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View Full Version : I see somethings never change!!

2006-04-04, 01:12
Hi all,

Been a minuet. Wanted to say hi and ket you all know that my b-day was cool. Going to college full time now and trying to make something of myself. Good to see you all are still here and doing ok!

2006-04-04, 02:37
Thank Allah for the auto mailing on your birthday, or otherwise you would have forgotten this forsaken place.

Congratulations on your 30th birthday.

What are you majoring in?

If you have some pictures of Anastasia that would be great to see.

2006-04-10, 03:28

More pics than you all could ever want!

2006-04-10, 09:45
Nice pictures. Your daughter is cute. I was trying to figure whether she takes after you or after Dan in appearance, but I didn't see you in any pictures for comparison. I see that you're the one who takes all the pictures. I take all the pictures on the camera which uses film, but my wife takes all the digital pictures with her digital camera. But those digital pictures Tata takes are hard to organize and pick through, so I haven't uploaded any of them to a website. For recent pictures of my own family, there are ones taken in October by my aunt here (http://www.tatom.org/photos/2005-10%20(Wingate)/thumbnails/), and a roll of film from October to November here (http://www.tatom.org/photos/2005-10%20to%202005-11%20(film)/thumbnails/).

2006-04-11, 21:23
OMG!! You guys make a BEAUTIFUL family!! The ones of your oldest in the garden are GREAT!! And I am also LMAO at the pics of the baby doing the get Mommy's nose game. Anastasia loved that game!! There are so many good ones! The ones with you and your oldest are SOOOOOOO sweet. LOVE THEM!!

2006-05-17, 09:44
Eclectica & Badfish, I can't believe how much both of your children have grown!

Your oldest Eclectica looks more like her mother as she grows,absolutey gorgeous.

All of them.