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View Full Version : vBulletin 3.6 is out

2006-06-14, 18:09
vBulletin version 3.6 beta 2 was installed and is running on this forum since yesterday. In the process of the upgrade, the vBadvanced (http://www.vbadvanced.com/) Home page stopped working and I had to uninstall the whole thing. Once their newer version is released, I will install it here.

The feature list of vBulletin 3.6 can be found here:

2006-06-18, 07:25
I have installed on the Home page vBadvanced CMPS 2.2.0.

Here are the significant features for vBulletin 3.6 which all the members will find on the board.

1. Multi-Quote
You can multi quote from different posts into your reply post. You can even quote posts from other threads too. The way to make multi quote work is to press the multi quote button:
it will then change to a different button, indicating that post you have selected will be multi quoted. It will look like this:
Then to get all those multi quotes into your reply thread, find the thread you want to reply to and hit the reply button:

2. Quote Tags Link to Quoted Post
When you quote someone, by default it will be in this form: [QUOTE=eclectica;12354] and you will get an image in there http://www.3-3-3.org/forum/images/buttons/viewpost.gif that links to the quoted post. It also does that when Multi Quoting.

3. PMs
When you send PMs, all recipients will be specified and viewable to the other recipients unless you put them in the BCC field. The recipient of the BCC PM will know that he was BCCed because his own username will not be in the recipient list.

You can now select in your board settings to only receive PMs from people in your Buddy List.