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Win's photo albums

Julie Lynn sent me three of Win's photo albums, spanning the years 1938-1952 and the early 1970s. A number of the photos, perhaps some of the best, are missing -- especially from the third album -- but I've scanned most of the rest and am slowly getting around to displaying some of them here.

      Album 1 — Dobbs Ferry, 1938-1942

      Pages 6-13 — three dozen photos taken at Orleans, Cape Cod, in August 1938. Joey is nine months old, Julie is five, Jackie ten, Winibee thirteen. Swimming, picnics, riding lessons.      

      Pages 30-35 — twenty photos taken at Truro, Cape Cod, in August 1939. Beach, Julie's sixth birthday, commercial sailboat from Provincetown, etc.      

      Album 2 — Hastings, Washington, Daytona, 1943-1952

      Page 13 — five photos of all of us together in the side yard at Hastings-on-Hudson in April 1945:


      Pages 43-45 — nine photos at Daytona Beach, Florida, in the summer and fall of 1950:


      Pages 44-46 — six photos of Julie in Daytona:


      Page 51 — Winibee and Shery's wedding, May 19, 1951:


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