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2006-02-03, 09:47












2006-02-05, 02:21
in the name of allah, the beneficent, the merciful.

thee hath been granted genitalia which hath been woefully deceptive. thine gender is ambiguous and confusing. thine jealous, crying, and wretched behavior is hardly different from bitches on the rag. allah hath given blessings to those who find offense in the publication of the twelve cartoons because allah herself is on the rag and has a hurting pussy, and easily takes offense at images. wretched crying bitches who hath taken great offense at the appearance of twelve cartoons in a danish newspaper, are not as macho as i hath been led to believe. allah, i beseech thee to guide us to the path of enlightenment. thine gender is ambiguous.

once again we see that muslims and islam are shrewdly being exploited for someone else's cause which has nothing to do with islam. so let it be written: allah is a woman and it is obvious that the origin of the confusion lies in the fact that allah and muhammed both had unusually large clitorises, which were mistaken to be penises. it is to be expected that the very creator of the universe allah would be a woman, for women can create life in their wombs. and that being the case, it should be no surprise that allah's prophet muhammed was also a woman. due to penis envy, wretched men who were ashamed of the fact that their own small penises were even smaller than allah's clitoris, did not accept the notion of both their prophet and god being women, and rewrote and interpreted things and corrupted islam so as to depict its holiest figures as men.

as many know, ye who hath a hairy ass amongst people of arabic or middle eastern descent are not necessarily male. for allah and muhammed were not males, though they had hairy asses. so lies the origin of the greatest misconception in history, which by exaggeration hath depicted two women with their hairy asses as being men.

no one hath made a visual depiction of muhammed successfully. that is why there is so much confusion. no haram hath occurred in these twelve cartoons. the greatest haram hath occurred by those who in their foolishness think that muhammed is a man due to having a hairy ass. allah takes great offense when her hairy prophet, with enlarged clitoris, is depicted in such a manner. the abundance of ignorance and of those who claim to be defending allah's honor, saddens her.

so let it be written, so let it be done: allah is the supreme creator and like all other women, is on the rag with the occasional bloody hurting pussy, and gets moody from time to time. sometimes the best way for devout men to deal with the presence of hairy women with oversized clitorises, is to have them wear veils according to the hijab. one must keep a sheet over their hideous bodies, or otherwise the penis may become even smaller due to the lack of sexual attraction.

you will note that both the jews and the muslims try to keep their women covered in sheets and segregated. it is because the most devout and pious amongst them are homosexuals and they find that the female body is grotesque.

the outrage over the twelve cartoons that hath exaggerated muhammed's hairiness, is actually a feigned rage which covers an even darker secret. for if the truth be known, those muslims who hath feigned anger will find that allah actually enjoys having a hairy stinky pussy and enjoys a supersized clitoris which bleeds from time to time. it gives her the perfect excuse to be moody and unpredictable.

the whiny pseudo-muslims who protest and burn flags, have once again been duped into believing that they themselves are macho and have a manly prophet named muhammed. but in fact their god and prophet both have oversized clitorises which often bleed due to their easily being offended and having their feelings hurt. it exposes the great lie where islam has been depicted as a macho religion, and in fact provides the most compelling evidence that allah is actually a woman.

and for those of you who are still not convinced, you simply need to repeat the name of the deity allah, and you will see that your tongue moves in such a manner that it evokes cunnilingus.

2006-02-07, 11:15
With the continued riots and violence over the uproar of the twelve published cartoons, many leaders in "Western" countries have called for calm. Yet it was their comments which led to such an uproar in the first place. The problem was that many of the leaders said something to the effect of: The cartoons are offensive, but we support the right of a free press. Their ambiguous messages with their condemnation of the cartoons, led to the moral support behind the rioting. They should have instead unambiguously endorsed a free press and condemned the rioting.

But it is not really in the interest for politicians to defend lofty ideals such as freedom of the press when they would rather pander to a constituency and look good in the eyes of Muslims. The rioters have made asses of themselves because they have been exploited by those leaders and figures who just want to pander to them.

The rioting is unIslamic because Islam is a peaceful religion. And those who are secure in their faith, should not be easily offended at the slightest transgression and challenges posed by others and of infidels. The idea behind banning depictions of the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, was to prevent idolatry. Islam is an ideology and a way of life rather than having icons. But the rioters have created more offense towards Islam and peace in their acts of violence, than whatever offense may have occurred in the publication of the cartoons.

That's my fatwa and I'm sticking to it.

2006-02-13, 13:52
find out when the next muslim festival / holy day is, then make those cartoons into cards to give to all your muslim friends

if they don't see the funny side, they're probably terrorists

(those of you with netscape 8.01 will need to turn off your satire filters to view this message in its entirety)

2006-02-14, 01:23
I think it can all be solved by making the fonts smaller

2006-02-21, 10:13
One thing I disagree with is a belief by Europeans that they are champions of freedom of expression and free speech. The United States does a better job of that because of the First Amendment of its Constitution.

Europeans have laws banning the freedom of expression. For example, Holocaust denial is a crime in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, and Switzerland (source) (http://www.indexonline.org/en/news/articles/2005/1/europe-should-freedom-of-speech-stop-at-holo.shtml). Also a law is closed to being passed in Britain that outlaws the glorification of terrorism.

So when Europeans say that they are printing pictures of Muhammad in order to show that they support the freedom of expression, they ought to instead try putting out some pieces denying the Holocaust in those countries where it is illegal. Their civil disobedience to promote freedom would better be served by challenging their government's existing laws that restrict freedom of expression in their own countries, rather than angering Muslims in other countries.

2006-03-08, 20:39
Romans used to own the known world, then britain, now america... each had their own idea of freedom

tbh i couldnt give a crap about what anyone told me what i can and cant say or do in any country i live in... coz i do wtf i want...

(Y) also :mrgreen: also cocks also YTMND also amirite?

like if i get banned or something from this forum... sure i wont be posting any of this randomness here any time soon... but i sure as hell will be posting it in other places...

dont stop me now, coz im having a good time... or w/e

ttyl... when this forum is slightly more active...

2006-03-11, 02:49
[QUOTE=BOB MONTGOMERIE]Romans used to own the known world, then britain, now america... each had their own idea of freedom


ban the bastard.

hahahahahahaa this shithole forum can't even get the date right. It's not 2006/03/10. Even the Euro way isn't like that. (as if I gave a shit about europe anyway)