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View Full Version : Best thing next to popcorn!

2006-05-09, 15:47
I'd just like to tell u guys that this is the best thing next to popcorn.

If you're wondering about how to kill spyware on your system, try this!

P.S. If you're also wondering about how to maintain an error-free PC and achieve 100% system performance, try this!

2006-05-09, 22:40
i prefer it sliced very thin and grilled with a slice of swiss and mustard....but...only if i must..

2006-05-09, 22:44
How about banning mail.ru from registering to prevent spammers?

2006-05-17, 09:54
i cringe when i see cans of spam at ppl's houses... but... when the money's tight, u do what u gotta do!

I think i'd just turn vegetarian if it was a live or die choice between veg or spam.