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Too far from home.

Some of my publications
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The grignetzian theorem. Shankpainter, 1979, 19.
Sixty thousand copies. Three Sisters, spring 1980.
A fine little town. Shankpainter, 1980, 20.
Arbor day. Harpers, January 1981.
Culture shock. Shankpainter, 1983, 23.
Incomparable Sawtusset. PEN Syndicated Fiction Project, 1984.
Adventure story. This World, 22 September 1985.
I'll see you at Twentysecond street. Daily Iowan, 19 March 1986.
A whole lot of little critters. Southern Humanities Review, autumn 1986.

Too far from home Galb's elbow. Nimrod, autumn 1986.
A hotbed of writers. Carousel, August 1987.
Rainfall. North American Review, March 1988.
Too far from home. Columbia: University of Missouri Press, 1988.
Middle C. Chicago Tribune, 11 September 1988.
The two year, three month fast. Bellingham Review, spring 1989.
The house by the ravine. Western Humanities Review, summer 1989.
Honey, don't you trust old Bear? Sycamore Review, winter 1990.
California. Iowa City Magazine, August-September 1991.
The new baby. Buffalo Spree, autumn 1991.
Glass slipper. Writer's Bar-B-Q, winter 1992.

These are all published under the name "T. N. R. Rogers," not Tom or Thomas or Tommy. Too Far from Home isn't available at most libraries, but you can order a copy through Amazon.com or directly from the University of Missouri Press. Around $12.95, I think. Order several copies right now, before you forget!

You can order anything at all from this little Amazon.com box and I'll receive a tiny percentage of what you spend! Isn't that cool?

Yes, Tom. That's really cool.

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