What CalebStation 7 is really about

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CS7 is about building a SECURE network for our customers to share files on.
What network Does CS7 use?
We use SNEAKERNET as the network for our program. SNEAKERNET allows you to share files without the RIAA ever finding out! It is the MOST SECURE way for file sharing. Also, when you use SNEAKERNET, it doesn't matter what speed your internet connection is. This makes it more fair for modem users. Using SNEAKERNET, you can share whatever you want with anyone in the world, and no one will know about it except for you and the person you are sharing with. SSL can be broken, as can UDP, and Proxies can be overloaded, or can become honeypots for the RIAA or MPAA, allowing them to steal your IP (and megahurtz!)! But with SNEAKERNET, that can never happen!!!
Where is CS7 located?
We are located deep in Antarctica, where the RIAA's rule does not reach! We have trained several polar bears to guard our servers also, just in case the RIAA's goons ever did try to come out. We have a whole bunch of cool T1 lines too, and a heater, so our servers will never go down!!!!!!!!

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