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2006-04-11, 10:11
For the last three years I have had the experience of being the Administrator of this forum. Three years ago as a new Administrator I felt that it was an imbalance for me to be the only one on the forum with any power. So I recruited Super Moderators to be staff members as well. What I looked for as desirable qualities in a Super Moderator, was for somebody who was intelligent, level headed, well mannered, literate, technically competent, non abusive of authority, and reasonably active on the forum. It was not my intention for Super Moderators to merely moderate and edit posts, but also the reason I wanted Super Moderators on board was to keep an eye on things, and to be another presence on the staff providing an alternate opinion to my own.

Super Moderators are also ambassadors between the Administrators and the regular Registered users. In some forums the moderators are given a shitty job of being expected by the administrators to crack the whip, while at the same time having to answer for all the shit they pulled by being unpopular with the regular members. So they get the shit from both ends. I don't do things like that here, and if there is any dirty work to be done I can do it myself rather than having moderators be my pawns or my proxies. So the purpose of moderators for me are, besides their practical usefulness of validating any posts needing moderation or keeping spammers in check, are to be another presence on the staff and to be ambassadors and representatives of the forum. I realize that it is good if there are staff members who have clout or connections with the rest of the members that I may not have, and if they have divergent points of view from mine.

I hope that all of the people I have made as staff members here will not lose their credibility, integrity, and independence in the eyes of the rest of the community and their peers, due to their being appointed as staff members here. Please spare them and direct your anger towards me in regards to any issues you have with this site or the way I conduct business here. None of them asked for the position, but only took it after I asked them to.

My first two Super Moderators on board were Dollar_Girl (http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/member.php?u=11) and Beejus (http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/member.php?u=6). Then slx (http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/member.php?u=31) came on board about two years ago, and there were three Super Moderators for a while. I dropped Beejus off the staff some time around June of 2004.

This thread is to announce to you that I have dropped Dollar_Girl off the staff here today. The reason is that she has not been around much lately, and so I would like to close a security hazard by setting her user account to be in the regular Registered usergroup. When an account is not used for a long time, it could be abandoned and easily hijacked if precautions (http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/showthread.php?t=487) are not taken.

Having both Dollar_Girl and slx on the staff provided great balance. On one side was Dollar_Girl advocating peace and tolerance towards troublemakers, while slx took a more belligerent and active role as a Super Moderator. I used to like to say to myself jokingly that Dollar_Girl represented the pussy that I could never get, and slx represented the balls that I never had.

I have decided that the hazards of an inactive account outweighed the good of having Dollar_Girl on board, so she has been dropped from the staff. It is not that she did anything wrong. I would recommend Dollar_Girl for a moderator position on any other board.

You can see who the staff members are on this site, along with members of the other special usergroups, at the Rogues Gallery (http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/showgroups.php).

2006-04-12, 01:53
whare has $ been....it has been a long time since i've seen her around....

yooooohooooo $ girlie...where are you

2006-05-17, 10:36
HI kids! I see i've been demoted :behead:
I ofcourse will now put a curse on you both :drunk:
Expect to die.

2006-05-17, 16:19
HI kids! I see i've been demoted

Good to see you back :kiss:

Actually joining the staff is a demotion and a downward spiral towards decadence, and you've been saved by being promoted back to normalcy.

2006-05-18, 12:42
You should be a councellor... you could put a positive spin on anything!

It's nice to be back. I have missed the place. After a short absence I didn't click the Dionysians link for ages, because in a way i was worried the site would no longer be up and running. I think the amount of time i avoided clicking the link due to that was actually longer than my initial absence.
It's like being scared to go home.


2006-05-18, 12:48
did absence make your heart grow fonder?

2006-05-18, 13:17
In this case...yes!


Hope you and Kel have been healthy and happy.

2006-05-18, 16:56
Hope you and Kel have been healthy and happy.

life's good $....we got the garden planted, all the grass got mowed, kel was midwife to a black, mamma rabbit she's spoiled rotten and for a stray cat she gave a place to stay

i haven't had time for much playing these days either....i've been building rental properties....just got the power connected this morning on the 5th....we're gonna do one more then i think i'll rest til the end of days...i'm too old and decrepit for anymore hammers and nails

2006-05-20, 05:56
holly crap, you have been busy! It's a good way to set yourself up for retirement. Do you do it by yourself?

You and Kel sound lovely lol. I can picture you guys in your rocking chairs on the balcony one day, rocking back and forth, totally content. I'd like to take a photo of that. :hippie: Good to know you kids have been keeping busy, healthy and happy.

2006-05-20, 12:14
Do you do it by yourself?yes maam....from the ground up...

my philosophy is, if i can't do it alone, it doesn't get done....

2006-05-24, 04:36
hey man, do you need a specific licence to do that?

I find iIf I put trust into other ppl to do a job... it takes three times as long to do! Lazy bums!

2006-05-24, 12:11
where i am, no license is needed because i own the property but i still have to get appropriate permits and inspections for some things i do