Why Choose CS7 Over Other Programs?

Many people often ask, "What Makes CS7 so special?", to which we reply "Go to the about CS7 Page to learn such information".
On this page, rather than talking about our own merits, we will systematically slander every other program out there, and tell you exactly why CS7 is better than them. And we'll do it in FAQ style too.

"So, what's with this whole EarthStation5 thing? Are you copying off of them?"
No, in fact our program was in development long before ES5. There are many differences between us. First off, their servers are in a refugee camp in Palestine, and refugee camps can be easily taken over by the forces of the RIAA! The RIAA have control over the US government, and could use the US army to storm in there at any time!!! Our HQ, however, is located deep in Antarctica, and guarded by vicious polar bears. I'd just love to see the RIAA try to deliver us a subpoena. Also, as anyone with a rudimentary math education knows, 7 is greater than 5, therefore CS7>ES5.
"But what if someone makes a DeepStation8, or something like that? Isn't 8 greater than 7?"
No! NO! 8's not the number.. it's seven! SEVEN! Seven little chipmunks, sittin on a branch, eatin lots of sunflower seeds, on my uncle's ranch. Seven's the number man, seven.
"What about Blubster? The downloads go fast, and they offer weblinks."
It is common knowledge that Blubster, and their forums host "p2pforums" (more like riaaforums!), and sharelive (more like slimelive!) are all closely affiliated with the MPAA! So, unless you want the MPAA finding out what movies you are sharing on blubster, and stealing your IP ADDRESS (and megahurtz!) then don't share on blubster! use CS7 instead!
"What about kazaa lite/bittorrent/shareaza/emule/etc?"
Look. Do any of these offer you SECURE ANONYMITY via sneakernet? Are any of these based in antarctica, where no one can ever find us? No, I didnt think so. Stop using that software, and come to CS7!!!

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