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View Full Version : My Friend, ClearDark

2003-07-30, 06:28
ClearDark has posted from time to time, usually picking on me or whatever, talking about our cars. Well he's also one of my best friends that lives in the same town as me. We've grown up together, all the same classes, everything.

Tonight I was at work, I got a phone call at 5:30pm saying to get to the hospital, I was in complete shock and I asked why and my step mother said caleb was in an accident. I immediately left work and went to the hospital.

There was my dad, caleb's dad, and me, we were waiting for news, and nothing was to be said yet so we were waiting. Then Caleb's mother showed up, his aunt, his 2 other brothers then his sister a few moments later.

Moments later we got word of his status. He drives a 87 Golf, and he was heading to East Machias (the town next to ours) to check to see if my car was done, then come pick me up from work to ride around, and on the hill before my car (it's a 50mph zone) his car struck head on with a garbage truck and it ran completely over his vehicle. His right leg bone was completely out of his skink, his left leg was crushed, arms broken and face cut up.

The helicopter arrived after he was stabalized to air lift him to Bangor where he could get better medical treatment. I got to see him before he left, he was cut up pretty bad, but the doctors said he was not internally bleeding and that he was fighting strong...

I'm on call, probably heading up tonight, if not first thing in the morning. I hope he's more than fine...everything is just a shock right now and I can't believe all of this... I just... I don't even know...


I first posted this at another forum, but since then I got information from hospital that he will be ok, well, he won't die, but he has the took broken legs, a broken arm, a broken shoulder. They are going to put a rod in his shoulder and just let everything else heal. They did a catscan, no brain damage. Everything is looking really good and I'm heading up in the morning to see him.

I'm very glad, and lucky not to of lost him

2003-07-30, 16:14
It's good he's okay, relatively speaking. It could have been a lot worse from what you said. Especially because it was a head on collision with a truck and it ran over his car.

Even though we take it for granted that when we say goodbye to people, that we'll see them again, there is a risk that we overlook that we'll never see them again.

2003-07-30, 21:36
Beej, i'm glad your friend is alright.
that is why, with each meeting with people we love, we should think of that time as our last time.
live for each day and make it the best ever.
it is hard sometimes, because there is only so much time in our busy lives, to see or phone all that we love, but i guess if we could even involve them in our thoughts, for the moment, would be just as good....catch them on another day and then make that one the best ever.

2003-07-31, 05:49
This is a picture of his car before the accident..


And now after the accident...

(I will post the URL not the picture so those are sensitive to this don't have to see..)

Picture 1 (http://www.angryrants.com/images/car1.jpg)

Picture 2 (http://www.angryrants.com/images/car2.jpg)

Picture 3 (http://www.angryrants.com/images/car4.jpg)

Picture 4 (http://www.angryrants.com/images/car5.jpg)

Picture 5 (http://www.angryrants.com/images/car6.jpg)

On a better note though, he was responding today in his room. His mother asked him questions he he would nod them the answer... so that's a great sign. They put metal pins and what not in his legs and left arm. He's going under a 48 hour medical coma to give his body a rest and let the medicines do the work, the doctor says he's doing really good and it's just clearly a miracle he's still here with us.

They are only letting family in, but I'm his best friend and his mother and father are going to claim me as a son when I go back up with them tomorrow afternoon.

2003-07-31, 06:18
this is a newspaper cliping from today's paper that told about the accident. But the paper did a HORRIBLE job of describing it, made it sound like caleb wasn't even allowed to be driving and that he only sustained minor injuries. I personally called up the newspaper and bitch them out then they apologized.

here's the cliping:
(for the record, he has his license, not a fuckin permit)


2003-07-31, 09:06
Damn Beej, I see those pictures and I wonder how he could have survived. The fact that things weren't worse is something to rejoice about.

2003-07-31, 16:38
Well I was rumored that while Caleb was in the car he was bleeding so bad but couldn't move cuz he was knocked out, he had actually sufficated on his own blood and had actually died and when he was pulled out they revived him, then on the ambulance ride he had died again and at that time my father and caleb's father were waiting in the ER and over the intercom for the ER staff said "we're bringing in a code" and that means that whoever is coming in is dead....

but he's somehow with us now, and that's what matters to me
I am more than thankful to still have him alive and with us. It's going to be a long road of recovery but I'll be there for every mile...

2003-08-20, 09:57
How's he doing now? Give us an update when you get a chance.

2003-08-20, 14:01
Well, they have taken him off the morphine and other heavy drugs so he knows what's going on and he can talk, eat on his own. They even started him with physical therapy already...which just blows my mind. But they said in 1-2 weeks he can come back home, as soon as he's good enough to get in a wheel-chair they said.

I've been up there every other day, and everytime I see him he's gets better and better... I tell ya, this kid has a lot of strong will.

2003-08-24, 21:14
this is good news, Beej!
you're a good friend, indeed.
and he's lucky to have you.
as r we.