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View Full Version : Online evil

2006-05-09, 01:03
I want to get revenge online against someone that pissed me off. I have no idea how to go about this. I am a computer idiot and I DO NOT want my IP traced. Any ideas that will not land me in jail???? Hell PM me if you don't want it on the board. I want cyber blood!! :kill: :bomb: :devil:

Edited to add: It has to do with another message board not related to any P2P boards from the past. This is on that gay ass ez board network. The details are a bit long and sordid but if you want them IM or PM me. Let's get BAD!! LOL

2006-05-09, 04:05
if you're just trying to harrass someone without it directly pointing back to you, use an anonymous proxy...there are a few free web based proxy servers or you can google and find millions and configure your browser to use that proxy ip...

if you're asking how to cause harm to someone's system, i can't help....that's something i'd never consider doing to ayone...but i suppose you could email them a virus which you may find thru a bit of googleing

be careful handling snakes...they'll bite you too....

2006-05-10, 01:57
I would never mess with someones system. That is too not nice. I DID think about making a clone tho and giving it jto ALOT of friends here and around the country. We would all proceed to SPAM the hell out of the board of the ppl we dislike. I mean STUPID spam like post that just say "Cat Poop." THAT way the IP is EVERYWHERE and we all get to torment. LOL I call this "Operation Evil Betty"

Cary Sherman
2006-05-10, 10:02
CAT POOP :vomit:

2006-05-17, 09:51
what happened to the good ole days where we just used to break ppl's legs for revenge or smash their car. :jihad: