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 Joey.  [2 kb]


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      Win's portrait of Joey studying. She painted it in 1955 while he was home from MIT.

Portrait of Joey.  [30 kb]

      Joey went off to MIT at sixteen, and at twentytwo was married to Mary Kevorkian. He had asked me to be best man, the only time in my life anyone ever honored me in that way. But the wedding took place in the summer when I was singing at Radio City, and I was told it would be was impossible for me to get away.
      Maureen and I moved up to Waltham, Massachusetts, about the same time Joey and Mary were leaving Arlington, Massachusetts, for Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, where Joey had landed a teaching position at Lehigh University.

Da?  Nyet!  [19 kb]

      Bethlehem wasn't too far from Glassboro, New Jersey, where President Johnson had had a summit meeting at Hollybush with the premier of the Soviet Union, Alexei Kosygin, in June 1967, so Joey and Mary drove over for a summit meeting of their own.
      You can see that they are seasoned negotiators.
      Beth is in front and Phil is on Joey's back, gazing off towards the future. Saying "Dada! Dada!" and maybe an occasional "Nyetnyet."

      When Beth was a baby in Sherborn, Massachusetts -- in the house Joey and Mary thought was the nicest they would ever live in -- Joey used to sing, to the tune of "Love and Marriage," "Love and babies, love and babies... go together like a dog and rabies." Phil was born while they were in Arlington, and Marceline and Tommy when they were in Allentown -- Tommy on my father's seventyfifth birthday, November 22, 1971.
      In the midseventies they came down to DC and bought a house in Silver Spring, and in 1981 Joey took a job at Brooklyn Polytechnic and he and Mary bought a roomy place on Long Island. Joey has been living there ever since.

Joey in his study in Baldwin around 1983. You can see what a wonderful view he has of the back yard.

Joey in his study at Baldwin.  [23 kb]

Joey, Mary, Jackie, Tommy, and Marceline picnicking in their back yard.  [33 kb]

This is around the same time as the photo above, when Jackie came up for a visit.

Mary and Joey and Tom at Julie's house in March 1987. "They are both quite grey now," Win wrote me a year earlier. "Mary's boyish cut (they call it 'frosted') makes her look quite elfin."

 Mary and Joey and Tom.  [13 kb]

      Too many das, too many nyets. Joey and Mary got divorced in 1992 or '93.
      Mary's second marriage was to their friend Kadir Aziz. Joey's was to a lovely young woman named Tanya, who was born in Russia. Joey is learning to speak russian. "Ya ne ponimayu," he says.
      And Diana and Jeff Wood recently adopted a little russian boy named Nikolai. Khorosho! The cold war has ended! The spirit of Glassboro prevails!

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