learn something new....

2006-01-02, 02:32
i downloaded a large movie file...1.8 gigs, approx....it's a bin & cue file...i've been googleing and trying for 2 days, to no avail to watch this damn movie

i've got isobuster, winiso and dameon tools but can't seem to sort things out about how to view the movie on a virtual drive....each of the 2 parts, individually are too large to burn to a cd & i don't have a dvd burner...

anybody like to walk me thru with a tutorial or point me to any websites that explain how to, in a step by step fashion

dumb slx

2006-01-02, 03:21
This site (http://www.videohelp.com/forum/userguides/141726.php) has some info about bin and cue files using Isobuster, but I have no experience with either of those formats or that program myself. Basically it looks like bin and cue files were made for burning, but you would like not to burn, but instead to convert to a file on your computer that you can play, such as avi or mpg.

Or maybe you can use your CD burner, if you have one, along with the program VCDGear (http://www.vcdgear.com) to burn to Super Video CD.

2006-01-02, 05:03
if i new how to convert the cue/bin files and the file sizes would fit on a cd, i would burn them but each file is approx 780mb + or - and a cd won't overburn that much

2006-01-02, 09:04
Cue and bin use an irregular format and therefore the limitation of the disc is larger than 700 MB. When they state that the disc has 700 MB capacity they are referring to the regular data format where 2048 bytes out of a total of 2352 bytes per sector is devoted to data, and the rest is for error correction. The bin and cue format also can use 2324 out of 2352 bytes per sector for the data, which would give it a 794 MB capacity according to my calculations. On audio CDs the raw format takes up 2352 out of 2352 bytes per sector, so there is no built-in error correction for an audio CD.

I have the following programs if you need:
-Nero 5.572

2006-01-02, 16:22
i have all of those prog's but thanks for the offer

2006-01-03, 02:00
CRWIN was the creator of the bin and cue format, so I would hope that would work if you wanted to burn to a Video CD and watch on your DVD player. And if you want to just view the file on your computer as mpeg without burning to a disc, try that VCDGear program.

2006-02-09, 13:12
Just download magic iso creator (http://www.magiciso.com/tutorials/miso-overview.htm) to burn bin/cue image to cd. It works fine .