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A little help from my friends

"I no doubt deserved my enemies," wrote Walt Whitman, "but I don't believe I deserved my friends."

Without friends, what would be the joy in life?

But the trouble with friends is that they keep disappearing. Fortunately, through the miracle of the internet, I've gradually tracked down some of the lost.

Other friends I still wonder about. I long to hear from them, long to see them again. Why do all these lovely people come into my life and then disappear forever?

Ou sont les neiges d'antan? Any more of this and I will make myself weep.

Anyway, here is a very limited sampling. Click on the thumbnails to see a little more about these folks.

Griff Garwood Griff
David McCullough David
Betsy Grady Betsy
Butch and Elaine Beaty Elaine and Butch
Rhonda Flemming Rhonda
John Rees Reeses
Karen Subach and Wayne Johnson Wayne
Maria Bona Maria
Alice Todd Alice
Lois McLaughlin Lois
Jacky Lewis Jacky
Svetlana Svetlana

And hundreds of others who aren't pictured. People I've loved dearly, and a few who have loved me, as well.

What wondrous tapestries of life these friends of mine have woven. And what wondrous tapestries are yet to be weaved.

[Please let me know if you find anything false, misleading, offensive, or intrusive to your privacy on this site. Let me know too if there's a photo or something in the text that should be removed or something that should be added. I welcome all corrections, additions, and suggestions.]

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