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Ahnentafel of Joel Townsley Rogers

— First Generation —

1. Joel Townsley ROGERS, son of Otis Joel Rogers and Bertha Townsley, was born on 22 Nov 1896 in Sedalia, Missouri, and died on 1 Oct 1984 in Washington, DC. He married Winifred Whitehouse, daughter of Charles Austin Whitehouse and Josephine Henry Woodruff, on 28 February 1924 in New York, NY. Their children were

  1. Winifred Berenice.
  2. Jacqueline Josephine.
  3. Julie Susan.
  4. Joel Carle Whitehouse.
  5. Thomas Norman Reed.

— Second Generation —

2. Otis Joel ROGERS, son of Noble Harvey Rogers and Susan D. Reed, was born in Princeton, Missouri, on 17 Aug 1868 and married Bertha Townsley on 14 August 1894.
      From A Genealogy of the Descendants of the Caldwell Family (written by Caroline Coffey in April 1910),

Otis lives in Sedalia, Mo., along with his wife, Bertha. They have a son, Joel, born in November 1896. A little daughter, Bernice, died when young, and daughter Ethel, nine years old. Otis is mail clerk on the railroad, also editor and proprietor of a monthly journal of the railway mail service and mail supplies.
He died in June 1941 in Washington, D.C.

3. Bertha TOWNSLEY, daughter of George Washington Townsley and Harriet Van Wagner, was born in Sedalia, Missouri, on 23 September 1875 and married Otis Joel Rogers on 14 August 1894. Their children:

  • Bernice (1895-1902).
  • Joel Townsley (1896-1984).
  • Ethel [adopted] (1900-1980?)
She died on 17 April 1961 and is buried in Washington, D.C.

— Third Generation —

4. Judge Noble Harvey ROGERS, son of Joel Rogers and Priscilla Beals, was born in Greene Township, Fayette County, Ohio, on 25 May 1836. In the Civil War, he was a second lieutenant in the Second Missouri Cavalry. He married Susan D. Reed in Huntsville, Missouri, in 1864. He died on 20 December 1918 and was buried in Arlington National Cemetery (section E-W, site 3764).
      According to
A Genealogy of the Descendants of the Caldwell Family (written by Caroline Coffey in April 1910), Noble Harvey Rogers

moved with his father to Noble Co., Ind., in 1853, and remained one year, when he returned to Ohio and hired out to finish paying for a piece of land his father had bought. In 1857 he went to MO and engaged in teaching school, which he followed until the breaking out of the Civil war in 1861 when he enlisted as a private in the second Missouri cavalry (Merril’s horse), for three years. At the end of his term he re-enlisted, serving in all more than four years. He rose from private to lieutenant and was in a number of engagements. In an engagement in northeast Missouri he was severely wounded, the ball lodging in his back and remaining there. At the close of the war he returned to Mercer Co and engaged in merchandising with his brother. In a short time he sold out and studied law, was admitted to practice in the courts of the county. He held the position of County School Superintendent for one term. About 1868 he purchased and published the Advance, a weekly newspaper at Princeton. He afterwards engaged in merchandising and in the lumber and furniture business in Trenton and in the newspaper and furniture business in Kansas and Aurora, Mo. For many years he has lived in Sedalia, Mo., and has practiced his profession as attorney and served as Justice of the Peace in Sedalia, a city of 20,000 people. He was married to Susan D. Reed in Randolph Co., Mo in 1865, who died in 1902. Three children were given them. John Lincoln, born July 5th, 1866, now in Kansas City; Otis Joel, born August 17th, 1868. [...] Rosalia was born April 6th, 1870. She is married and lives in Terre Haute, Ind.

5. Susan D. REED, daughter of Henry J. Reed and Melinda Owings, was born in 1844 in North Carolina (in Edgecombe County, according to the German site mentioned above) and died in 1897. She married Noble Harvey Rogers in 1864 in Huntsville, Missouri. Their children:

  1. John Lincoln (born 5 July 1866)
  2. Otis Joel (b. 17 Aug 1868).
  3. Rosella (b. 6 Apr 1870).

6. George Washington TOWNSLEY, son of Channel Pickering Townsley and Mary Griffin, was born on 22 February 1848 (in Booneville, Missouri, according to Debbie Franklin Krauss). He married Harriet Van Wagner in Sedalia, Missouri. (According to Debbie Franklin Krauss, the wedding took place on 21 August 1873, and he died in 1909 in Pierce City, Missouri.)

7. Harriet Newell VAN WAGNER, daughter of James Mott Van Wagner and Harriet Newell Johnson, was born in Wakeman, Ohio, on 28 June 1856. She married George Washington Townsley in Sedalia, Missouri, on 21 August 1873. She died in Washington, D.C., on 8 September 1947.Their children:

  1. Bertha (born in 1875).
  2. Maybelle (born in 1876) .
  3. Elsie (born in 1878) .
  4. Mary Griffin (Mayte) (born in 1880) .
  5. Lillian Lorraine(born in 1896) .
[Mayte married Frank Dunn, and they had these children:
  1. Edward Lloyd Dunn
  2. George Townsley Dunn
  3. Dorothy Dunn
  4. Frank Dunn
Young Frank died in the Second World War. Dorothy married Joe Bolling, and . . . died young, the mother of my dear second cousins Nancy and Mary, who were just a year apart in age from Joey and me. We used to see them (and Ed and Billy's daughter Laurel, who was called Larry) out at Frank and Mayte's farm in Indian Head, Maryland. It was a great, beautiful part of my childhood, and it comes back to me every time I smell certain smells or see certain vistas.]

— Fourth Generation —

8. Joel ROGERS, son of Joel Rogers and Milcah Young, was born in Ohio in 1799 and died in 1885. Win's notes say "(picture watch) member of State Militia." He married Priscilla Beals in 1831.
      According to
A Genealogy of the Descendants of the Caldwell Family (written by Caroline Coffey in April 1910), "The father, Joel Rogers, and three sons, were in the Union army during the Civil war, the father and all the sons were members of the Baptist church." .

9. Priscilla BEALS, daughter of William Beals and Nancy Caldwell, was born on 4 November 1807 and died in 1841. She married Joel Rogers in 1831. (According to a note by Winifred Whitehouse Rogers, Priscilla's brother, Noble Beals, fought in the War of 1812 -- but an internet query from Pam Wagner says that he was born in 1812, and that sounds much more likely. Perhaps Priscilla's father fought in the war -- but the Bealses, after all (most notably her great-grandfather) were famous Quakers, and more likely to have thought it noble to bring children into the world than to join battle.) They had seven or eight children:

  • Nancy E. Rogers (b. 9 May 1832; d. 31 May 1833)
  • Lavinia A. Rogers (m. Mark Jackson 1855 [he died of measles 1862]; m. Henry Irvin 8 Jun 1865; d. 28 Sep 1896)
  • William Beals Rogers (b. 1834).
    Winifred Rogers's note: "c. Carrie + N. Guy + Win" -- evidently meaning that these cousins of Otis Joel Rogers's were William's children. JTR talked about how thoughtless it had been for Noble Guy Rogers's parents to have given him that name. Who would want to be known as Noble Guy -- or even N.G., which rowdy boys would say stood for "No Good"? But in point of fact, he had been named Noble Giotto -- which his parents pronounced "Guy-ot-toe" (born on 1 December 1876). Carrie was born 22 March 1868. William B., the second child (birthdate unknown), died at sixteen.
  • Noble Harvey (b. 25 May 1836).
  • Jonathan Porter Rogers (b. 7 Sep 1837, Fayette County, Ohio)
  • Nathan Thomas Rogers (b. 2 Feb 1839, Fayette County; d. 22 March 1868)
  • Joel dec.
  • Margaret Priscilla Rogers (b. 4 Jan 1841)
Priscilla died at thirtythree, ten days after giving birth to Margaret.
      On the internet posting mentioned above, Pam Wagner says, "I found Joel in the 1850 Green Twp., Fayette Co., Ohio, census with Lavinia, 16; Wm B., 15; Noble H, 13; and Nathan L., 11. It would appear that two other Rodgers children were living with their maternal grandparents (Wm. and Nancy Beals) in 1850: Jonathan T., 13 and Margaret E., 9."

10. Henry J. REED was born in 1817. He married Melinda Owings in North Carolina. (Debbie Franklin Krauss, who has done extensive genealogical investigations, says the marriage took place on 2 February 1837 in Randolph, Missouri, and says Reed died in Missouri around 1880.)
      From a letter from Joel Townsley Rogers (6 December 1970):

      My greatgrandfather Reed, born in 1817 in North Carolina, was taken to Missouri when he was 4. A staunch Baptist all his life. A southern sympathizer during the Civil War. My grandfather would be waylaid by bushwhackers when he went courting. But the old boy, Henry Reed, had 15 children by two wives, and was willing, or perhaps even more than willing, to let one of his daughters marry even a Union officer, particularly since he also was a staunch Baptist. He died before I was born, living with my grandparents.
      North Carolina had numerous Scottish families. I think the Reeds were that. Also on the Rogers side there were some North Carolina Scots, or at least one. . .

11. Melinda OWINGS married Henry J. Reed in North Carolina. (According to Debbie Krauss, she was born in 1814 in Laurens, South Carolina, and married Henry J. Reed on 2 February 1837 in Randolph, Missouri.)

12. William Channel Pickering TOWNSLEY, son of Abisha Townsley and Eleanor Pickering, was born on 25 April 1802 in Brimfield, Massachusetts, and appears to have died in California in 1855 -- possibly murdered for the gold he had traveled there to seek. He married Mary Griffin on 31 October 1830 in the First M.E. Church in Baltimore, Maryland.

13. Mary GRIFFIN, daughter of Philip M. Griffin and Rachel Johnson, was born in 1808 in Baltimore, and died in 1885 in Bryan, Texas. She married Channel Pickering Townsley on 31 October 1830 in the First M.E. Churchin Baltimore. Their children:

  1. Channel Pickering (born 1831).
  2. Eleanor (born 1833).
  3. Leopold (born 1837).
  4. Alice (born 1845).
  5. Henry P. (born 1847).
  6. George Washington (born 22 February 1848).
  7. Camilla P. (born 1852).
The above was from the family tree written by Winifred Rogers, probably from the memories of Bertha Townsley Rogers. Debbie Krauss (Bertha's great-granddaughter), however, gives what is probably a more accurate list of the Townsley offspring:
  1. Rachel E. Townsley (b. 1833, Pennsylvania)
  2. Channell Pickering Townsley (b. 1835, Pennsylvania)
  3. Milton Leopold Townsley (b. 1838, Pennsylvania)
  4. Alice M. Townsley (b. 1843, Pennsylvania)
  5. Henry A. P. Townsley (b. 1846, Pennsylvania)
  6. George Washington Townsley (b. 22 February 1848; d.1909)
  7. Camilla Townsley (b. 14 March 1856)

14. The Rev. James Mott VAN WAGNER, son of Jacob Van Wagner and Margaret Bond, was born on 8 July 1817 in Pleasant Valley, Dutchess County, New York. He married Harriet Newell Johnson on 10 May 1845 in Peru, Ohio. He died in Sedalia, Missouri, on 28 February 1906.

15. Harriet Newell JOHNSON, daughter of Allan Johnson and Elizabeth Post, was born on 6 September 1825 in Windham, New York, and died on 28 September 1913 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She married James Mott Van Wagner on 10 May 1845 in Peru, Ohio. Their children:

  1. Allen Johnson Van Wagner (b. 11 Sep 1846, Peru, Ohio; m. Fannie Ellen Doty, June 1870, Kewanee, Illinois; d. 1936, Carthage, Missouri)
  2. Mary Louise Van Wagner (b. 2 July 1849, Litchfield, Michigan; d. 1940, Osborne, Kansas)
  3. William Henry Van Wagner (b. 4 July 1851, Litchfield, Michigan; d. 30 April 1938, Sedalia, Missouri)
  4. Carlon Canfield Van Wagner (b. 15 Apr 1853, Wakeman, Ohio; d. 29 Dec 1938, Rockwell City, Iowa)
  5. Harriet Newell Van Wagner (b. 28 June 1856, Wakeman, Ohio; d. 8 Sep 1947, Washington, D.C.)
  6. Caroline Olivia Van Wagner (b. 23 Oct 1857, Wakeman, Ohio; d. 22 June 1951, Riverton, Wyoming)
  7. Grace Van Wagner (b. 16 Oct 1859, Somerset [?]; d. 29 Dec 1859, Somerset)
  8. Elizabeth Post Van Wagner (b. 5 June 1863, Somerset [?]; d. 24 June 1960, Chattanooga, Tennessee)
  9. Fannie Doty Van Wagner (b. 4 January 1866, Kewanee, Illinois; d. 12 May 1955, Washington, D.C.)
  10. Elsie Adda Van Wagner (b. 18 April 1869, Atchison, Kansas; d. 17 May 1872, Muscotah, Kansas)
      Interesting, this list. A long-lived family (the women mostly -- except for the two who died young -- having lived into their nineties). But one thing leaps out at me: the two Fannie Dotys. Why was the ninth Van Wagner child named "Fannie Doty" if she was born four years before Allen Johnson Van Wagner married his Fannie Doty? And how did it happen that Fannie Doty Van Wagner born in the same town, Kewanee, Illinois, where Allen was later to marry Fannie Ellen Doty?
      Perhaps I can find the answer in the Life of the Rev. James Mott Van Wagner, which my brother has a copy of. Or perhaps some of these names or dates are incorrect. But if not, the dates and places would lead one to suspect that "Fannie Doty Van Wagner" was actually a daughter Allen Johnson fathered on Fannie Ellen Doty five years before he married her. Or is there some confusion of names or dates here?       Fannie Van Wagner was an old woman when I was a child. I don't really know whether I met her or not, but in name at least she was familiar to me as "Aunt Fannie." I had no idea, at the time, whose aunt she was or how she fit into the family history. But I see now that she was my grandmother Bertha's aunt, and only nine years older than her. From the internet (the German site that has evidently appropriated information from Debbie Krauss's researches), I see that she married Admiral Jerome Warren ("Admiral" seems to have been his first name, not a rank) in Sedalia in 1889. Their children were:
  1. George Townsley Warren
  2. Larue Fay Warren (b. 8 August 1894, Sedalia; m. Emil George Kaiser 17 May 1918 in Baltimore; d. 1 May 1971, Washington, D.C., and buried there in Cedar Hill Cemetery)
  3. Harriet Carol Warren (b. 30 August 1896, Sedalia; m. Gustavus Wood Sears 14 April 1919, Washington, D.C.; d. 27 August 1965, Bradford, Tennessee, and buried in the Bradford Cemetery)
      George Warren used to live up on the next block from my grandmother in northwest Washington -- on Thirtyfirst place, just a few houses away if I went through Grams's back yard and up the Carraways' driveway. (George's son Evart was an optometrist who fitted me with my first pair of glasses. But they were reading glasses, which I didn't need; what I needed was distance glasses. I still couldn't see what the teacher wrote on the blackboard.)
      Larue and Emil were warm, friendly folks who stand out most in my memory because of something they owned: a boat on the Potomac River. We all went out on it one summer day in 1947, I think. It seemed such a different world from anything I had known before, such a luxurious world, that I never forgot it.
      Of course, I never realized that Larue was George Warren's sister. Nor did I know that Hattie Sears was. The Searses lived out in the country near Washington -- one of those big old country houses with a wide porch and open windows and a plethora of flies, it seems to me. I remember sitting on the porch eating slices of watermelon -- just holding the slices and diving right in, not using a spoon as I (I think) was used to. And there was a quarry nearby where everyone went swimming, and my parents wanted me to strip down to my underpants and go into the water, but that seemed like a really nightmarish indignity and embarrassment. Was I persuaded to do it anyway? I don't know. . . .
      I think I must have been a very formal, frightened, sometimes wretched child. . . .
      Below are a couple of photos sent to me by a third cousin I never knew I had — Anne Childs, who also is a great-great-grandchild of James Mott Van Wagner.

James Mott Van Wagner's church

      To the left (writes cousin Anne) is "the church that James Mott pastored. It is still standing, but is no longer a Congregational Church. I think it's a nondenominational church of some kind now. On the back of the photo it says (in my father's hand): First Congregational Church, Sedalia, Missouri. First pastor, Rev. James Mott Van Wagner. Second pastor, Rev. Allen J. Van Wagner."
      Anne has also provided identifications for the family photo below:

First row - left to right - Allen J. VW, his wife Fannie Doty VW, James Mott VW, Harriet Newell Johnson VW, Carlon Canfield VW, his wife.
Second row - left to right - Can't make out name (looks like Tillie, but there was no daughter named that - she looks like you - might be Harriet), William Henry (my greatgrandfather), his wife Nettie Freeland VW, Fannie VW.
I'm pretty sure there was at least one more daughter besides Harriet and Fannie. I think her name was Olivia and there may have been one more. I'll have to look it up.
At first I thought Anne was right, and maybe "Tillie" was my great-grandmother Hattie. But this photo is probably from somewhere around 1885-1890, when she would have been in her midthirties and a dozen years married with four or five of her daughters already born. And now I have found (online) a list of five Van Wagner daughters who survived to adulthood (see above). So most likely Harriet is missing from this photo.
James Mott Van Wagner and family

— Fifth Generation —

16. Joel ROGERS, son of Thomas Rogers and Anna Rodman, was born on 25 Aug 1766 in Burlington County, New Jersey, and died in 1842 in Pennsylvania. Married three times? He married Milcah Young on 20 Nov 1790 in Ohio. (Winifred Rogers's note says "Columbiana Co., Ohio" -- evidently referring to this marriage.) Their children:

  • Joel (born 1799).
  • William (note says "stock buckle"; I don't know who has this buckle now).
      A formerly unknown cousin of mine named Jacqueline Rogers sent me an email with much more detailed information about Joel Rogers and his parents and siblings:
     I am also doing genealogy on the Rogers from Burlington, New Jersey. I am through Thomas Rogers and Anne Rodman Rogers also. I am through Thomas II (1770-1856), son Kendall Rogers. Thought you to might like to add a few things to your genealogy starting with Joel Rogers (25 Aug 1766).
      He was eighteen years old when the family moved from Burlington Co., New Jersey to Fayette Co., Pennsylvania. He married three times. The only wives known is his first and third. Mileah Young and Jemima Murphy.
      By 1809, he was in Ohio, as a deed given by his brother Abraham, to lot 4, Achor, indicates. At the first of this year, his father deeded land to him as follows: Book 2, page 165, Joel Rogers, Thomas Rogers et ux (Thomas rogers, Fayette Co., Pennsylvania, and Anne, his wife, to Joel Rogers of Columbiana Co., son and heir apparent of Thomas, Section 13, twp.7, range 1. Love and affection plus $1.00. Dated 10-24-1809. It was for 158 acres and 25/100 more/less. Witness: Abraham Z. Rogers and Abigail Rogers.
      Section 13 was sold by the U.S. Government on 11 Nov 1801 to Thomas Rogers of Fayette Co., Pennsylvania. Thomas Rogers died in Fayetta Co., Pennsylvania 17 January 1817. He never moved to Columbiana Co., Ohio. However, several of his sons and daughters did.
      By 1810, 608 acres of the 640 acres were in possession of 1) Owen Bowen (147 acres) do not know of any relationship to Thomas Rogers of Fayette Co., Pennsylvania. 2) John Briggs (son-in-law) (78 acres) who was married to Rebecca Rogers (1774-1825). 3) Joel Rogers (157 acres) who was Thomas Rogers's eldest son; and 4) Robert Rodman Rogers (169 acres)
      However, the 1807 tax list shows Section 13 in possession of John Briggs, Joel Rogers, Abraham Rogers (second son of Thomas Rogers Sr.), Robert Rogers, and Job Rossell ( a son-in-law) Job's wife was Elizabeth Rogers.
      The first organized (August 1804) church in Columbiana County, Ohio, was the Achor Valley Baptist Church with fourteen members. Nine of the members were:
            1. Owen Bowen
            2. Joel Rogers (eldest son of Thomas Rogers of Fayette Co., Pennsylvania)
            3. Abraham Zephaniah Rogers (Joel's brother, who gave the land that the church stood on.)
            4. Christopher Warman
            5. Henry Kirkendall
            6. Elizabeth Bowmen
            7. Elizabeth Rossell (wife of Job Rossell and daughter of Thomas Rogers of Fayette Co., Pennsylvania)
            8. Melea Rogers (wife of Joel Rogers)
            9. John Cross
      Family history says that Joel was a Baptist preacher and attended church at a place called Rattlesnake Falls.
      Some more of Jacqueline's information can be found under Thomas Rogers.

17. Milcah YOUNG, the daughter of Jacob Young and Catherine Brauner, was born in Pennsylvania in 1770. [Notice, however, that the information above seems to indicate that her name was really Mileah or Melea.] She married Joel Rogers on 20 Nov 1790 in Ohio, and she died in 1842. Their children were:

18. William BEALS, the son of William Beals and Priscilla Horton, was born on 28 Dec 1784 in Surry County, North Carolina.
      According to
A Genealogy of the Descendants of the Caldwell Family (written by Caroline Coffey in April 1910),

      About 1799, his father started with his family for Ohio, but when they reached East Tennessee he took sick and died there, leaving a widow with a large family of children to care for. The journey was not pursued farther at that time, but in the year 1804, they completed the journey, coming through Cumberland Gap, Ky. William and his brother walking all the long journey. When they reached Ohio the family settled on Hardin’s Creek, on the farm that Samual Banks afterwards lived on. William and one of his cousins, at two different times walked back to Tennessee on business, which made five trips over those mountains on foot. He was a low heavy set man, but very fleet on foot, and knew the short cuts through the mountains and could make better time than a man on horse-back, which was demonstrated on one of the trips when one day he fell in company with a horse back rider traveling in the same direction as Mr. Beals. After a short conversation he told the stranger good-bye and took a path that he knew would land him where he wished to lodge for the night. The stranger was much surprised to find his friend of the day at the Inn, and on leaving in the morning for the day’s journey, expected to far outstrip the pedestrian, but they both lodged under the same roof on the second night. On the morning of the third day, in conversation with the stranger, Mr. Beals said, “You won’t see me tonight.” And he did not for the stranger was left in the distance. He often raced with the Indians and could outrun them for a time, but could not hold out. He had the fleetness of foot of the Indian, but not the endurance.
Towards the beginning of the same 1910 genealogy, it says that in 1909 William married Nancy Caldwell in Ross County, Ohio,
and went to housekeeping in Paint township, Highland Co., O. Three children were born to this union. Priscilla in 1811, Noble in 1812, Christina in 1815. They lived there until 1820, they moved to Buckskin township, Ross Co. In 1831 they moved to Perry township, Fayette Co., O., where they bought a farm of 66 2/3 acres of Wm. Collins for the sum of $192.50. Nancy Caldwell Beals died in 1851. William lived on this farm until his death, March 8th, 1860. He left the farm to his son Noble.

19. Nancy CALDWELL was born in Ireland (according to an internet posting by Pam Wagner.)) about 1781. She married William Beals in 1809, and they had these children:

  • Priscilla Beals (born 4 November 1807[? Genealogy of the Caldwell Family says 1811]; d. 1840)
  • Noble Beals (b. 6 Dec 1812, on farm near Greenfield, Ohio))
  • Christine (or Christina) Beals (b. 1 Sep 1815)

24. Abisha TOWNSLEY, son of Reuben Townsley and Abigail Morgan, was born in Brimfield, Massachusetts, on 17 October 1781. He married Eleanor Pickering on 26 November 1801in Brimfield. He died in 1856

25. Eleanor (or Elinor) PICKERING, daughter of George Pickering and Rebecca Channell married Abisha Townsley on 26 November 1801 in Brimfield, Massachusetts.. She died in 1856. According to Debbie Krauss, they had these children:

  1. William Channel Pickering Townsley (b. 25 Apr 1802; d. 1855)
  2. Rebecca Key Townsley (b. 28 March 1805; d. 1819)
  3. Eveline Townsley (b. 15 Aug 1808)
  4. Asenath Maria Townsley (b. 11 July 1810; d. 1829 in a factory accident)
  5. Abner Townsley wurde (b. 6 March 1813)
  6. Lucius Townsley (b. 28 Dec 1815)
  7. Alfred Lyon Townsley (b. 1 May 1818)
  8. Reuben Townsley (b. 7 Oct 1820, Brimfield, Mass.)

26. Philip M. GRIFFIN was born in Baltimore County, Maryland. He married Rachel Johnson on 25 March 1805.

27. Rachel JOHNSON was born in Baltimore, Maryland. She married Philip Griffin on 25 March 1805. Their daughter, Mary Griffin, was born in 1808.

28. Jacob VAN WAGNER, son of Nicholas Van Wagner and Elsjen Ostrander, married Margaret Bond.
      According to Agnes Van Wagner Cloninger, Jacob's last name was still Van Wagenen (as was his father's). He was born in 1774 in Dutchess County, New York; was married on 22 Oct 1807 in the Reformed Dutch Church in Poughkeepsie, New York; and died in 1832.

29. Margaret BOND was born in 1792 and died in 1879. She married Jacob Van Wagner on 22 Oct 1807 in the Reformed Dutch Church in Poughkeepsie, New York. Their children:

  1. Nicholas S. Van Wagner
  2. William H. Van Wagner
  3. James Mott Van Wagner
  4. Ann Belinda Van Wagner
  5. Lydia C. Van Wagner
  6. Hester A. Van Wagner
  7. Laura Ann (Susan) Van Wagner
  8. Elsie Van Wagner
  9. Eliza Van Wagner
  10. Mary L. Van Wagner

30. Alan JOHNSON was born in 1791 in Lenox, Massachusetts. He married Elizabeth Post.

31. Elizabeth POST, who was born in 1793 in Durham, New York, married Alan Johnson. [This Post family was later to become rich and famous via Charles W. Post's invention of Grape Nuts, Post Toasties, and other breakfast foods. I can not find a precise connection, but Joel Townsley Rogers remembered his mother saying "Cousin Charlie seems to be doing well in the cereal business."]

— Sixth Generation —

32. Thomas ROGERS, son of William Rogers and Elizabeth Branson, was born on 6 Apr 1740 in Mount Holly, NJ. He married Anna Rodman on 10 May 1766 in Burlington, NJ. According to a distant relative, Glenda Janssen, "Thomas Rogers died 7 January 1817 in Merritstown, Pennsylvania." An internet site (which gives his birthdate as 26 Aug 1740 in New Hanover, New Jersey, and which I can not vouch for) says that he died on 17 January 1817 in Brownsville, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, and that he was buried in Redstone Quaker Cemetery, Pennsylvania.

33. Anna RODMAN, daughter of Joseph Rodman and Tabitha Mumford, was born on 31 January 1749 and died in Grindstone, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, on 29 July 1826. She married Thomas Rogers on 10 May1766 in Burlington, NJ. They had seven sons and seven daughters (whose birth and death dates I've obtained from an internet site):

  1. Joel Rogers (b. 25 August 1766; d. 1842)
  2. m. Abraham Zephaniah Rogers (b. 26 June 1768; d. 6 July 1848)
  3. m. Thomas Rogers (b. 26 May 1770; m. Hope Rossell; d. Dec 1856)
  4. f. Elizabeth Rogers (b. 1 August 1772; m. Job Rossell II; d. 8 May 1857)
  5. f. Rebecca Rogers (b. 17 April 1774; m. John Briggs; d. 20 Oct 1825)
  6. m. Robert Rodman Rogers (b. 2 Feb 1776)
  7. f. Lavinia Rogers (b. 6 March 1778; m. Williamson; d. 10 Jan 1821)
  8. m. Levi Rogers (b. 5 March 1780; d. 27 Jan 1846)
  9. m. Stacy Rogers (b. 13 March 1783)
  10. f. Mary (Merel) Rogers (b. 10 March 1785; d. 27 Sep 1828)
  11. f. Abigail Rogers (b. 7 May 1787)
  12. m. Daniel C. Rogers (b. 9 April 1789; d. [according to Glenda Janssen] in Linn County, Iowa, on 22 May 1854)
  13. f. Beulah Rogers (b. 7 July 1791; d. 15 Aug 1822)
  14. f. Nancy Rogers (b. 5 Nov 1793; d. 21 Oct 1857)
      As I noted at the entry for Thomas's son Joel, formerly unknown cousin named Jacqueline Rogers sent me an email with some detailed information about Thomas and Ann Rodman Rogers and their children. Here is part of her letter:
      Thomas Rogers with his wife Ann Rodman Rogers and family of nine children moved to Fayette Co., Pennsylvania around 1784. New Jersey had been overrun by the armies in the war, leaving land in poor shape. The first deed issued to property in Pennsylvania was from Henry Beeson to Thomas Rogers, Edward Cook, Robert Adams, Theophilis Phillips, and James Daugherty. This property was described as lot No. 36, as Publick Ground, lying along Redstone Creek, further defined in relation to Elbro and Peters Streets in the town of Union. Altogether, the name of Thomas Rogers appeared on twenty-one deeds. His son Abraham Zephaniah's name was on two, and their friend Job Rossell's on six. (Two of Thomas and Ann's children married two of Job's five children: Thomas II Rogers married Hope Rossell, and Job Rossell II married Elizabeth Rogers.)
      Thomas farmed, and he and his sons built flatboats for river traffic. They made their home in German township, Fayette Co., Pennsylvania, from 1784 until 1817. Some of the sons remained as landowners in this part of Pennsylvania.
      In the early 1800s, during the presidency of Thomas Jefferson, when Ohio was opened for settlement, Thomas Rogers I and his family obtained patents to sections of land which were later deeded to members of his family--Joel, Abraham Zephaniah, Thomas II, Elizabeth Rossell (wife of Job II Rossell and daughter of Thomas I), Levi, Rebecca Briggs (wife of John Briggs and daughter of Thomas I). Abraham Zephaniah gave the land for a Baptist church in the Achor community in Columbiana Co., Ohio.
      Thomas I was a Quaker, and wore the Quaker garb all his life. According to a librarian from Swarthmore College, the name of Thomas would have been removed from the monthly meeting list if he had married a Baptist. He could, however, attend meetings and call himself a Quaker. Family history says that Joel was a Baptist preacher and attended church at a place called Rattlesnake Falls.
      An incident from a letter of Bruce Rogers, written to Anna Nelson (Ann Duera Zugelder) on March 13, 1930, is as follows:
      "Here is an amusing incident I have from my father James Rogers (son of Thomas II). When he was a small boy, his grandfather and seven sons met in reunion at his father's home (Thomas I had a home outside of Negley, Ohio) in Columbiana, and there were some barrels of cider (36 gallons) lying in the yard, and as a banter, his uncle Joel pulled out the side bung and lifting the barrel up drank from the side bung hole. His challenge was accepted and all seven performed the same feat and their father, then an old man, appeared to have been as powerful as any of the sons. That reunion is where my father saw his grandfather wearing the Quaker garb."
Since Thomas I had only seven sons that means that Joel, Abraham Z., Thomas II, Robert, Levi, Stacy, Daniel were all at the family reunion. The reunion had to have been between James Rogers birth of December 30, 1812 and January 17, 1817 when Thomas (I) died.
      All indications are that! the family of Thomas and Anne Rodman Rogers was a close one. Thomas provided a home for the large family and helped both sons and daughters to establish homes. Family tradition says that he gave each son a farm and twenty thousand in cash. I have found nothing to substantiate this. Probably the size of cash gifts grew with the telling from one generation to the other. There is evidence, however, that he owned numerous pieces of property during his lifetime. This would indicate that his business ventures had been profitable.
      Anne Rodman Rogers must have been a remarkable women. During twentyeight child-bearing years, she gave birth to fourteen children, seven sons and seven daughters, and all of whom were raised to adulthood. The family values showed they encouraged their childred to be honest, reliable, and considerate.
      Anne's will, made on 26 February 1818 after her husband's death, indicates each child was impartially considered. She named each of the fourteen children to share equally in the bulk of her estate. She named Daniel of German township, Fayette County and Stacy of Green County as co-administrators. Then she distributed specific bequests as follows:
      "Item - I give and bequeath unto my daughter Lavinia Williamson one hundred dollars. Item - I give and bequeath unto my daughter Mary Merel two hundred dollars and one bed and bed(d)ing. Item - I give and bequeath unto my daughter Abigail two hundred dollars and one of my beds and bed(d)ing and my watch. Item - I give and bequeath unto my daughter Nancy two hundred dollars one of my beds and bed(d)ing my large looking glass. Item - I give and bequeath unto my granddaughter Tabitha Rossel the sum of fifty dollars."
      The bedding was a valuable item. It consisted of hand-woven coverlets of wool or cotton, hand-loomed blankets and those much-cherished peiced and intricately quilted quilts that have been handed down as heirlooms. In many of the early wills, the sons got the farms and the daughters only the beds or feather mattresses.
      Several other paragraphs of Jacqueline's information can be seen at Joel Rogers (1766-1842).

34. Jacob YOUNG, the son of Hercules Young and Sarah Phillips, was born in 1745 in Columbia County, Pennsylvania. He married Catherine Brauner on 24 July 1764 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

35. Catherine BRAUNER married Jacob Young on 24 July 1764 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Their daughter Milcah Young was born in 1770.

36. William BEALS, the son of Thomas Beals and Sarah Antrim (Ankrum), was born 0n 13 June 1750 in Maryland. He married Pricilla Horton on 14 May 1777 at Louis Creek, Surry County, North Carolina.
      According to
A Genealogy of the Descendants of the Caldwell Family (written by Caroline Coffey in April 1910), around 1799 William Beals "started with his family for Ohio, but when they reached East Tennessee he took sick and died there, leaving a widow with a large family of children to care for."

37. Pricilla HORTON was born in 1757 in Stoke, Surry County, North Carolina, and died sometime after 1809. She married William Beals on 14 May 1777 in Surry County. Their children:

  1. Thomas Beals (born 27 January 1778)
  2. Abraham Bales (b. 5 July 1779 in Guilford Co., NC)
  3. John Beals (b. 1781)
  4. Patience Bales (b. 9 Feb 1783)
  5. William Bales (b. 30 Dec 1784)
  6. James Beals (b. 7 Apr 1781)
  7. Jacob Beals
  8. Hannah Beals
  9. Rachel Beals
  10. Priscilla Beals
  11. Lydia Beals.

48. Reuben TOWNSLEY, the son of Reuben Townsley and Sarah Blodget, was born in 1747 and died in 1828. He married Abigail Morgan on 14 November 1768 in Brimfield, Massachusetts.

49. Abigail MORGAN married Reuben Townsley on 14 November 1768 in Brimfield, Massachusetts. She died on 3 January 1838. Their children (all born in Brimfield):

  • Sarah Townsley (b. 29 Nov 1769; d. 13 Jun 1811)
  • Willis Townsley (b. 29 Jan 1772)
  • Asenath Townsley (b. 13 Feb 1776; d. 15 Jun 1808)
  • Danforth Townsley (b. 8 Dec 1776)
  • David Townsley (b. 28 Apr 1779)
  • Abishai Townsley (b. 17 Oct 1781; d. 1856)
  • Eunice Townsley (b. 3 Nov 1784)

50. George PICKERING married Rebecca Channell on May 11, 1770, at Christ Church, Philadelphia. He died in 1784.
      According to the researches of Debora Franklin Krauss (the source of all my information about Pickering and his wife), Pickering was a cabinet-maker. In 2002, a clock made by Jacob Godshalk, with a paper label inside the door that says "Made and Sold by George Pickering, Cabinet and Chair Maker in Water Street between Race and Vine Streets, Philadelphia," sold at Sotheby's in New York City for $532,000.

51. Rebecca CHANNELL, daughter of James Channell and Esther _____?, married George Pickering on 11 May 1770, and bore him these children:

  • Sarah Pickering
  • Esther Pickering
  • Rebecca Pickering
  • Elinor Pickering (m. 1801, Brimfield, Mass.; d. 1856)

56. Nicholas VAN WAGNER, son of Nicholas Van Wagenen and Hester De Graff, married Elsjen Ostrander on 22 October 1770 at Rhinebeck Rdc, Dutchess.
      According to Agnes Van Wagner Cloninger, his name was really Nicholas B. VAN WAGENEN. He was born on 15 May 1748 at Rhinebeck, Dutchess Co., New York, and married Elsey Ostrander on 25 Nov 1770 at the Ref. Dut. Ch., Rhinebeck Flats, Dutchess Co., New York. He served in the Revolutionary War. He died at Pleasant Valley, Dutchess County, on 7 January 1811, and was buried that month in the Pleasant Valley Presbyterian Church Cemetery.
      "The family name spelling was changed to VAN WAGNER after this generation for my direct line," Mrs. Cloninger says.

57. Elsjen OSTRANDER, daughter of Johannes Ostrander and Elizabeth Van Buntschoten,was born on 20 October 1743 in Kingston, Ulster, New York, and was christened on 23 October 1743 at the Reformed Dutch Church in Kingston. She married Nicholas Van Wagner.
     Agnes Cloninger gives her name as Elsey Ostrander. She says that the marriage took place on 25 Nov 1770 at the Ref. Dut. Ch., Rhinebeck Flats, Dutchess County, and that the couple had these children:

  1. Hannes Van Wagenen (b. 7 Aug 1771; d. young).
  2. Jacob Van Wagenen (1774 - 1832).
  3. Evert Van Wagenen (2 Feb 1776 - 20 Oct 1840).
  4. John N. Van Wagenen (17 Jan 1781 - Jul 1827).
  5. Solomon Van Wagenen (b. about 1789)
  6. Esther Van Wagenen .
According to Mrs. Cloninger, Elsey Ostrander Van Wagenen died in Dutchess County on 26 Apr 1832 and was buried in the Pleasant Valley Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Pleasant Valley, Dutchess County.

— Seventh Generation —

64. William ROGERS, son of William Rogers and Abigail ____?, was born in 1705 at New Hanover, Burlington, NJ. He married Elizabeth Branson in Burlington in 1736. He died in 1771.

65. Elizabeth BRANSON, daughter of Thomas L. Branson and Elizabeth Day,was born about 1722 and died before 1771. She married William Rogers in Burlington, NJ, in 1736. Their children, according to internet data evidently from my niece Debbie Franklin Krauss, were:

  1. m. Thomas Rogers (b. 6 April 1740; d. 17 Jan 1817)
  2. f. Abigail Rogers.
  3. m. William Rogers (b. 27 March 1732)
  4. f. Elizabeth Rogers.
  5. m. Job Rogers (b. 26 Aug 1740; d. 1799)
  6. f. Rhoda Rogers.
  7. m. Abner Rogers (d. 19 March 1804)
  8. f. Mary Rogers (b. 27 Sep 1828)
     A distant relative named Jessica Ekegren sent me this email query:
I was looking at your webpage and found that you have Thomas Rogers married to Anna Rodman. The little information I have on them matched yours. I am a descendant of Robert Rodman Rogers, their son. However I was wondering how accurate your information is. I have Robert Rodman Rogers' [grand]parents being Thomas Rogers and Ann Staples instead of William Rogers and Elizabeth Branson. I got my information from a book titled - The Rogers Family Pioneers. The author had made a note that he believed the information to be accurate.
     The information Jessica got from the book does not in fact seem to be accurate. The Thomas Rogers who married Ann Staples may have been a relative, but not an ancestor of either Jessica's or mine. (That Thomas Rogers was born around 1709 in Burlington, New Jersey, to John Rogers and Martha Middleton.)
     Another relative, Glenda Janssen sent me a similar query, based on the same book:
We have a old book written by Jacob E. Rogers on our Roger Family History. In that book is a picture of the grave marker of Daniel C. Roger with the date on it. We are from the branch of Robert Rodman Roger. Robert is the brother of Joel. They were sons of Anna Rodman & Thomas Rogers, Jr. The old family records & the book seem to think Thomas Rogers is the son of Thomas Rogers & Elizabeth Staples.
     I have found nothing anywhere about Elizabeth Staples. Again, I think that the Thomas Rogers who was born in 1709 is not one of my ancestors, though he might well be a cousin of William, who is. But further research would be welcome.

66. Joseph RODMAN, who was born on 1 October 1713 in South Kingstown, Washington, Rhode Island, married Tabitha Mumford.

67. Tabitha MUMFORD, daughter of Thomas Mumford and Esther TEFFT, was born between 1712 and 1714 in Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island. She married Joseph Rodman. Their children were:

  • Mary Rodman (b. 7 Feb 1736, South Kingstown)
  • Joseph Rodman (b. 23 Mar 1737)
  • John Rodman (b. 4 Mar 1737 in South Kingston)
  • Thomas Rodman (b. 1 Jul 1740, South Kingston)
  • William Rodman (b. 1742 in South Kingstown)
  • Anna Rodman (b. 31 Jan 1749; d. 29 Jul 1826)

68. Hercules YOUNG was born in 1727 in Scotland. He married Sarah Phllips on 17 February 1745 in Kennett Mm, Chester County, Pennsylvania. He died in Washington County, Pennsylvania.

69. Sarah PHILLIPS was born in 1731 in Chester County, Pennsylvania. She married Hercules Young on 17 February 1745 in Kennett Mm, Chester County, Pennsylvania. Their son Jacob Young was born in 1745.

72. Thomas BEALS, who became the first Friends minister in Ohio, was the fourth child of John Beals and Sarah Bowater.
He was born on 14 January 1719 in Nottingham, Chester, Pennsylvania. He married Sarah Antrim on 12 September 1741 at Monocacy, Frederick County, Maryland. They moved to North Carolina in 1748, stopping first at Cane Creek and then at New Garden. In 1753 he became a Friends minister. He made his first visit to Ohio in 1775, as a missionary to the Native Americans and the few white settlers there, and was arrested near Clinch Mountain by soldiers who suspected him of aiding the Indians who were British allies. While waiting for trial he preached a sermon that was so eloquent that the soldiers released him, and one young soldier was converted. Beals died on 29 August 1801 near Richmondale, Ross County, Ohio. According to Harlow Lindley in his invaluable website The Thomas Beals Story (from which much of this information has come), "He was buried two days later, near Richmondale, Ross County, Ohio, in a coffin of regular shape, hollowed out of a solid white walnut tree by his ever faithful friend, Jesse Baldwin. He was assisted by Enoch Cox and others, who covered the coffin with part of the same tree, which had previously been selected for this purpose by the deceased."

73. Sarah ANTRIM (ANKRUM), the daughter of John Antrim and Martha Wells, was born in 1724 in Prince Georges County, Maryland. She married Thomas Beals on 12 September 1741 at Monocacy, Maryland, and between the ages of eighteen and fortyfour she bore him at least twelve children:

  • Mary Beals [I] (b. 15 June 1742, Maryland; d. before 1743)
  • Mary Beals [II] (b. 30 August 1743, Maryland; m. Thomas Jessup 30 Mar 1768, New Garden, Guilford Co., NC; d. 18 Aug 1822, Jackson Co., Ind.)
  • Sarah Beals (b. 30 August 1743, Maryland; living in N.C. in 1795)
  • Thomas Beals (b. 29 Oct 1745, Maryland)
  • Patience Beals (b. 9 Dec 1747; m. Benjamin Carr 11 Feb 1784)
  • William Beales (b. 3 Jun 1750; m. Pricilla Horton 14 May 1777)
  • Daniel Beales (b. 15 Feb 1753 at New Garden, Guilford, NC; m. Susannah Jackson 5 Apr 1775 at Louis Creek, Surry Co., North Carolina; d. in Randolph Co., Indiana)
  • Elizabeth Beales (b. 25 Apr 1755, Guilford Co., NC; m. Samuel Bond 11 Jan 1775, New Garden; d. 3 Apr 1848, Wayne Co., Indiana)
  • Margaret Beales (b. 12 Oct 1757, Surry Co., NC; m. James Horton [?] 17 Jan 1778, New Garden; d. 18 Nov 1833, Carmel, Ind.)
  • Hannah Beals (b. 13 Dec 1759, NC; m. Isaac Williams 26 Dec 1792, Westfield, Surry Co., NC)
  • Rachel Beals (b. 9 Mar 1763, Guilford Co., NC; m. William Thornburgh 12 Feb 789, Westfield, NC)
  • John Bowater Beals (b. 9 Mar 1763, Guilford Co., NC; d. 5 Jul 1848, Hamilton Co., Ind.)
  • Jacob Beals (b. abt 28 Oct 1768, Tom's Creek, Surry Co., NC; m. 1792, Lost Creek, Jefferson Co., Tenn.[?]; d. abt 12 Feb 1853, Marshfield, Webster Co., Missouri)
Sarah died in Leesburg (Fairfield), Highland Country, Ohio, on 7 July 1813 and was buried at Fairfield Quaker Cemetery in Leesburg.

96. Reuben TOWNSLEY, the son of Micah Townsley and Hannah Stebbins, was born on 18 November 1718 and married Sarah Blodget(t) on 6 August 1741. He died in the Revolutionary Army on 25 July 1776.
     A website called Early Brimfield Military Participation, which got its material from A History of Hampden County Massachusetts edited by Alfred Minot Copeland, includes Reuben Townsley also in a list of Brimfield men who took part in the Crown Point Expedition of 1756, and gives this footnote:

* Reuben TOWNSLEY also served in the Expedition Against Canada, 1758. He was taken captive by the Indians, and was subjected to their favorite ordeal of running the gauntlet. Despite this trying reception, he became a favorite with his captors, was adopted into the tribe, and lived with the red men for ten years. He then returned to Brimfield, but finding civilized life distasteful, went back to the forest.

97. Sarah BLODGET(T), the daughter of Joseph Blodgett and Sarah Stone, was born on 12 November 1722 in Lexington, Massachusetts. She married Reuben Townsley on 6 August 1741 in Brimfield, Hampden, Massachusetts. She died in March 1820. Children:

  • Sarah Townsley (b. 16 Jun 1742, Brimfield; d. 24 Sep 1835)
  • Eunice Townsley (b. 6 Nov 1744, Brimfield)
  • Reuben Townsley (b. 6 Mar 1746/1747, Brimfield)
  • Hannah Townsley (b. 27 Sep 1749, Brimfield)
  • Daniel Townsley (b. 10 Feb 1751/1752, Brimfield)
  • Nicanor Townsley (b. 12 Nov 1754, Brimfield)

102. James CHANNELL married Esther _____? According to information found by Debora Franklin Krauss, he seems to have been a shipwright in Pennsylvania and Camden, New Jersey. He evidently died in 1795; his will was proved on 5 February 1795.

103. Esther _____?, the mother of Rebecca Channell, married James Channell.

112. Nicholas I. VAN WAGENEN, son of Evart Van Wagenen and Hillegond Van Heyningen, was born at Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, New York, on 5 April 1713 and was christened the same day at Kingston Rdc, Ulster, New York. He married Hester De Graff on 6 September 1735 at Fishkill Rdc, Dutchess. He died at Crum Elbow, Dutchess, on 6 November 1769, and his will was proved on 10 February 1772 at Dutchess. (Presumably this death date is wrong. Elsewhere his year of death is given as 1772.)

113. Hester DE GRAFF, daughter of Jan De Graff and Maria Peacock, was born in 1710. She was christened on 12 October 1710 at Kingston Rdc, Ulster, New York. She married Nicholas Van Wagenen on 6 September 1735 at Fishkill Rdc, Dutchess. She was buried on 15 February 1796. (Elsewhere the year of her death is given as 1774.)

114. Johannes OSTRANDER, son of Arent Pieterz Ostrander and Elsjen Schoonmaker, was born on 11 September 1715 at Kingston, Ulster, New York. He married Elizabeth Van Benschoten on 7 May 1738 at Kingston.

115. Elizabeth VAN BENSCHOTEN of Ulster, New York, was the daughter of Solomon Vanbunschoten and Elsjen Schoonmaker. She was born and christened on 24 August 1718. She married Johannes Ostrander on 7 May 1738 at Kingston, Ulster, New York.

— Eighth Generation —

128. William ROGERS, son of John Rogers and Mary Groom (or Grom), was born in Hanover Township, Burlington County, NJ, (at John Hart's, Byberry, Pennsylvania) around 1685 and died in 1736 (before 25 February) at Evesham, Burlington, NJ.
      Winifred Rogers's account has him married to Hannah ____? But according to the Mormons' genealogy site, Hannah was his second wife, whom he married after 1719. He married his first wife, Abigail ____? — who would have been the mother of his son William — in 1703.
      William seems to have had a brother, John, who lived from 1687 to 1767 and who fathered another William who lived from 1709 to 1736.

129. Abigail ____? married William Rogers in 1703.

130. Thomas L. BRANSON was the son of William Branson and Margaret ____?. According to the website Descendants of Nathaniel Branson, Third Generation, he was born on 18 Feb 1670/1671 in Sunninghill, Wellington, Berkshire, Eng. He is said to have come to America around 1705, but presumably it was earlier than that, since he married Elizabeth Day (who is said to have been born in Burlington) on 4 October 1702. He died in Springfield, Burlington, New Jersey, on 11 Nov 1744.
      The Family Origins website gives this information:

Thomas L. Branson seems to have settled first in Burlington County, New Jersey, as records show on March of 1702 (or 1703) Thomas Branson, a husbandman, petitioned to Thomas Ridgway, a yeoman (both of Springfield township, Burlington County) for 100 acres.
     Records show on November 16, 1714, Thomas Branson (along with, Michael Newbould and Thomas Douglasse) inventoried the estate of William Mills of Springfield, Burlington County. Also, on May 10, 1731, Thomas Lewis of Hanover, Burlington County, a Schoolmaster, died intestate with debts due from Thomas Branson (he was probably sending children to school). Finally, on January 15, 1731 (or 1732), John Scholey of Springfield, Burlington, mentions "meadow adjacent Thomas Branson." These entries simply show that Thomas continued to reside in Burlington as late as 1732.
     By 1734 Thomas apparently had moved on to Warren County, Virginia [...] On November 12, 1735, Thomas Branson enters 850 acres in Frederick County, Virginia, "Beginning at Joist Hite's corner, at the head of a small stream or branch of the Opeckon River."
     Sometime after this date, Thomas and Elizabeth returned to New Jersey, where they later died.
     From Thomas Branson's will, written in 1744 in Burlington County, New Jersey:
Item to the children of William Rogers and Elizabeth his wife which are now living being my grand children I do give and bequeath the sum of twenty shillings each excepting one of them viz Abigal Rogers, to whom I do give and bequeath the sum of five pounds.

131. Elizabeth DAY, daughter of John Day and Elizabeth Harvey, was born on 20 November 1685 in Burlington, New Jersey. She married Thomas L. Branson on 4 October 1702 and died in Burlington (according to Descendants of Nathaniel Branson) on 2 Apr 1754 in Springfield, Burlington.

134. Thomas MUMFORD II, the son of Thomas Mumford and Sarah Sherman, was born on 25 Nov 1656, at Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island. His first wife, whom he married around 1678 at Portsmouth, was Abigail Kenyon(?), with whom he evidently had at least one child (one source says six children) before being murdered by a slave they owned. This quote comes from the History of Washington and Kent Counties, Rhode Island by J. R. Cole (published by W. W. Preston & Co., New York, in 1889):

The murderer, a negro, drowned himself to prevent being taken alive. The assembly ordered his body to be disposed of in the following manner, as a terror to others perpetrating like barbarities: his head, legs and arms to be cut from his body and hung in some public place near Newport, and his body to be burned to ashes. In 1708 Mr. Mumford deeded 180 acres of land in Point Judith to his son George. He and his wife were buried in the Mumford burying ground.
On 25 November 1708 he married Esther Tefft. He died on 11 Apr 1726 at South Kingston, Washington Co, Rhode Island.

135. Esther TEFFT, the daughter of Samuel Tefft and Elizabeth Jenks, was born in 1681 at Kingstown, Rhode Island, and died sometime after 4 July 1739. She married Thomas Mumford II and bore him these children:

  1. John Mumford (b. abt 1709)
  2. Sarah Mumford (b. abt 1710)
  3. Tabitha Mumford (b. 1712/1714)
  4. Esther Mumford (b. abt 1714)

144. John BEALS, the son of John Beals and Mary Clayton, was born on 25 November 1685 in Nottingham, Chester, Pennsylvania. He married Sarah Bowater on 14 September 1711 in Nottingham. They moved to Mococacy Carols Manor, Maryland, and later moved to Hopewell, near Winchester, Virginia. (Another source says they moved to Opechkan, Frederick County, Virginia, by 1744, where John bought 165 acres on Mills Creek from John Mills Jr. -- land that is now in Berkeley County, Virginia.) He died in 1745 in Cold Springs, Frederick, Virginia.

145. Sarah BOWATER, the daughter of Thomas Bowater and Sarah Edge, and mother of Thomas Beals, was born in Pennsylvania on 17 January 1688. She married John Beals in 1711 and bore him these children:

  • Sarah Beals (b. 29 May 1713, Chester Co.; m. John Mills 14 Jul 1732, Chester Co.; d. 9 Sep 1800, Guilford Co., NC)
  • John Beals (b. 17 Apr. 1717, Nottingham, Chester Co.; m. Margaret Esther Hunt 13 Nov 1738, Hopewell MM, Frederick Co., Maryland; d. 17 Apr. 1796, Center MM, Guilford Co., NC)
  • Thomas Beals (b. 1718, Nottingham; m. 12 Sep 1741, Monocacy, Maryland; d. 29 Aug 1801, Richmond, Ohio)
  • Ann Beals (b. 1719)
  • Phoeby Beals (b. 1720, Chester Co., Pa.; m. Charles Canaday 1740, Loudon Co., Va.; d. 19 Aug 1805, Surry Co., NC)
  • Bowater Beals (b. 1722; m. Sarah Ann Cooke 12 Oct 1752, Warrington MM, Pa.; d. 9 Feb 1781, New Garden, Guilford Co., NC)
  • Lydia Beals (b. 1723)
  • Mary Ann Beals (b. 1721/1722, Chester Co.; m. 1750; d. 10 Jul 1790, New Garden, Guilford Co., NC)
  • Hannah Beals (b. 31 Jan 1729, Hopewell, Va; m. Azariah Pugh 6 Aug 1746, York, Pa.; d. 1808)
  • Prudence Beals (b. 1 Mar 1730, Monocacy, Maryland; m. Richard Williams 11 Oct 1746, Fairfax MM, Va.; d. 25 Jun 1815, New Garden, Guilford Co., NC)
After John Beals's death, Sarah married Alexander Underwood, on 28 March 1748. She died around 1756-1760 in Wellsville, Pennsylvania.

146. John ANTRIM, the purported father of Sarah Antrim, was born around 1700. He married Martha Wells.

147. Martha WELLS married John Antrim.

192. Micah TOWNSLEY, the original proprietor of Brimfield, Massachusetts, was the son of Michael Towsley and Mary Husse. He married Hannah Stebbins of Springfield, Massachusetts on 20 February 1712/13.
      One of the pages on the LDS genealogy site says he was born on 14 January 1685 in Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut, and died in 1752.

193. Hannah STEBBINS of Springfield, Massachusetts, was born on 9 November 1692 to Lt. Joseph Stebbins and Sarah Donalston (or Dorchester). She married Micah Townsley of Brimfield on 20 February 1712/13. She died on 23 February 1743.
      Hannah's birth date and parentage come from
Springfield Familes by Thomas B. Warren (published in Springfield, Massachusetts; date and publisher unknown), via the Roy Family Genealogy Site.

194. Joseph BLODGETT, son of Thomas Blodgett and Rebecca Tidd, was born on 17 September 1696 in Woburn, Massachusetts. He married Sarah Stone on 5 November 1719 in Concord, Massachusetts, and after her death he married Sarah Ingersoll on 29 June 1738 in Brimfield, Massachusetts. He died on 10 January 1783 in Lexington, Massachusetts.

195. Sarah STONE, daughter of Joseph Stone and Sarah Waite, was born on 7 November 1700 in Cambridge Farms, Massachusetts, and was christened the same day in Lexington. She married Joseph Blodgett on 5 November 1719 in Concord, Massachusetts, and their daughter Sarah Blodgett was born on 12 November 1722 in Lexington. Sarah Stone Blodgett died on 2 May 1735 in Brimfield, Massachusetts, and was buried in Lexington.

224. Evart VAN WAGENEN was born in Kingston, Ulster, New York, on 12 April 1681 and was christened there on 24 April 1681. He married Hillegond Van Heyningen, daughter of Claus Jansen Van Heyningen and Janneken Kierson, in Kingston on 1 June 1701. (An alternate ancestral record in the mormon genealogy site says "17 June 1709.") He died in Poughkeepsie, New York.

  • Winifred Rogers spelled the name "Evart Van Wagenaar" (and Joel Townsley Rogers's second cousin was named "Evart" Warren) and listed his parents as "Jacob Aertson Van Wagenar-as" (as well as I can make it out) and "Annetza Gerrats" — evidently skipping one generation.
  • Mormon ancestral records spell it "Evert Van Wagenen" and give his parents as "Jacob Aertson Van Wagenen" or "Jacob (Van Wagenen) Aertsen" and "Sarah Pels."
  • Two International Genealogical Index records give the name as "Evert Aertsen"; they list his parents as "Jacop Aertsen and Saara Pels" or "Jacob Aertsen Van Wagenen and Sarah Pells Van Wagenen."

    225. Hillegond VAN HEYNINGEN was born and christened on 14 November 1686 in New York, New York. (Another source says "about 1682" in Ulster, New York.) She married Evart Van Wagenen, the son of Jacob Aertson Van Wagenen and Sarah Pels, in Kingston on 1 June 1701 (or 17 June 1709).

    226. Jan DE GRAFF of Great Nine, Partners Crown, Patent, Dutchess, New York, was born about 1680. He married Maria Peacock around 1705 at Gnc Patent, Dutchess.

    227. Maria PEACOCK of Gnc Patent, Dutchess, New York, was born about 1684. She married Jan De Graff at Gnc Patent around 1705.

    228. Arent Pieterz OSTRANDER, the son of Pieter (Pietersse-Piete Rssen) Oostrander (Ostrander) and Rebecca Traphagen, was born on 5 October 1684 in Hurley, Ulster, New York, and christened the same day in Kingston, New York. He married Geertruy Maasen Van Bloemendaal in Kingston in 1710.

    229. Geertruy Maasen VAN BLOEMENDAAL was born and christened on 22 June 1689 in the Reformed Church, Rhineback, Dutchess, New York. She married Arent Pieterz Ostrander in Kingston, New York, in 1710. She died in Kingston and was buried at Bloomingdale.

    230. Solomon VANBUNSCHOTEN of Kingston, New York, was the son of Theunis Eliasen Vanbunschoten and Gerritje Gerritse. He was born around 1690. He married Elsjen Schoonmaker on 17 December 1715 in New York. He died in Kingston in 1754.

    231. Elsjen SCHOONMAKER, daughter of Egbert H. Schoomaker and Annatje Berry, was born on 1 April 1688 at Fort Orange, Ulster, New York, and was christened the same day. She married Solomon Vanbunschoten on 17 December 1715 in New York. She died in New York in 1758.

    — Ninth Generation —

    256. John I. ROGERS was born in Rotherham, Yorkshire, England, around 1660 and was in Burlington, New Jersey, by 6 October 1678, when he was a witness to a marriage. He himself married Mary Schooley on 31 August 1680 [another source says 30 Oct 1680] in Burlington. After she died in childbirth (on 20 August 1681), he married Mary Groom (or Grom), on 16 July 1685 at John Hart's, Byberry, Pennsylvania. He died in Nottingham (now Hamilton), Burlington (now Mercer) County, New Jersey, around 1700. (His will, probated 30 March 1700 in Nottingham, provided that Samuel and John Bunting should be the guardians of John, Joseph, and Mary, and that after a year of schooling John was to be apprenticed to a blacksmith and Joseph to a weaver or tailor. Presumably William, twelve or thirteen when the will was written in April 1698, was already supporting himself as an apprentice.)

    257. Mary GROOM(or Grom) was born at John Hart's, Byberry, Pennsylvania, around 1665, and died on 13 February 1693 in Nottingham Township, Burlington, New Jersey. She married John I. Rogers on 16 July 1685 at John Hart's. (The marriage was witnessed by Peter Groom, brother of Thomas Groom. Was Mary their sister? A later Mary Groom, who died in 1772, was the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Groom of Byberry.) Their children were:

    1. William Rogers (b. ca. 1685, Byberry)
    2. John Rogers Jr. (b. 5 Jan 1687; d. 1767, Burlington)
    3. Deborah Rogers (b. 4 Nov 1688, Burlington; d. ca. 1690)
    4. Mary Rogers (b. 10 Feb 1690, Burlington; d. 23 Jan 1768, Pennsylvania)
    5. Joseph Rogers (b. 3 Oct 1691, Burlington; d. 1771, New Hanover Twp, Burlington)

    260. William BRANSON was born in 1645 in Hinkley Mm, Leicestershire, England, and died in Burlington, New Jersey. He married Margaret ____? about 1670 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

    261. Margaret ____? was born in Burlington, New Jersey, about 1649. She married William Branson in Philadelphia about 1670.

    262. John DAY, son of William Day, was born in 1665 in St. Albans, Hertfor, England, and died in New Hanover, Burlington, New Jersey, in 1724. He married Elizabeth Harvey in 1683.
         From John Day's will, written 10 December 1723 in Burlington County, New Jersey:

    I give to my son-in-law Tho. Branson the sum of five pounds and all my implements of husbandry. Item I give to my grandson Thomas Barton the sum of twenty pounds to be given at the age of twenty-one years and in case of his death before then to the children of Tho. Branson. Item I give to my grandchilden the children of Tho. Branson and Elizabeth his wife to the girls each one cow and to the boys each one horse as they grow up at the discretion of my Executrix and all the rest of my estate both real and personal I give to my daughter Elizabeth Branson during her natural life except one mare coult as my grand daughter shall she select and she kept to my gd daughter as foresaid and then to be divided equally amongst the children of her body....

    263. Elizabeth HARVEY, daughter of John Harvey, was born on 21 March 1666 in Curtis and was christened on 4 October 1668 at Brent Pelham, Hertfordshire, England. She married John Day in 1683.

    268. Thomas MUMFORD, son of Thomas Mumford and Ann Remington(?), was born in 1625 in Oldham, Lancashire, England and christened on 11 November 1626. He married Sarah Sherman in South Kingstown, Rhode Island, in 1655/1657. (It may be that she was his second wife; elsewhere on the internet it was said that he married Mary Wilson about 1648.) He died in Rhode Island on 12 February 1692.
         This information comes from the History of Washington and Kent Counties, Rhode Island by J. R. Cole (published by W.W.Preston & Co., New York, in 1889):

    Thomas Mumford is spoken of as purchaser of a large tract of land in Pettaquamscutt of certain Indian sachems in 1658. In 1668 he and his wife, Sarah Sherman Mumford, sold to Peleg Sanford of Newport 1,000 acres of this land for £25. His son, Thomas, born in 1656, married Abigail, who was murdered by a slave belonging to him. The murderer, a negro, drowned himself to prevent being taken alive. The assembly ordered his body to be disposed of in the following manner, as a terror to others perpetrating like barbarities: his head, legs and arms to be cut from his body and hung in some public place near Newport, and his body to be burned to ashes.

    269. Sarah SHERMAN, daughter of Philip Sherman and Sarah Odding, was born on 26 April 1636 in Roxbury, Massachusetts [or Kingston, RI?]. She married Thomas Mumford at South Kingstown, Rhode Island, in 1655/1657. Children:

    1. i. Thomas Mumford II (b. Nov 25, 1656, Portsmouth, Newport, RI; d. 11 Apr 1726, South Kingston, Washington Co, RI)
    2. ii. Peleg Mumford (b. Abt. 1659, Portsmouth, Newport, RI; d. Jul 08, 1745, South Kingston, Washington Co, RI)
    3. iii. Abigail Mumford (b. Abt. 1662, Kingston, Washington Co, RI; d. 1717, Portsmouth, Newport, RI.)
    4. iv. Sarah Mumford (b. 1668, Kingston, Washington Co, RI; d. Oct 14, 1746, RI)
    She died in Rhode Island in 1718 or 1719.

    270. Samuel TEFFT, the son of John Tefft and Mary Barber, was born in 1644 at South Kingstown, Washington, Rhode Island, and died at South Kingstown on 20 December 1725. He married Elizabeth Jenks.
          Although Samuel and Elizabeth named two of their children after his sisters, they did not award any of them the name of his elder brother, Joshua. The fate of that brother -- to be accused of treason and executed in the very year Samuel and Elizabeth's first child was born -- was a nightmare that must have tormented Samuel till his dying day. The treason of which Joshua Tefft was accused was to have sided with the Narragansett Indians against the troops from the Puritan United Colonies (Massachusetts Bay, Plymouth, and Connecticut) converging on Rhode Island in King Philip's War. Writes A. Craig Anthony (in
    Castle Chronicle, the newsletter of the Cocumscussoc Association, in Winter 2001),

          After several attempts to annex southern Rhode Island were foiled, the United Colonies attempted to claim the territory "By Right of Conquest" by reducing the great Narragansett Nation to submission. While the Tefft family had lived in peace next to their Narragansett neighbors for fourteen years, all but Joshua retreated to the safety of Aquidneck Island at the impending approach of hostilities. [...] In December 1675, over 1,300 troops of the Puritan United Colonies converged in southern Rhode Island at Smith's garrison intending to take the territory by right of conquest. They attacked the Narragansett stronghold located on an island in the Great Swamp, two miles from Joshua Tefft's farm. [...]
          After the Great Swamp Fight of December 19, 1675, Captain Oliver of Massachusetts reported that Joshua Tefft had "shot 20 times at us in the swamp." Records indicate that Joshua wounded Captain Nathaniel Seely of Connecticut, who subsequently died. An Indian spy reported that Joshua, "did them good service & kild & woonded 5 or 6 English in that fight & before they wold trust him hee had kild a miller an English man at Narragansett and brought his scalpe to them."
          [...] He was subsequently extradited to Wickford into the custody of General Josiah Winslow, Governor of Plymouth, and Richard Smith on January 16, 1676. Two days later at Smith's garrison, Joshua was executed for high treason, the only Englishman to suffer such a fate in all New England history.
    Joshua Tefft was executed by the most barbarous means imaginable -- hanging and quartering. He left behind a son, Peter (born in 1672), who was not yet four years old, and for whom Samuel was appointed one of the guardians.

    271. Elizabeth JENKS, the daughter of Joseph Jenckes and Hester or Esther Ballard, was born in 1658 at Pawtucket, Providence, Rhode Island, and died on 12 May 1740 at South Kingstown, Rhode Island. She married Samuel Tefft, and they had these children:

    • John Tefft (b. 1676, South Kingstown; d. bef 21 Jun 1762)
    • Peter Tefft (b. 19 Feb 1677/1678, Westerly, RI; d. Jan/Nov 1719)
    • Solomon Tefft (b. 19 Feb 1677/1678, South Kingston, RI; d. 1750) [I found him in one internet site but he was missing from another]
    • Joseph Tefft (m. 6 Jul 1718; d. 1735)
    • Esther Tefft (b. 1681, Kingstown; d. after 4 Jul 1739)
    • Mary Tefft (b. abt 1684, South Kingstown; m. 1725)
    • Sarah Tefft (b. 25 Mar 1678, South Kingstown; d. 1720)
    • Peter Tefft (b. 14 Mar 1681; d. abt 1725) [This second Peter is on one website but missing from another]
    • Susanna Tefft (b. abt 1683, Kingston; d. aft 1739)
    • Samuel Tefft (b. 1683, South Kingstown; d. 14 Jul 1760)
    • Elizabeth Tefft (b. 29 Sep 1687, South Kingstown; d. 1750)
    • Tabitha Tefft (b. abt 1688, South Kingstown)
    • Mercy Tefft (b. 9 Aug 1696, South Kingstown)

    The Last Will & Testament of John Beals

    Chester Co., PA Will Book A, p. 206
    Will of ----|
    John Beals--|

    I John Beals of Nottingham in ye County of Chester being sick and weak of Body but of a sound and well disposing mind & memory do make this as my Last Will & Testament revoking all other wills that have heretofore been made or Done by me first my will is that my Just Debts & funeral Charges be Defrayed as soon as possible after my Decease & also that my Body be Decently buried Secondly I give and bequeath unto my eldest son John Beals my Bed and all the furniture thereunto belong and five pound he paying to Each of his five Children Sarah, John, Thomas, Ann & Phebe to Each of them Ten shillings when they come of age. Thirdly I give unto my son William Beals Eight pound he paying to Each of his Three Children Lydia Mary & Ruth Ten Shillings when of aged Fourthly I give unto my Daughter Mary Harrold Eight pounds she paying to each of her Children Elizabeth, Rachil, Jonathan & Richard Ten Shillings when they come of age Fifty I give unto my son Jacob Beals Twelve pounds he paying to his four Children John, Jacob, Mary & William to each of them Ten Shillings when of age. Sixthly I give unto my Daughter Patience Jones ye Eight pounds fifteen Shillings that is due from her husband by Bond and five pound more to be paid by my Exer willing she or her husband to pay unto their four Children Judith Mary Sarah & Charity to Each Ten Shillings. All ye aforesaid Legacys to be paid unto ye sd Grand Children where they are Deemed by Law to be of age. Seventhly I give unto my Daughter Mary Harrold & Patience Jones my warming pan & spice Box also I give unto James Wright forty Shillings. Eighthly I give unto my Kinswoman Mary Davis of Philadelphia Twenty Shillings, also my will is that my son William Shall be paid his Legacy first my Daughter Mary Harrold next and Patience her five pound next as ye money that is out upon bond becomes Due. Lastly I ordain & Constitute my two sons John & Jacob Beals Sole Exer of this my Last Will & Testament. Witness my hand & seal Dated in Nottingham Afs ye 11th of ye 8th month 1726.

    John IB Beals (SEAL)

    Sealed & Delivered in the presence of,
    James McMullins,
    William House
    288. John BEALS, the son of Thomas William Beals and Johanah _____(?), was born in 1650 in Essex, England. According to the Campbell genealogy page, "He may have been the John Beals who came to America in 1677 with the John Fenwick Colony but this has not been proven. John was in Chester Co., PA by 1689." He married Mary Clayton on 1 November 1682 at Chester Monthly Meeting, Chester Co., Pennsylvania. "Although illiterate he was the constable of Ashton Twp, Chester CO., PA in 1694. In 1711, John was residing in Nottingham, PA when his son John Jr. was married." He died at Nottingham, Chester County, Pennsylvania, in 1726. (His will, which I've also gotten from the Campbell genealogy page, and which you can see in the box to the right, was proved on 17 December 1726.) He is buried in the East Nottingham Friends Burial Ground in Chester County.

    289. Mary CLAYTON, the daughter of William Clayton and Prudence Lanckford, was born on 29 August 1665 at Rumbaldswick, Sussex, England, and died in 1725 in Chester County, Pennsylvania. She married John Beals in 1682 and bore him these children:

    • John Beals II (1685-1745)
    • William Beals (1687-1742)
    • Jacob Beals (1689->1771)
    • Mary Beals (1693->1740)
    • Patience Beals (1695-1777)
    • Grace Beals (b. 1697)

    290. Thomas BOWATER, the son of John Bowater and Ann Carter(?), was born on 10 February 1655 in Bronsgrove, Worcester, England. He married Sarah Edge on 4 August 1685 at Edgemont, Chester County, Pennsylvania. He died after 1720, probably at New Garden, Chester County.

    291. Sarah EDGE, the daughter of John Edge and Jane _____(?), was born in July 1657 at Saint Andrew, Haborne, England. She married Thomas Bowater on 4 August 1685 in Chester County, Pennsylvania, and their daughter Sarah Bowater was born in Chester Countyon 17 August 1688. Sarah Edge died at Chester Creek, Chester County, on 16 April 1692.

    384. Michael TOWSLEY was born in 1653 in Salisbury, Massachusetts. He married Mary Husse of Salisbury on 4 June 1678 in Exeter, New Hampshire. He died in Suffield, Hartford, Connecticut, on 3 November 1712.

    385. Mary HUSSE was born in 1657 in Salisbury, Massachusetts. She married Michael Towsley of Salisbury on 4 June 1678 in Exeter, New Hampshire. She died in Dorchester, Massachusetts, on 10 February 1729.

    386. Lt. Joseph STEBBINS, son of Lt. Thomas Stebbins and Hannah Wright, was born on 24 October 1652 in Springfield, Massachusetts. He married Sarah Dorchester on 27 November 1673 in Springfield. He died in Springfield on 15 October 1728 and was buried there.

    387. Sarah DORCHESTER, daughter of Anthony Dorchester and Martha Chapman, was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, on 12 October 1655 (or 16 October 1652/1653?). (According to the well-documented Roy Genealogical File, she was also known as Sarah Donalston.) She married Lt. Joseph Stebbins on 27 November 1673 in Springfield and died in Springfield on 18 August 1746. Their children:

  • Joseph b. 4 Oct 1674, d. 29 Sep 1721
  • Benjamin b. 23 Jan 1676, d. 17 Oct 1748
  • Thomas b. 13 Jul 1679, d. 29 Jun 1713
  • John b. 22 Sep 1681, d. 17 Nov 1686
  • Mehitable b. 27 Nov 1683
  • Ebenezer b. 20 Nov 1686, d. 17 Jul 1765
  • Sarah b. 8 Jun 1688
  • John b. 8 Nov 1690, d. 21 Mar 1740/41
  • Hannah b. 9 Nov 1692
  • Martha b. 28 Jun 1697.

    388. Thomas BLODGETT, the son of Samuel Blodgett and Ruth Eggleton (or else Mary Butterfield?), was born in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, on 26 February 1661. He married Rebecca Tidd on 11 November 1684 (or 1685) in Woburn, Massachusetts. (According to other internet sources, he married Mary Parkhurst on 29 April 1683 in Chelmsford, and married Mary Druse [or Druce] on 8 July 1696 in Chelmsford.)
    According to a Blodgett internet site (which seems no longer to be operative),

    Some years after his marriage, Thomas moved to Lexington where he took up land and became one of the town's most active and prominent citizens and the ancestor of the greater part of the Lexington Blodgetts. He was assessed in Woburn from 1684 to 1689 and first assessed in Lexington in 1691. "Captain Blodgett" as he was familiarly called was a subscriber to the "Meeting-house"; he gave 1 pound, 6 shillings towards the first Meeting-house, and 5 shillings towards the purchase of Lexington Common at a meeting held April 1711. At another meeting held June 9, 1713, it was voted to build a new church on the plan of the one at Concord, and Thomas Blodgett and two others were appointed to carry out the measure. Thomas and his wife were admitted to the Church March 5, 1699, by letters of dismissal from the Church in Woburn. At the first town meeting in Lexington, Thomas was chosen Tything man, an office of great importance and dignity at the time. He was made assessor in 1710, Selectman in 1714, many times re-elected, and in short, filled nearly every place of honor and trust in the town. The will of Thomas was filed in Probate Court, November 24, 1790 [sic], and recorded with Middlesex Wills, Book 22, p. 341. It mentions wife Rebecca, sons Thomas and Joseph, who had 20 pounds extra, son Samuel and daughter Rebecca, who had ten pounds extra.
    I'm assuming that the "1790" in the above paragraph was a misprint. Thomas actually seems to have died in Westford, Middlesex County, on 29 September 1740.

    389. Rebecca TIDD, daughter of John Tidd (or Tod or Todd and Rebecca Wood, was born in Woburn, Massachusetts, in 1665. She married Thomas Blodgett in Woburn on 11 November 1684, and they had these children:

    • Rebecca Blodgett (b. 5 Jun 1689, Woburn)
    • Thomas Blodgett
    • _____? Blodgett
    • Ruth Blodgett
    • Abigail Blodgett
    • Samuel Blodgett
    • Joseph Blodgett (b. 17 Sep 1696, Lexington; d. 10 Jan 1783, South Brimfield, Mass.)
    Rebecca Tidd Blodgett died in Lexington, Massachusetts, on 8 March 1750.

    390. Joseph STONE, son of Samuel Stone and Sarah Stearnes, was born in 1670 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He married Sarah Waite in 1692 in Cambridge Farms, Lexington, Massachusetts. He died on 17 January 1702 in Cambridge Farms.

    391. Sarah WAITE, daughter of John Waite and Mary Woodward, was born on 16 October 1672 in Watertown, Massachusetts. She married Joseph Stone in 1692 in Cambridge Farms, Lexington, Massachusetts. She died in Worcester, Massachusetts. Children:

    1. Lydia Stone (b. 1693, Lexington; d. 7 Feb 1741/1742)
    2. Joseph Stone (b. abt. 1697, Lexington; d. abt. 1780, Framingham, Massachusetts)
    3. Abigail Stone (b. abt. 1698, Lexington)
    4. Sarah Stone (b. 7 Nov 1700, Lexington; d. 2 May 1735, Brimfield, Massachusetts)
    5. Tabitha Stone (b. 3 Jan 1702/1703, Lexington; d. 21 Apr 1765, Grafton, Massachusetts)

    448. Jacob Aertson Van WAGENEN, son of Aert Jacobsen and Annetje Gerrits, was born on 14 February 1652 in Creek Locks, Ulster, New York and was christened on 20 February 1652 in Albany Rdc, New Netherlands, New York. He married Sarah Pels on 25 February 1677 in the Old Dutch Church in Kingston, Ulster, New York. He died on 5 October 1715 in Kingston and was buried in 1716 in Wagendal, Ulster.

    449. Sarah PELS, daughter of Evert Pels and Jannetje Symore Schepmoes, was born and christened in Kingston, New York, on 3 July 1659. She married Jacob Aertson Van Wagenen on 25 February 1677 in the Old Dutch Church in Kingston.

    450. Claus Jansen VAN HEYNINGEN of New Netherlands, New York, was born about 1656. He married Janneken Kierson of New Netherlands around 1681 in New York, New York.

    451. Janneken KIERSON of New Netherlands, New York, was born about 1660. She married Claus Jansen Van Heyningen around 1681 in New York, New York.

    456. Pieter (Pietersse-Piete Rssen) OOSTRANDER (OSTRANDER), son of Pieter Pieterzen Van Oostrander and Tryntje Van Oostrander, was born in 1652/1655 in Amsterdam, Nord Holland, Netherlands, and was christened on 1 October 1661 in Kingston, Ulster, New York. He married Rebecca Traphagen on 16 January 1679 in the Dutch Reformed church in Kingston. He died in Kingston after 1706.

    457. Rebecca TRAPHAGEN, daughter of William Janszen Traphagen and Joostje Willems Nooltruyck, was born and christened in Boswyck (Bushwick — now Brooklyn), New York, on 19 June 1662. She married Pieter (Pietersse-Piete Rssen) Oostrander (Ostrander) on 16 January 1679 in the Dutch Reformed church in Kingston, Ulster, New York. She died around 1720 in Hurley, Ulster, New York.

    460. Theunis Eliasen VANBUNSCHOTEN, son of Elias (Van) Bunschoten and Marritje ____?,was born on 26 November 1643 in Bunschoten, Utrecht, Netherlands. He married Gerritje Gerritse on 27 February 1674 in Bergen, Essex, New Jersey. He died in Kingston, Ulster, New York, around 1725/1727 and was buried at the Dutch Reformed Church of Kingston.

    461. Gerritje GERRITSE, daughter of Gerrit Thyssen and Henrickje ____?, was born around 1650/1655 in Amsterdam, Holland, the Netherlands. She married Theunis Eliasen Vanbunschoten on 27 February 1674 in Bergen, Essex, New Jersey. She died around 1700/1714 in Kingston, Ulster, New York, and was buried at the Dutch Reformed Church of Kingston.

    462. Egbert H. SCHOOMAKER was born about 1660 at Fort Orange. He married Annatje Berry on 13 October 1685.

    463. Annatje BERRY was born about 1664 (in New York?). She married Egbert H. Schoomaker on 13 October 1685.

    — Tenth Generation —

    524. William DAY was born about 1635 at St. Albans, Hertford, England.

    526. John HARVEY was born about 1640 at Brent Pelham, Hertfordshire, England.

    536. Thomas MUMFORD was born around 1605 and married Ann Remington (?) around 1632.

    537. Ann REMINGTON (?), born around 1605, married Thomas Mumford around 1632. They were the parents of Thomas Mumford

    538. Philip SHERMAN, son of Samuel Sherman and Phillipa Ward, was born and christened on 5 February 1610 in Dedham, Essex, England. He married Sarah Odding in Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island [according to another source, Roxbury, Massachusetts], in 1633/1634. He died on 22 March 1687 in Portsmouth and was buried there.

    539. Sarah ODDING, daughter of George Odding and Margaret ____?, was born on 5 February 1609 in Madron, Cornwall, England. She married Philip Sherman in 1633/1634 in Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island, and bore him these children:

    1. Eber Sherman (b. Dec 1634, Roxbury, Massachusetts; d. 13 Nov 1706, North Kingston, Rhode Island)
    2. Sarah Sherman (b. 26 Apr 1636, Kingston, Rhode Island; d. bet 1718-1719, Rhode Island)
    3. Peleg Sherman (b. May 1638, Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island; d. 1719, Kingston)
    4. Mary Sherman [I] (b. abt 1639)
    5. Mary Sherman [II] (b. abt 1640, Portsmouth, RI; d. 16 Jan 1729, Rhode Island)
    6. Edmund Sherman (b. Apr 1641, Portsmouth, RI; d. 1719, Dartmouth, MA)
    7. Samson Sherman (b. 4 Apr 1642, Portsmouth, RI; d. 27 Jun 1718, Portsmouth)
    8. William Sherman (b. 1643, Portsmouth)
    9. John Sherman (b. Aug 1644, Portsmouth, RI; d. 16 Apr 1734, Dartmouth, Massachusetts)
    10. Hannah Sherman (b. 11 Feb 1647, Portsmouth, RI; d. 19 Oct 1717, Swansea, Bristol Co., MA)
    11. Samuel Sherman (b. 1648, Portsmouth, RI; d. 9 Oct 1717, Portsmouth)
    12. Benjamin Sherman (b. 1650, Portsmouth, RI; d. 19 Sep, 1719, Portsmouth)
    13. Philip Sherman (b. 1 Oct 1652, Portsmouth, RI; d. 1731)
    14. Philippe Sherman (b. 1 Oct 1652, Portsmouth, RI; d. bef 1731, Freetown, Bristol County, Massachusetts)
    She died on 5 February 1681 in Kingston, Washington, Rhode Island [or else Portsmouth], and was buried there.

    540. John TEFFT was born about 1614 at Providence, Rhode Island. He married Mary Barber around 1638 and died on 18 Jan 1675/1676 at Pettaquamscutt, Washington, Rhode Island.

    541. Mary BARBER, the daughter of James Barber, was born in Rhode Island in 1618 and died there around 1679. She married John Tefft and bore him these children:

    • Mary (?) Tefft (b. abt 1640, Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island; d. 1674)
    • Joshua Tefft (b. abt 1640, Kings Town, Providence, Rhode Island; d. 18 Jan 1676)
    • Samuel Tefft (b. 1644, South Kingstown; d. 20 Dec 1725)
    • Tabitha Tefft (b. 1653, Portsmouth, Newport; d. aft 29 Oct 1722)

    542. Joseph JENCKES, the son of Joseph Jenckes and Mary Tervyn, was born in 1632 at Colnbrook, London, England. He married Hester or Esther Ballard by 1652 at Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts, and died at Providence, Rhode Island, on 4 Jan 1716/1717.

    543. Hester or Esther BALLARD, the daughter of William Ballard and Mary _____(?), was born in England around 1633 and died at Providence, Rhode Island, after 1717. She married Joseph Jenckes, and they had these children:

    • Joseph Jenks (b. 1656, Providence; d. 15 Jun 1740)
    • Elizabeth Jenks (b. 1658, Pawtucket, Providence; d. 12 May 1740)
    • Sarah Jenks (b. 1660, Pawtucket, Providence; d. 1708)
    • Nathaniel Jenks (b. 29 Jan 1661/1662, Providence; d. 11 Aug 1723)
    • Esther Jenks (b. 1664; d. 1720)
    • Joanna Jenks (b. 1666, Providence; d. 12 Mar 1756)
    • Ebenezer Jenks (b. 1669, Providence; d. 14 Aug 1726)
    • Mary Jenks (b. 1672)
    • William Jenks (b. 1674, North Providence; d. 2 Oct 1765)
    • Abigail Jenks (b. 1676)

    576. Thomas William BEALES was born around 1625-1630 in Yorkshire, England. While still in England he married Johanah? ____. He died in Pennsylvania.

    577. Johanah? _____ was born in Dorchester, England. She married Thomas William Beales, and their son John Beals was born in 1650 in Essex, England.

    578. William CLAYTON, the son of William Clayton and Joan Smith, was born on 8 December 1632 at Rumbaldswickk/Chi, Sussex, England. He married Prudence Lankford around 1654 at Saint Pancras Par., Chichester, England. He died around 1688 at Chichester, Chester County, Pennsylvania.

    579. Prudence LANKFORD, the daughter of William Lanckford, was born in 1631 in Surrey, England(?). She married William Clayton about 1654 and bore him at least seven children:

    • William Clayton (b. 11 Mar 1655, Sussex, England; m. 5 Dec 1682, Chester, Pa.; d. 22 Feb 1727, Chester Co., Pa.)
    • Prudence Clayton (b. 10 Aug 1657, Lewes, Chichester, England; m. 10 Nov 1678, Burlington, N.J.; d. 1 Apr 1728, Chester Co., Pa.)
    • Joseph Clayton (b. 12 Dec 1659, Lewes, Chichester, England; m. 5 Feb 1683, Sussex, England)
    • Honour Clayton (b. 18 Jan 1661/1662, England; m. 8 Aug 1679, Pennsylvania; d. Pennsylvania)
    • Elizabeth Clayton (b. 29 Jun 1665, Rumbaldswick, Sussex, England; d. 30 Jul 1665, Rumbaldswick)
    • Mary Clayton (b. 1665; m. 1682, Chester Co., Pa.; d. 1725, Chester Co.)
    • Hannah Clayton (b. 12 Oct 1667, Rumbaldaweeke, Sussex, England; d. 22 Aug 1668)

    580. John BOWATER, who was evidently born in England in the 1620s or 1630s, married Ann Carter.

    581. Ann CARTER, evidently born in England in the 1620s or 1630s, married John Bowater. Their son Thomas Bowater was born on 10 February 1655 at Bronsgrove, Worcester, England.

    583. John EDGE, who was born in England probably in the 1620s or 1630s, married Jane ____(?), and their daughter Sarah Edge was born in July 1657 at Saint Andrew, Haborne, England.

    583. Jane _____ married John Edge.

    772. Thomas STEBBINS, the son of Rowland Rawling Stebbens and Sarah Whitting, was born in 1620 in Bocking, Essex, England, and was christened about 1626 at Ipswich, Suffolk. He married Hannah Wright on 16 November 1645 in Springfield, Massachusetts. (After her death, he married the widow Abigall Munn on 19 September 1672 in Springfield.) He died in Springfield on 15 September 1683.
          For some well-documented facts of Stebbins's life, see Descendants of Deacon Samuel Wright, which lists these events:

    1. Immigration: 1634--Roxbury, Massachusetts. Listed as a passenger, age 14, on the Francis, which left Ipswich, England, in April 1634, along with parents Rowland & Sarah Stebbins and siblings, Sarah (11), Elizabeth (6) & John (8)
    2. Town office: 2 Nov 1647--Springfield, Massachusetts. "Thomas Stebinges was Sworne Constable according to the oath of the Generall Court: under Mr. Nowells hand."
    3. Employment: 25 Jul 1653; Springfield. [torn]n accot of what I haue laid out [torn] Mill dam
      25 July 1653
      pd Goodm Stebbins for 7 d 00 11 08
    4. Oath of Freemanship/Allegiance: 24 Apr 1654; Springfield. "(before us John Pynchon & Elizur Holyoke) Sworne to be freemen of this Jurisdiction.": Thomas Stebbins "made free in the Bay"
    5. Provided Bond: 24 Mar 1654/55; Springfield. Joined with Deacon Samuel Wright in providing bond that Samuel's son, Samuel Wright Jr., would abide by the order to support the illegitimate child that he fathered upon Mary Burt. [After getting his own wife's sister pregnant, this brother-in-law of Stebbins's was found guilty of "wickedness" and was ordered to be given "12 lashes upon the naked body."]
    6. Springfield jury duty: 27 Sep 1659, 7 Apr 1660, 26 Mar 1661, and 30 Sep 1662.
    7. Lawsuit: 30 Sep 1662; Springfield. Thomas Stebbin Plantiffe contra Widow Sacket defendant in action of debt with damages to the vallue of Three pounds: In this last action the July fynd for the Plantiffe vizt Thomas Stebbin the summe of forty shillings and the coust of the Corte vizt 10s for the entry of the action.
    8. Military service: 30 Sep 1662; Springfield. Chosen to be the "Eldest Serjeant" of the Springfield Train Band.
    9. Served as attorney: 17 Mar 1662/63; Springfield. "Serjant Stebbins of Sprinfeild Atturney for Mr. Goodwin of Hadley complaynes against Widdow Sackett late of Sprinfeild Admistratrix and William Blomfeild Administrator to the estate of Symon Sackett deceased in an action of debt due upon account together with damage to the value of Six and Thirty shiflings."
    10. Mention in Will, Inv. or Prob.: 1 Jan 1668/69; Northampton, Massachusetts.
    11. Signed petition: 2 Feb 1668/69; Springfield. Signed a petition protesting the imposition by England of customs upon goods being exported into and from Massachusetts Colony.
    12. Employment: 10 Mar 1671/72; Springfield. From John Pynchon's Account books:
           Accounts Paid out for John Artsell
           [n.d. but before 25 May 1671]
           To Tho Stebbings Jun 01 00 00
           Volume V, Part 1, 1672 - 1693 . Page 156 [p 421]
           Accounts Paid out for y Son John Pynchon DR
           March 10 1671/72
           To paymt for you to Tho Stebbing 01 07 00
    13. Marriage: 19 Sep 1672; Springfield. Thomas Stebbings Jun. & Abigall Munn Joined in Mariage Sept. 19 1672. There is also a record for Lt. Thomas Stebbins & Abigail Mun widow for 15 Dec 1676
    14. Military Service: 19 May 1676; Upper Falls of the Connecticut River, Massachusetts. Listed in 1736 as being among those who fought under Capt. Wm. Turner against the Indians in the Falls Fight.
    15. Oath of Freemanship/Allegiance: 1 Jan 1678/79; Springfield.
    16. Lawsuit: 23 Sep 1680; Springfield. John Pope plantiff against Leiutenant Thomas Stebbins for Taking him off from a peice of Joinery worke and promising him sattisfaction which he now refuses: to the Damadge of said Pope 39s. Leiutenant Stebbins not owning it and noe profe being made either of Damage nor yet of any promise made by Leiutenant Stebbins to make him sattisfaction: I find of the defendant costs.

    773. Hannah WRIGHT, daughter of Samuel Wright and Margaret _____?, was born in August 1626 in England. (This is a tentative placeholder, pending verification. For a reasoned view of her parentage see the note at the end of the Margaret _____? entry by Michael C. Wright, who thinks that since she grew up in Deacon Samuel Wright's household but was not included in his will, she might have been a niece instead of a daughter. Even if she was a niece, she evidently provides a link, however tenuous, to make my father and his descendants distant relatives of Wilbur and Orville Wright.) She married Lt. Thomas Stebbins on 16 November 1645 in Springfield, Massachusetts. She died in Springfield on 16 October 1660, about two weeks after giving birth to her daughter Hannah. She was buried in Northampton.

    774. Anthony DORCHESTER was born in 1619 in Springfield, Massachusetts. His first marriage, to Sarah ____?, was evidently in 1643 at Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut. (According to the well-documented Roy Genealogical File, he was also known as Anthony Donalston.) He married Martha Chapman on 2 January 1651 in Hartford, and after her death he married Elizabeth Cummings in 1664 in Springfield. He died in Springfield on 28 August 1683.

    775. Martha CHAPMAN, daughter of Simon Chapman and Mary ____?, was born on 7 April 1616 in Digswell, Hertford, England, and christened there the same day. Her first marriage was evidently to Samuel Ketcherel, in 1643 in Hartford, Connecticut. She married Anthony Dorchester on 2 January 1651 in Hartford. She died in Springfield, Massachusetts, on 17 December 1662.

    776. Samuel BLODGETT of Woburn, Massachusetts, was the son of Thomas (Blogget?) Blodgett and Susanna[h] Thompson. He was born and christened on 12 July 1633 at Stowmarket, Suffolk, England, and he came to America as a toddler in 1635 aboard the Increase. He married Ruth Eggleton (Iggleden) on 13 (or 31)December 1655 in Woburn, Massachusetts. According to an internet site,

    Samuel lived in Cambridge and moved to Woburn with his mother on her second marriage. He became a landowner in Woburn, was commissioner of 'rates', Selectman, and holder of many other offices. In 1691 he was Deputy to the General Court of Massachusetts Colony.
    According to the mormon genealogical site, he died on 21 May 1720 at Woburn; a conflicting source says that he was buried at Woburn in July 1693.

    777. Ruth EGGLETON (IGGLEDEN), daughter of _____? Eggleston (Iggleden) and Jane ____?, was born on 8 November 1631 in Woburn, Massachusetts. She married Samuel Blodgett in Woburn on 13 December 1655 and bore him these children:

    • Jashua Blodgett (dates unknown: "b. 1651-1679; d. 1657-1759")
    • Ruth Blodgett (b. 28 Dec 1655, Woburn; d. 18 Dec 1695)
    • Samuel Blodgett Jr. (b. 10 Dec 1658, Woburn; d. 5 Nov 1743, Woburn)
    • Thomas Blodgett (b. 26 Feb 1660/1661, Chelmsford, Mass.; d. 29 Sep 1740, Westford, Mass.)
    • Susanna Blodgett (b. 17 Feb 1663/1664, Woburn; d. 9 Feb 1713/1714, Woburn)
    • Sarah Blodgett (b. 17 Feb 1667/1668, Woburn, Mass.; d. 19 Sep 1692, Concord, Mass.)
    • Twins Martha Blodgett (b. 15 Sep 1673, Woburn; d. aft. Feb 1709/1710)
    • and Mary Blodgett (b. 15 Sep 1673, Woburn; d. 11 Mar 1751/1752, Woburn)
    Ruth died in Woburn on 14 October 1703 and was buried there (according to the mormon genealogical site).

    778. John (Tod) TODD of Woburn, Massachusetts, was the son of John Tidd and Alice Clayton (or Margaret Greenleaf?). He was born on 4 February 1630/1631, and was christened the same day in Nayland, Suffolk. He married Rebecca Wood on 14 April 1650 in Woburn, Massachusetts. He died in Lexington, Massachusetts, on 14 February 1689.

    779. Rebecca WOOD of Woburn, Massachusetts, was the daughter of John S. Wood and Olva ____?. She was born in 1625. She married John (Tod) Todd on 14 April 1650 in Woburn. She died in Lexington, Massachusetts, on 10 June 1717.

    780. Samuel ("Deacon Samuel") STONE of Bocking, Essex, England, was born on 4 February 1630/1631, and was christened the same day in Nayland, Suffolk. He was the son of Gregory Stone and Lydia Cooper. He married Sarah Stearnes on 7 June 1655 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He died in Watertown, Massachusetts, on 27 February 1707 and was buried in the Old Cemetery in Watertown in 1715.

    781. Sarah STEARNES, daughter of Isaac Stearns and Mary Barker, was born and christened on 22 September 1635 in Watertown, Massachusetts. She married Samuel Stone on 7 June 1655 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She died in Watertown on 26 October 1700.

    782. John WAITE, son of Richard Waite and Mary Mills,was born on 6 May 1639 in Watertown, Massachusetts. He married Mary Woodward in Watertown on 13 January 1663. He died in Watertown on 24 August 1691.

    783. Mary WOODWARD, daughter of George Woodward and Mary White,was born in Watertown, Massachusetts, on 12 August 1641. She married John Waite in Watertown on 13 January 1663. She died in Watertown on 23 August 1718.

    896. Aert JACOBSEN of Wagenengin, Gelderland, Netherlands, was born in 1620. He was the son of Jacobe Aertse and ____? ____? He married Annetje Gerrits in Wagenengin in 1648 (according to one of the records on the LDS genealogy site). He died in Kingston, Ulster, New York, before 1668.
          Winifred Whitehouse Rogers noted: "Jacob Aertse and —? migrated to NY from village of Wageningen in Holland in 1642, coming to Albany." If that memory (perhaps gleaned from Harriet Van Wagner) is accurate —? whether of Jacobe Aertse or Aert Jacobsen —? Aert and Annetje must have married earlier.

    897. Annetje GERRITS of Wagenengin, Gelderland, Netherlands, was born in 1624. She married Aert Jacobsen in Wageningen in 1648. She died around 1666 in New Netherlands, New York.
          (Winifred Rogers, who thought Annetje was married to Jacob Aertson Van Wagenaar, spelled her name Anaetza Gerrats.)
         According to my third cousin Anne Childs, "Aert Jacobsen's house is still standing. He built it himself and chiseled his initials in the cornerstone."

    898. Evert Van Steltyn PELS was christened on 5 Jun 1624 in Stettin, Pomerania, Prussia. He married Jannetje Symons Schepmoes on 15 Dec 1641 in Esopus (later Kingston), Ulster, New York, and came to Albany in 1642. The Albany County Records have him buying a house and lot in Fort Orange from Jan Labatie on 12 Apr 1650, and taking ownership on 4 Feb 1661. From May 1651 to May 1658, he rented the farm of Annetje Jans in New Amsterdam (Manhattan) for 225 guilders and 30 pounds of butter. He purchased land in Esopus in 1654 and within a few years settled on it. The third volume of the History of Albany (quoted in Jim Tillotson's Notes, from which I have nearly all of the information included here) says:

    Pels, Evert Van Steltyn, settled in Rensselaerswyck in 1642; was a brewer and erected a brewery in the Colonie; lived on Mill Creek in Greenbush; also owned a sloop on the river and a lot in Broadway Manathans which he sold in 1656; in 1657 he sent down to new Amsterdam 2100 beaver skins; his son Evert Evertse m. Breechtje Elswaerts in New York Aug. 13 1670.
          According to the History of Albany, he was among those who precipitated the First Esopus War. This war with the Indians is described in Legends of the Shawangunk [...] Relating to Those Portions of the Counties of Orange, Ulster and Sullivan Lying in the Shawangunk Region, by Philip H. Smith (published by Smith & Company, Pawling, New York, in 1887). The First Esopus War began in earnest on 21 Sep 1659, when, of eighteen men returning to the village after escorting a visitor to the river, fourteen were taken prisoner by the Indians.
    More than five hundred savages were in the vicinity of the fort, who kept up a constant skirmish with settlers. [...] Three weeks was a constant siege kept up so that "none dare go abroad." Unable to take the town they vented their fury on the unfortunate prisoners.
         Jacob Jansen Van Stoutenburgh, Abram Vosburg, a son of Cornelius B. Sleight, and five or six other were compelled to run the gauntlet; they were next tied to stakes, and, after being beaten and cut in the most cruel manner, were burned alive. Thomas Clapboard (Chambers), William the carpenter, Peter Hillebrants and Evert Pel's son were among the captives.
          These are the only names mentioned in the early records. Clapboard [and another prisoner escaped]. Peter Laurentsen and Peter Hillebrants were ransomed; Pel`s son, then a mere youth, was adopted into the tribe and married among them. Overtures were afterwards made to the Indians by the friends of the lad for his return; but the savages answered that he "wished to stay with his squaw and pappoose, and he ought to."
    (Pels's son who stayed among the Indians was evidently the eldest, Hendrick, who would have been no more than sixteen at the time.)
          In 1661 Evert Pels had a trading house near the fort in Wiltwyck. He was a member of the first board of schepens of Esopus. He died in Esopus on 29 Jun 1686 and was buried at Mill Creek, Greenbush, New York.

    899. Jannetje Symons SCHEPMOES, daughter of (Groot) Symonse Semons (Symons) or Symon (Symonse) Groot and Rebecca Du Truy or Rebecca Du Trieux, was born in 1623 in Kingston, Ulster, New York. She married Evert Pels in Kingston on 15 Dec 1641 and died in Kingston on 2 Sep 1683. Her children with Evert: ch.

  • m Hendrick, b. ca. 1643/44
  • f Jannetje, b. ca. 1646
  • m Evert Evertsjen, b. ca. 1648
  • f Clara, chr. 10 Sep 1651
  • f *Maria
  • f Elizabeth, b. ca. 1657
  • f Sarah, b. 3 July 1659
  • f Rebecca/Rabecca, chr. 13 November 1661
  • m Symon/Symen, b. 1665

    912. Pieter Pieterzen VAN OOSTRANDER was born around 1630 in Amsterdam, Nord Holland, Netherlands, and died in Amsterdam around 1690. He married Tryntje Van Oostrander.

    913. Tryntje VAN OOSTRANDER was born around 1635 in Amsterdam, Nord Holland, Netherlands, and died in Amsterdam around 1690. She married Pieter Pieterzen Van Oostrander.

    920. Elias (VAN) BUNSCHOTEN was born about 1624 <Bunschooten, Utrecht, Netherlands>. He married Marritje ____?.

    921. Marritje ____? w as born about 1624 <Bunschooten, Utrecht, Netherlands>. She married Elias (Van) Bunschoten.

    922. Gerrit THYSSEN of New Amsterdam, New York, was born in 1649. He married Henrickje ____? before 1652.
          Clearly his birthdate (as given in one of the mormon ancestral records) is about twenty years too late, given that he was married before 1652 and his daughter Gerritje was born about 1650/1655. And since she was born in the Netherlands, it seems clear that Gerrit and Henrickje also were born there.

    923. Henrickje ____? <of New Amsterdam, New York> was born about 1630. She married Gerrit Thyssen before 1652 and died before 1664.

    — Eleventh Generation —

    1076. Samuel SHERMAN, son of Henry Sherman Jr and Susan Renee Lawrence,was born on 11 January 1573/1574 in Dedham, Essex, England. He married Phillipa Ward in Dedham in 1597. He died in 1615/1616 at Dedham or Ardleigh, Essex, and was buried at Ordleigh [sic].

    1077. Phillipa WARD, daughter of Lancelot Ward and ____? ____?, was born in Dedham, Essex, in 1577. She married Samuel Sherman in Dedham in 1597, and they had these children:

    1. Mary Sherman (b. 2 Oct 1599, Dedham; m. Andrew Bacon 1620, Dedham; d. 1651, Boston, Massachusetts)
    2. Samuel Sherman (b. 20 Oct 1601, Dedham; d. 1643, Boston)
    3. Henry Sherman (b. 25 Jun 1603; d. 1651, Boston)
    4. Martha Sherman (b. 24 Jan 1604, Dedham; d. aft 1616)
    5. Sarah Sherman (b. 11 Feb 1606, Dedham; d. 12 Dec 1612, Dedham)
    6. Philip Sherman (b. 5 Feb 1610, Dedham; d. 22 Mar 1687, Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island)
    She died in Dedham after 1610.

    1078. George ODDING, son of John Odding and ____? ____?, was born in 1596 at Madron, Cornwall, England. He married Margaret Odding at Madron in 1609 and died at Madron in 1633.

    1079. Margaret ODDING, daughter of George Odding and ____? ____?, was born in Madron, Cornwall, in 1590. She married George Odding in Madron in 1609. She died in Madron on 1 January 1671.

    1082. James BARBER was the father of Mary Barber.

    1084. Joseph JENCKES, the son of John Jenks and Sarah Fulwater, was born in 1602 at Saint Anne Blackfr, London, England. He married Mary Tervyn on 30 September 1630 at All Hallows, London. He died at Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts, on 16 March 1683.

    1085. Mary TERVYN, the daughter of Jeames Tervyn and Margery _____(?), was born in England at All Hallows, London, before 16 March 1611, and died at All Hallows, London, on 14 May 1642. She married Joseph Jenckes, and they had at least two children:

  • Joseph Jenks (b. 1632, Colnbrook, London; m. by 1652, Lynn, Massachusetts; d. 4 Jan 1716/1717 at Providence, RI)
  • George Jenckes (b. before 1642, England)

    1086. William BALLARD was born at Southwell, Nottinghamshire, England, around 1603. He married Mary ____(?) in England, and after her death married Elizabeth Lee around 1638 at Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts. He died at Andover, Massachusetts, sometime after 1 January 1639.

    1087. Mary ____(?), William Ballard's first wife, bore him at least three children:

  • Hester or Esther Ballard (b. 1658, Pawtucket, Providence; d. 12 May 1740)
  • John Ballard (b. in England around 1634; d. 11 Jun 1725, Lynn, Massachusetts)
  • Nathaniel Ballard (b. abt 1636; m. 16 Dec 1662, Lynn; d. 12 Jan 1721/1722, Lynn)
    She died around 1637.

    1156. William CLAYTON, the son of William Clayton and Elizabeth _____?, was born about 1600 at Rudgwick Parish, Sussex, England. He married Joan Smith on 30 October 1621 at Boxgrove Parish, Sussex. After her death, he married Elizabeth Simmons. He died in 1658 at Chichester, Sussex.

    1157. Joan SMITH was born about 1610 at Boxgrove, Sussex, and died on 25 April 1644. She married William Clayton on 30 October 1621 and bore him these five children:

    • William Clayton (b. 8 Dec 1632; d. ~1688)
    • Joan Clayton (b. 23 Aug 1635; d. 20 Jul 1644)
    • Elizabeth Clayton (b. 11 Feb. 1637)
    • Richard Clayton (b. 12 Sep. 1640)
    • Thomas Clayton (b. 26 Feb. 1642)

    1158. William LANCKFORD was the father of Prudence Lanckford.

    1544. Rowland Rawling STEBBENS, son of Thomas Stebbins (Stebbing) and ____? ____?, was born and christened on 5 November 1592 at St Marys, Bocking, Essex, England. He married Sarah Whitting at St Marys on 30 November 1618. He died on 14 December 1671 in Northampton, Massachusetts, and was buried at the Bridgestreet Cemetery in Northampton.

    1545. Sarah WHITTING, daughter of John Whitting and Sarah Smith, was born on 30 November 1591 at St Marys, Bocking, Essex, England, and was christened in 1591 at Ipswich, Suffolk. She married Rowland Rawling Stebbens at St Marys on 30 November 1618. They had these children:

    1. Mary Winche Stebbins (b. 1619, Bocking)
    2. Lieut. Thomas Stebbins (b. 1619/1620, Bocking; d. 15 Sep 1683, Springfield, Massachusetts)
    3. Sarah Stebbins (b. 1622/1623, Bocking)
    4. Elizabeth Stebbins (b. 1624/1625, Bocking; d. 15 Jun 1625, St. Mary's, Bocking)
    5. John Stebbins (b. 1625/1626, St. Mary's, Bocking; d. 7 Mar 1679, Northampton, Massachusetts)
    6. Elizabeth Stebbins (b. 1628, Bocking; d. 28 Oct 1700, Springfield, Massachusetts)
    Sarah and Rowland immigrated to America with their children Thomas, Sarah, John, and Elizabeth, on the Francis, which left Ipswich in April 1634 and brought them to Roxbury, Massachusetts. She died and was buried in Springfield, Hampden Country, Massachusetts, on 4 October 1649.

    1546. Samuel WRIGHT, son of John Wright and Martha Castell, was born in 1606 in England and baptized on June 29 or 30 of that year in the South Weald parish church of St. Peters.
         The information on Deacon Wright's parentage comes from Michael C. Wright of College Station, Texas, who says (in a letter published on the internet):

    [...] for the last five years I have been doing an extensive research project on his parentage. [...] Though our research is not yet completed on the matter of the Deacon's parentage, the best alternative candidate at this time remains John, Esq., Martha (Castell) Wright of London/ Havering/ Wrightsbridge, whom others [...] have previously proposed.
         Samuel married Margaret ____? in Springfield, Massachusetts, on 10 September 1625, and they had eight children, including Hannah. He was one of the two first deacons at the First Congregational Church in Springfield, and later was a deacon in Northampton, Massachusetts.
         According to a University of Massachusetts website, Samuel was "one of the first English settlers of Northampton."
    Samuel removed from Springfield to what would become Northampton in 1655 or 1656. [...] Before his removal with his family and son, Samuel Jr., the first New World Samuel was a farmer, and worked as a laborer and teamster for John Pynchon. He was paid in 1653, according to Pynchon's account books, for "carrying from my house to the foot of the falls 44 bushels of wheate...[,] 1 day at the mill...[,] Reaping and carrying Indian [Corne]."1 He died in Northampton in 1665; his son was killed by the Indians at Northfield, Massachusetts on September 2, 1675 in King Philip's War. Nevertheless, the Wrights had started what would be centuries of residence and involvement in the community.
    Deacon Wright died in Northampton on 17 October 1665.
         Please note that I have left Deacon Samuel here only as a sort of ancestral placemark. As you can see below, Michael C. Wright believes that Hannah was not Deacon Samuel's daughter, but that she might have been a niece.

    1547. Margaret ____? married Samuel Wright in Springfield, Massachusetts, on 10 September 1625. She died in Northampton on 25 July 1681 and was buried in Northampton.
         According to Michael C. Wright, mentioned above,

    Margaret Wright's maiden name was almost certainly not Stratton. We think we know who she was, but we are searching for a missing parish register. If we can find that register, we think we will not only find her marriage to the Deacon, but also the baptisms of their first five children, Samuel, Margaret, Hester, Lydia, and Mary. We believe they were married in about 1625/26 and Margaret may have actually been the eldest child. We are also quite certain that Hannah and Benjamin Wright of Springfield records were not the children of Deacon Samuel Wright and Margaret.
    He believes that Hannah may have been a niece of Deacon Samuel.

    1550. Simon CHAPMAN, son of Nicholas Chapman and ____? ____?, was born at Digswell, Hertfordshire, England, in 1586, and christened (according to the mormon ancestral site) on 15 September 1583 at All Saints, Hertfordshire. He married Mary ____? about 1611.

    1551. Mary ____? of Digswell, Hertsford, England, was born in 1590. She married Simon Chapman around 1611.

    1552. Thomas (Bloggett?) BLODGETT, son of Robert Bloggatt (Blodgett) and Mary Whitlock (or Sarah Stepper?), was born on 18 November 1604 at Haughley, Suffolk, England, and christened on 18 November 1607 at Stowmarket, Suffolk. He married Susanna Thompson at Stowmarket in 1628/1629, and by the time they came to America in 1635 she had borne him two sons. They traveled aboard the Increase, which sailed in April 1635. Blodgett and his young family are listed thus among the passengers:

          Thomas Bloggett, glover, 30
          Susan Bloggett, wife of Thomas, 37
          Daniel Bloggett, child of Thomas, 4
          Samuel Bloggett, child of Thomas, 1+1/2
    Blodgett is said to have died in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on 7 August 1649, but other sources say he died in 1643. According to a Blodgett internet site (which seems no longer to be operative),
    Thomas left a will dated August 10, 1641, probated in 1643. It stated: "I, Thomas Blodgett, being at this time in my right mind, give to my wife Susan my whole estate after my decease as well within as without. She to bring up my Children in such learning and other things as is meet for them and pay to oldest son Daniel 15 pounds when one and twenty or in one month after decease. To second son Samuel 15 pounds as above. To daughter Susanna 15 pounds. Should they have a Father-in-law who does not treat them well, my will is that the Deacons's and our brother Fessington and our brother Edward Winship they or either of them shall have power to see unto it and reform it by one means or other."

    1553. Susanna _____? was born in 1598 at Stowmarket, Suffolk, England. She married Thomas Blodgett at Stowmarket in 1628/1629, and they are said to have had these children:

    • John Blodgett (b. 1622, Stowmarket; d. 4 May 1632, Stowmarket -- incorrect birthdate, or did this child come from a previous marriage?)
    • Robert Blodgett (b. 1629, Stowmarket; d. bef. 1635; supposedly buried 4 May 1632)
    • Nathaniel Blodgett (b. 28 Feb 1628/1629; christened 6 May 1630; d. [of the plague] 8 May 1630)
    • Daniel Blodgett (b. 14 May 1631, Stowmarket; m. [1] Sarah Underwood, [2] Mary Butterfield 15 Sep 1633; in 1653, one of the twenty "first petitioners" for the grant of the plantation of Chelmsford, Massachusetts; d. Sep 1666)
    • Samuel Blodgett (b. 12 Jul 1633, Stowmarket; d. 21 May 1720, Woburn, Massachusetts)
    • Susanna Blodget or Blodgett (b. Jun 1637, Cambridge, Mass.; m. Jonathan Thompson [said to be her stepbrother by marriage])
    • Thomas Blodgett (b. 7 Aug 1639, Cambridge; d. 7 Aug 1639)
    Susanna's maiden name is sometimes given as Thompson, and her father's name as James Thompson. But James Thompson probably was actually her second husband, the stepfather to her children. If Blodgett did in fact die in 1643, Susanna seems to have married again the following year; one source has her marrying James Thompson on 15 February 1644, and another has them marrying on 15 July 1644. Susanna died on 10 February 1660 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

    1554. ____? EGGLEDEN (or EGGLETON or IGGLEDEN) was Jane Cole's first husband. (One of the mormon ancestral records gives his name as Stephen Eggleden of Boston, Massachusetts,and says he was born about 1609.)
          I had followed various ancestral records at the mormon site back through various Egglestons and Iggledens (and one woman named Lettuce Stacey, born around 1515, whom I hate to give up as an ancestor!) to a John Igulden who was born in England around the turn of the sixteenth century. But Wayne Iggulden (wiggulde@yahoo.com) of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, sent me (and some other folks) an email correcting me and pointing out that Ruth Eggleton was the daughter of Jane Cole, not Elizabeth Bennett, and that her father was not the Stephen Eggleston who died at sea in 1634 but some other Eggleton or Iggleden. According to Iggulden:
         "There were two groups of Iggledens that are known to have come to the USA. One aboard the Castle the other aboard the Hercules. The dates were 1634 and 1638. There must have been at least one other boat carrying Iggledens as Richard Iggleden of Boston who married Ann Prince does not appear in either of the above ships passenger lists."

    1555. Jane ____? (who in the last three decades of her life was Jane COLE), was born around 1613. (One of the mormon genealogical records lists a Jane Cole of Boston, who was born about 1613 and married Stephen Eggleden of Boston. Another lists a Jane Cole who was born around 1600 in Biddenden, Kent, England, and who married Stephen Eggleston in May 1627.) She had at least two daughters, Sarah and Ruth. Her third marriage, on 1 February 1658/1659, was to Isaac Cole. Isaac died on 10 June 1674, and Jane on 10 March 1687.
          Wayne Iggulden (see above) sent me this information:

    "From the Woburn Town Records:
          "John NUTTING married Sarah EGGLETON on August 28, 1650.
          "Samuel BLODGETT married Ruth EGGLETON on December 13, 1655.
          "Jane Marr Isaac Cole Feb 01, 1658/9
          "Isaac COLE died June 10, 1674.
          "Jane COLE died March 10, 1687.
          "In 1674 Nutting & Blodgett agreed to support their mother in law Jane, widow of Issac Cole. She was bn about 1600, was formerly wife of James Britton and evidently still earlier the wife of one Eggleton by whom she had Sarah & Ruth.
          "The NEH&GR, Vol. 59, 1905, p. 417-8: 'Middlesex County Court Record: The humble request of Jane COLE, the relict of Isaac COLE, deceased, and of Samuel BLODGETT and John NUTTING, that wheras Isaac COLE of Woburn died intestate and left a one hundred twenty pounds estate: viz. forty pounds in moveables and the rest in house and lands. It is their request that their mother-in-law, Jane COLE, may have a competency to maintain her in her old age, SHE BEING ABOUT 74 YEARS OLD. If the Court sees fit to order the one half of the said estate the above-mentioned parties are willing to entertain her and free the town from charges, and the Select men of Woburn do concur herein. Cambridge, 6, 8, 74'"

    1556. John TIDD was born on 18 October 1594 in Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England, and — according to the LDS ancestral record (which actually gave his birthplace as "Isle of Wright") — christened the same day in Pontefract, West Riding, Yorkshire, England. He married Margaret Greenleaf in 1621 (in Ipswich, Suffolk, England?) — or else married Alice Clayton on 21 October 1620 in Pontefract. He died on 24 April 1656 in Woburn, Massachusetts (and according to the mormon ancestral record was buried in England).
          I can't tell from the LDS ancestral record which of John Tidd's putative wives was our ancestor. The record also lists two possible sets of parents for John Tidd: either William Todd and Isabel Rogerson or John Tidd and Anna (Agnes) Dane. Because of this uncertainty, I won't try to follow this line any further back.

    1557. Margaret GREENLEAF was born in January 1600 in Ipswich, Suffolk, Kent, England. She married John Tidd in 1621 (in Ipswich?). She died in Woburn, Massachusetts, in 1651, and is said to have been buried in England before 1702.
          Margaret Greenleaf's parents are listed as either John Greenleaf and Mrs Margaret Greenleaf or else Edmund Greenleaf and Elizabeth Leeds. Further research is needed.
          Another mormon ancestral record lists Alice Clayton (said to have been born about 1594 in Bradford, York, England) as having married John Tidd on 21 October 1620 in Pontefract, West Riding, England. Two others list Alice ____? as John Tidd's wife. One of these Alices is said to have been born about 1589 (maybe in Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England, and is said to have married John Tidd after 1651 (at Yarmouth?). The other is said to have married him 1651/1657, probably in Woburn, Massachusetts.
          There is no way for me to resolve this question definitely. But it is at least possible that Margaret Greenleaf was Tidd's first wife (and our ancestor), and that after her death he married Alice Clayton in Woburn.

    1558. John S. WOOD, son of ____? Wood and ____? ____?was born in England about 1599. He married Olva ____?

    1559. Olva ____? was born in England about 1603. She married John S. Wood.

    1560. Gregory STONE, son of David Stone and Ursula ____?, was born and christened on 19 April 1592 at Great Bromley, Essex, England. He married Lydia Cooper in July 1627 at Nayland, Dedham, Essex. He died in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on 30 November 1672 and was buried there.

    1561. Lydia COOPER, daughter of Mr. ____? Cooper and ____? ____?, was born about 1595 in Nayland, Suffolk, England. She married Gregory Stone in July 1627 at Nayland, Dedham, Essex. She died on 24 June 1672 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and was buried there in June 1674 in the Old Cambridge Cemetery.
          The mormon genealogical site also lists a Mr. ____? Fiske, born in Essex about 1570, as a possibility for Lydia Cooper 's father. There is some suggestion that she might have been married to a Simon Cooper before her marriage to Gregory Stone.

    1562. Isaac STEARNS, son of William Stearns and Emma Ramsford, was born on 25 February 1623 in Nayland, Suffolk, England (according to the mormon ancestral record), and was christened in 1630. He married Mary Barker on 20 May 1622 in Stokeby, Neyland. He came to America in "The Planter." He died in Watertown, Massachusetts, on 19 June 1677 and was buried (according to the mormon site) in June 1671.
          The birth date is clearly wrong — perhaps a confusion with a son of the same name? Probably should be somewhere around 1600.
          Either the death or burial date also is wrong. Possibly the death date was actually the date of probating the will.

    1563. Mary BARKER, daughter of John Barker and Margaret Walter, was born on 1 January 1604 at Stoke By Nayland, Sudbury, Suffolk, England, and christened (according to the mormon site) on 16 September 1594. She married Isaac Stearns on 20 May 1622 in Stokeby, Neyland, Suffolk, England. She died in Watertown, Massachusetts, on 23 April 1677.
          Either the birth date or christening date is wrong.

    1564. Richard WAITE, son of William Waite and Rosanna Wardwell (Wodell),was born in 1609 in Essex or Suffolk, England. He married Mary Mills of Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1636/1637 in Watertown. He died in Watertown on 16 January 1669.

    1565. Mary MILLS of Watertown, Massachusetts, was born in 1606/1607. She married Richard Waite in 1636/1637 in Watertown, Massachusetts. She died in Watertown on 21 January 1679 at the age of 72.

    1566. George WOODWARD, the son of Richard Woodward and Rose Stewart, was born in 1619 in Ipswich, Suffolk, England. He married Mary White in Watertown, Massachusetts, in 1640. After her death, he married Elizabeth Hasmmond on 17 August 1659 in Watertown. He died in Watertown on 31 May 1676 and was buried there.

    1567. Mary WHITE of Ipswich, Suffolk, England, was born about 1620. (Some references list her father as Thomas Hammond, but surely he was not her father, but Elizabeth Hammond's.) She married George Woodward in 1640 in Watertown, Massachusetts. Their daughter Mary Woodward was born in Watertown on 12 August 1641. Mary White Woodward died in Watertown in 1658 and was buried in Massachusetts.

    1792. Jacob AERTSE <of Wagenengin, Gelderland, Netherlands>, was born about 1594, according to the mormon ancestral record. But it also says he married about 1570 in South Holland, Netherlands.

    1793. ____? ____? was born in South Holland, Netherlands, in 1549, according to the mormon ancestral record, and was married there about 1570.
          If these dates are true, she — whoever she was — might have been the great-grandmother, rather than the mother, of Aert Jacobsen.

    1798. Symon (Symonse) GROOT was born in the Netherlands in 1602. He married Rebecca Du Trieux in 1629 in Schenectady, New York.

    1799. Rebecca DU TRIEUX, daughter of Phillip Du Truy and Susanna Du Chesne, was born in 1607 in New Amsterdam, New York. She married Symon (Symonse) Groot in 1629 in Schenectady, New York. She died in Schenectady sometime after 1639.

    — Twelfth Generation —

    2152. Henry SHERMAN Jr, the son of Henry Sherman and Agnes Butler, was born and christened in 1545/1547 in Dedham, Essex, England. He married Susan Renee Lawrence on 14 June 1568 in Moze, Essex. He died in Dedham on 28 August 1610 and was buried there the same day.

    2153. Susan Renee LAWRENCE was born in Dedham in 1548 [or 1551?] to John Lawrence and Agnes ____?. She married Henry Sherman on 14 June 1568 in Moze, Essex, and they had these children:

    1. Daniel Sherman (b. 1578, Dedham; d. 1604, Dedham)
    2. Ezekiel Sherman (b. abt 25 Jul 1587, Dedham; d. aft 1587, Dedham)
    3. Mary Sherman (b. Dedham)
    4. Phebe Sherman (b. 1 May 1570, Dedham; d. aft 1610)
    5. Henry Sherman III (b. 20 Aug 1571, Dedham; d. 7 Feb 1643, Dedham)
    6. Samuel Sherman (b. 11 Jan 1573/1574, Dedham; d. 1615, Arldleigh, Essex Co.)
    7. Anne Sherman (b. 7 Aug 1575, Dedham; d. 15 Sep 1638, Dedham)
    8. Nathaniel Sherman (b. 11 Jun 1580, Dedham; d. 21 Jun 1580, Dedham)
    9. John Sherman (b. 17 Aug 1585, Dedham; d. abt 24 Jan 1616, Watertown, Massachusetts)
    She died in Dedham in 1610 and was buried there on 13 August (or September?) 1610.

    2154. Lancelot WARD of Dedham, Essex, England, was born in 1551 and was christened (according to mormon genealogy) at Stoke By Nayland on 4 February 1550. His parents were John Ward and Margaret Parson. He married ____? ____? about 1572. He died at Lexden, Essex.

    2155. ____? ____? was born in England about 1555. She married Lancelot Ward about 1572.

    2156. John ODDING , was born in Germany in 1556.

    2157. ____? ____? was born in Germany around 1560. She married John Odding and in 1596 gave birth to George Odding in Cornwall, England.

    2158. George ODDING was born around 1565 in Essex, England.

    2159. _____? _____? married George Odding and was the mother of Margaret Odding, born in Madron, Cornwall, in 1590.

    2168. John JENCKES, the son of William Jenks and Alicia _____(?), was born in 1556 at Saint Anne Blackfr, London, England. He married Sarah Fulwater on 8 January 1595. He died in London around 16 August 1625/1626.

    2169. Sarah FULWATER, the daughter of Henry Fulwater and Margaret _____(?), was born in London, England, on 19 March 1573. She married John Jenks on 8 January 1595, and their son Joseph Jenckes was born in 1602.

    2170. Jeames TERVYN, the son of Jeames Tervyn and Mary _____(?), was born in 1579 at All Hallows, London, England. He married Margery _____(?) at All Hallows in 1603. He died on 11 Aug 1641 at All Hallows, In the Wall.

    2171. Margery _____(?), the wife of Jeames Tervyn, was born about 1579 and died at All Hallows, London, in May 1641. Children:

  • Jeames Tervyn (b. bef 9 Nov 1604, All Hallows; d. 18 Mar 1623/1624)
  • Margerie Tervyn (b. bef 30 Nov 1606, All Hallows)
  • Mary Tervyn (b. bef 16 Mar 1611, All Hallows; m. 30 Sep 1630, All Hallows; d. 14 May 1642, All Hallows)
  • Elizabeth Tervyn (b. bef 8 Aug 1613, All Hallows)
  • Hanna Tervyn (b. bef 15 Oct 1615, All Hallows)
  • John Tervyn (b. bef 11 Sep 1617, All Hallows)
  • Martha Tervyn (b. bef 1 Aug 1620, All Hallows; d. 2 Aug 1620, All Hallows)
  • Susanna Tervyn (b. abt 12 Aug 1621, All Hallows; d. 26 Nov 1624, All Hallows)
  • A Chrisome Son Tervyn (b. and d. Jan 1623, All Hallows)

    2312. William CLAYTON, the son of Thomas Clayton and Margaret _____?, was born about 1588 and died on 8 April 1644 at Boxgrove Parish, Chichester, Sussex, England. He married Elizabeth ____?

    2313. Elizabeth _____?, the wife of William Clayton, was the mother of

    • William Clayton (b. ~1600; d. 1658)
    • Walter Clayton (b. ~1607, Chichester)
    • Mary Clayton (b. ~1609, Chichester)
    • Joan Clayton (b. ~1611, Chichester; m. Edward Frost 26 Jul 1631 at Boxgrove Parish, Chichester)
    • Thomas Clayton (b. 21 Apr 1616, Sussex)
    Elizabeth died in England on 18 October 1638.

    3088. Thomas STEBBINS (STEBBING), son of William Stebbens and ____? ____?, was born and christened at Bocking, Essex, England, in 1566. He married ____? ____? in 1591 at Bocking. H e died on 16 October 1660 in Brookins (?), Essex.

    3089. ____? ____? of Bocking, Essex, England, was born in 1570. She married Thomas Stebbins (Stebbing) at Bocking in 1591. She died in Essex.

    3090. John WHITTING, son of John Whiting and ____? ____?, was born in 1561 in Boston, Lincolnshire, England, and christened in Boston on 9 March 1566. His first wife seems to have been Margaret Bonner, whom he married in Boston on 22 December 1586. He married Sarah Smith in 1590 in Bocking, Essex, England. He died in St. Botolph Parish, Boston, on 20 October 1617 and was buried in Boston on 22 October 1617.

    3091. Sarah SMITH of Bocking, Essex, England, was born in 1569 to John Smith and ____? ____?. She was christened on 2 May 1569 at Chelsworth, Suffolk, England. She married John Whitting in 1590 in Bocking, and they had these children:

    • Sarah (Whitting) Whiting (b. 30 November 1591, St Marys, Bocking; d. 4 Oct 1649, Springfield, Massachusetts)
    • John Whiting (b. abt 1594, Bocking)
    • Samuel Whiting (b. on 20 Nov 1597; d. on 11 Dec 1679, Lynn, Massachusetts)
    • Robert Whiting (b. abt 1598, Bocking)
    • Stephen Whiting (b. abt 1603, Bocking)
    • Joseph Whiting (b. abt 1606, Bocking)
    • Nathaniel (Whitting) Whiting
    • Rev. Samuel Whiting (b. abt 1611; d. 11 Dec 1679)
    She died in England on 4 October 1649.

    3092. John WRIGHT, Esq., the eldest son of Lord John Wright and Elizabeth Linsell, was born in 1569. He married Martha Castell.
         All the information I possess concerning John Wright comes from a letter (published on the internet) from Michael C. Wright of College Station, Texas (who notes that the information is tentative):

    He attended Cambridge University and then studied the law after admission to Grays Inn. By all accounts John Wright Esq. was a Puritan leaning Protestant. Lord John Wright was no doubt also a Protestant sympathizing Peer in the House of Lords (peerage granted by Elizabeth I, June 20, 1590). In 1612 John Wright, Esq. was appointed a clerk to the House of Commons and was no doubt a Puritan leaning Protestant who would perhaps have been a bit at odds with his father in the House of Lords over how to deal with the refusal of King James I to share any power of governance with Parliament. There is an existent Parliamentary document protesting some actions of King James I with John Wright's signature on it in his capacity as clerk of the House of Commons. Such a prominent display of animosity with the King by a recognizable family member would no doubt have disturbed even a Protestant Peer of the House of Lords! It is not possible to tell how well Lord John Wright and his eldest son got along. Because Lord John lived to a ripe old age, the fact that John Wright, Esq. never inherited the estates of Wrightsbridge and Dagenhams could perhaps mean only that John Wright Esq. was already too well established and advanced in years to be considered a suitable heir for such a large estate, or it could mean that there was a rift between them or it could have been that John Esq. simply disdained the family estate and its landed gentry style of living. In any case, he had homes in London and Havering and seems only to have been a visitor at Wrightsbridge, never its Lord.
          His sons with Martha Castell were John (1599) Nathaniel (1604) Samuel (1606) and Robert (1609). Martha died in 1610 and he did not remarry until about 1618 to Fortune (Garaway) Blount, widow of Sir Edward Blount. By Fortune he had at least one known child, James.

    3093. Martha CASTELL of St Olave, Old Jewry, London, England, was born in 1592 to Edward James and Lydia Masham. She married Nathaniel Wright on 30 November 1612 at Wrightsbridge, Essex. She died in 1610.

    3100. Nicholas CHAPMAN was born about 1560 at Digswell, Hertford, England. He married ____? ____? about 1582.

    3101. ____? ____? was born about 1562 at Digswell, Hertford, England. She married Nicholas Chapman about 1582.

    3104. Robert BLOGGATT or BLODGETT, son of Robert Bloggatt Sr and Margaret Marie Waren, was born at Stowmarket, Suffolk, England, in 1578. He is said to have married Sarah Stepper (b. 1577, Stowmarket) at Stowmarket on 17 May 1597. He is also said to have married Mary Whitlock at Winston, Stowmarket, in 1598. He died at Stowmarket in 1625.
          (There is some confusion between Robert Bloggatt [Blodgett] and Robert Blodgett Jr [who lived from 1602 to 1625], but the latter is most likely Thomas Blodgett's brother, not his father.)

    3105. Mary WHITLOCK was said to have been born at Winston, Stowmarket, in 1587, and to have married Bloggatt at Stowmarket in 1598. Among their children was Thomas Blodgett (b. ~1604; d. 1649).
          It is possible that Sarah Stepper died in childbirth (or from another cause) and Bloggatt immediately married Mary Whitlock. But it seems likely that either Mary's birth date was earlier or the marriage date later. No death date or parentage is given for either woman.

    3116. ____? WOOD was born in England about 1573. He married ____? ____? about 1595.

    3117. ____? ____? was born about 1574 in England. She married ____? Wood around 1595.

    3120. David STONE, son of Simon Stone and Agnes ____?, was born and christened on 21 July 1568 at Great Bromley, Essex, England.. He married Ursula ____? in Great Bromley in 1584. He died on (or before?) 27 April 1625 in Great Bromley.

    3121. Ursula ____? was born about 1560 in Great Bromley, Essex, England. She married David Stone in Great Bromley in 1584. She died in England after 1592.

    3122. Mr. ____? COOPER was born in England about 1559.
          The mormon genealogical site also lists a Mr. ____? Fiske, born in Essex about 1570, as a possibility for Lydia Cooper's father. There is some suggestion that she might have been married to a Simon Cooper before her marriage to Gregory Stone.

    3123. ____? ____? was born in England about 1560. She married ____? Cooper.

    3124. William STEARNS of Stoke, Cambridge, England, was born around 1545 to Henry Sterne and _____? _____?. He married Emma Ramsford in England around 1602. He died in England.

    3125. Emma RAMSFORD of Stoke, Cambridge, England, was born around 1545. Her parents were Robert Ramsford and ____? ____?. She married William Stearns in England around 1602. She died in England.
          If William and Emma really were born around 1545, they couldn't have been the parents of Isaac Stearns, even if he was born around 1600, as seems likely, rather than in 1623, the date given in the mormon ancestral site. It seems more likely that they were born around 1565—especially since Emma's father is said to have been born around 1542 and her mother around 1546.

    3126. John BARKER of Stoke, Nayland, Suffolk, England, was born on 30 April 1563 toJohn Barker and Margaret Mawle, and christened the same day in Nayland. He married Margaret Walter on 29 June 1585 in Nayland, Sudbury, Suffolk. He was buried in Nayland on 10 March 1617.

    3127. Margaret WALTER, daughter of Richard Walter and Margaret ____?, was born and christened on 18 September 1564 in Nayland, Suffolk, England. She married John Barker in Nayland on 29 June 1585. She died in Stoke Nayland, Suffolk.

    3128. William WAITE was born in 1566 in Wales. He married Rosanna Wardwell (Wodell) in England in 1593.

    3129. Rosanna WARDWELL (WODELL), daughter of William Wodell (Wardwell) and Meribe Marcelle Lascelles Laschelle, was born in 1570 in Warwick, Warwickshire, England. She married William Waite in England in 1593. She probably died in Warwick.

    3132. Richard WOODWARD son of William Woodward and Elizabeth ____?, was born in 1589/1590 at Ipswich, Suffolk, England. He married Rose Stewart on 16 February 1614 at Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England. (After her death he evidently married Anne Veare [Hill] on 18 April 1663 in Watertown, Massachusetts.) He died in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on 16 February 1664/1665.

    3133. Rose STEWART of Ipswich, Suffolk, England, was born about 1582. She married Richard Woodward on 16 February 1614 at Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England. She died in Watertown, Massachusetts, on 6 October 1662.

    3134. Thomas HAMMOND was born about 1594 (in Watertown, Massachusetts?). He died in Massachusetts.

    3598. Phillip DU TRUY was born in 1585 in Robey (Roubaix). His first wife evidently was Jaquemyne Noirett, whom he married on 11 April 1615 in the Walloon Church, Amsterdam, Holland. He married Susanna Du Chesne on 17 July 1621 in Leiden, Zuid, Netherlands, and died in New Amsterdam, New Netherlands (i.e., Manhattan), in 1653.

    3599. Susanna DU CHESNE of Sedan, France, was born around 1590. She married Phillip Du Truy on 17 July 1621 in Leiden, Zuid, Netherlands, and died in New York after 1654. Children of Phillip and Susanna:

  • 1. Rebecca DU TRIEUX
  • 2. Sara DU TRIEUX
  • 3. Susanna DU TRIEUX
  • 4. Rachel DU TRUAX
  • 5. Abraham DU TRIEUX
  • 6. Rachel DU TRIEUX OR TRUAX
  • 9. Sara DU TRUY

    — Thirteenth Generation —

    4304. Henry SHERMAN, the son of Thomas Sherman and Jane Waller, was born in 1520/1524 in Colchester, Essex, England, and christened in 1520 in Yaxley, Suffolk, England. He married Agnes Butler in Dedham, Essex, in 1541. Subsequent to Agnes's death in 1580, he married Marion Smyth Wilson on 5 June 1581. He died in Dedham on 20 July 1590 and was buried in the Parish Churchyard there on 25 July 1590.

    4305. Agnes BUTLER, the daughter of Thomas Butter (Butler) and Joane ____?, was born in 1521 in Dedham, Essex, England. She married Henry Sherman in Dedham in 1541 and bore him these children:

    • John Sherman (b. abt 17 Aug 1555; d. abt. 24 Jan 1616, Great Horkesley, England)
    • Thomas Sherman (b. abt 1556, Dedham, Essex; d. aft 1587, Dedham)
    • Henry Sherman Jr (b. 1545, Dedham, Essex; d. 28 Aug 1610, Dedham)
    • Edmund Sherman (b. 8 Jun 1548, Dedham; d. 22 Dec 1600, Dedham)
    • Robert Sherman (b. Dedham; d. 10 Jan 1602, Dedham)
    She died in Dedham on 14 October 1580 and was buried there the same day.

    4306. John LAWRENCE, the son of John Lawrence and Elizabeth ____?, was born about 1531 at Rumburgh, Suffolk, England. He married Agnes ____? in Wissett, Suffolk, in 1544. He died at Rumburgh on 27 May 1590 and was buried there. (But mormon genealogy site has him buried on 21 May 1590.)

    4307. Agnes ____? was born in 1523 in Rumbergh, Suffolk, England. She married John Lawrence in 1544 at Wissett, Suffolk. She died at Rumbergh on 22 January 1583 and was buried there. (Same date and place of death are given for John Lawrence's mother Elizabeth ____?.)

    4308. John WARD was born about 1524 at Stoke By Nayland, England. He married Margaret Parson at Great Livermore, England.

    4309. Margaret PARSON was born in England about 1528. She married John Ward at Great Livermore, England.

    4336. William JENKS was born in England in 1536. He married Alicia _____(?).

    4337. Alicia _____(?), the wife of William Jenks, was born in 1538. Their son John Jenks was born in 1556 at Saint Anne Blackfriars, London.

    4338. Henry FULWATER, who was born in Germany in 1545, married Margaret _____(?). He died on 21 Septembr 1603 at Saint Anne Blackfriars, London.

    4339. Margaret _____(?) was born in 1549 at Saint Anne Blackfriars, London, and died at Saint Anne Blackfriars on 25 April 1595. She married Henry Fulwater, and they appear to have had sixteen children:

    • _____ Fulwater (b. abt 1565)
    • _____ Fulwater (b. abt 1566)
    • _____ Fulwater (b. abt 1567)
    • _____ Fulwater (b. abt 1569)
    • Jacob Fulwater (b. 1571, Saint Anne Blackfriars; m. 1612, French Church, Threadneedle Street, London)
    • Sarah Fulwater (b. 19 Mar 1573, London; m. 8 Jan 1595)
    • John Fulwater (b. 1575, Blackfriars, London; d. Aug 1575)
    • _____ Fulwater (b. 1576, Saint Anne Blackfriars; d. Jun 1576)
    • Elizabeth Fulwater (b. 1577, Saint Anne Blackfriars; d. Oct 1577)
    • _____ Fulwater (b. 1579, Saint Anne Blackfriars; d. 1580)
    • Isaac Fulwater (b. 1581, Saint Anne Blackfriars; d. Mar 1582)
    • Ezekiel Fulwater (b. abt 1583, Blackfriars, London; d. Mar 1591)
    • Mary Fulwater (b. abt 1585, Blackfriars, London)
    • Aquila Fulwater (b. 1589, Saint Anne Blackfriars)
    • Joanne or Joan Fulwater (b. 6 Oct 1591, Saint Anne Blackfriars; d. Jul 1593)
    • Mary Fulwater (b. 1593, Saint Anne Blackfriars; d. Jul 1593)

    4340. Jeames TERVYN was born about 1552 and died in September 1625 at All Hallows, London, England. He married Mary _____(?).

    4341. Mary _____(?), the wife of Jeames Tervyn, was the mother of at least three children:

  • Jeames Tervyn (b. 1579, All Hallows; m. 1603, All Hallows; d. 11 Aug 1641, All Hallows)
  • John Tervyn
  • Edward Tervyn

    4624. Thomas CLAYTON, the son of John Clayton and Jone Ouyngton, was born in Sussex in 1560. He married Margaret _____? in 1589 and died in Chichester, Sussex, in 1630/1631.

    4625. Margaret _____?, the wife of Thomas Clayton, was the mother of

    • William Clayton (b. ~1588; d. 8 Apr 1644, Boxgrove Parish, Chichester)
    • Jacob Clayton (b. 4 Mar 1589/1590, Rudgwick Parish, Sussex; d. Apr 1644)
    • Mary Clayton (b. 3 Jul 1592, Rudgwick Parish; m. 5 Sep 1624 at Rudgwick Parish; spouses: William Bennett, Richard Martin)
    • Thomas Clayton (b. 8 Feb 1597, Rudgwick Parish; d. 1666)
    • Richard Clayton (b. 30 Aug 1600, Rudgwick Parish; m. Elizabeth Peter 1 Dec 1610 at Archdeaconry)
    • Mathew Clayton (b. 22 May 1603, Rudgwick Parish; m. Mary Jacob 29 Jan 1625, Rudgwick Parish)
    • Elizabeth Clayton (b. 3 Apr 1608, Rudgwick Parish)
    • Walter Clayton (b. 7 Jul 1611, Rudgwick Parish)

    6176. William STEBBENS was born in Essex, England, in 1538. He married ____? ____? in Essex around 1563.

    6177. ____? ____? was born in England about 1544. She married William Stebbens in Essex about 1563, and their son Thomas Stebbins was born in 1566.

    6180. John WHITING of Earls Colne, Essex, England, was born about 1540. He married ____? ____? about 1565.

    6181. ____? ____? of Earls Colne was born about 1546. She married John Whiting about 1565. Their son John Whitting is said to have been born in 1561, but since he was christened in 1566, it seems more likely that he was born that year as well.

    6182. John SMITH of Chelsworth, Suffolk, England, was born in 1539. He married ____? ____? about 1563/1564 in Bocking, Essex. He died in 1642.

    6183. ____? ____? of Chelsworth, Suffolk, England, was born in 1543. She married John Smith about 1563/1564 in Bocking, Essex.

    6184. John WRIGHT, son of John Wright and Alice Rucke (Ruche) (Wood), was born in 1548 and christened on 5 May 1548 at Kelvedon Hatch, Essex, England. He married Emfell Linsell (Lindsell) at Wrightsbridge, Kelvedon, Essex, on 27 October 1568. He died at Wrightsbridge in 1624 and was buried there.

    6185. Emfell LINSELL (LINDSELL), daughter of James Lindsell and Martha Clement, was born in 1548 at Wrightsbridge, Essex, England, and christened on 24 June 1548 at Kelvedon Hatch, Essex. She married John Wright at Wrightsbridge, Kelvedon, Essex, on 27 October 1568. She died at Wrightsbridge in 1602.

    6186. Edward JAMES of London, England, was born about 1550 to John James and Ellen Bolte. He married Lydia Masham in London about 1580. He died in England after 1615.

    6187. Lydia MASHAM of Suffolk, England, was born in 1552 to Henry Masham and Joan Salter. She married Edward James about 1580 in London.

    6208. Robert BLOGGATT (or Blogatt) Sr., son of Thomas Blowgate and ____? ____?, was born in 1543 at Haughley, Suffolk, England. (Other sources say "about 1520," which makes me wonder whether two generations of Robert Bloggatts have been confused.) He married Margaret Marie Waren at Stowmarket, Suffolk, about 1567. He died on 5 June 1602 at Barton, Hartismere 100, Suffolk.
          According to Lynn Gallup,

          Robert Blowgatt (Blogate/Blodgett) was described as a yeoman of Haughley. A "yeoman" was a small farmer, a class below a gentleman, or a man of small estate, or any countryman above the grade of a laborer. [...]
          The will of Robert Blowgatt was dated 5 June 1602 and proved 3 August 1602. In his will he left to his son Thomas all of his land and tenements in Haughley; to his wife Marie 30 pounds to be paid within the porch or steeple of the church at Haughley; 30 pounds to his son John; 15 pounds each to his daughters Ann Beaumon, Frances Blogate and Margaret; 10 pounds to Margaret's daughter Ann when she shall become 21; 5 pounds to his daughter Ellen Weith; 40 shillings to Elizabeth Blogate his god-daughter (who was daughter of his brother Thomas) and 24 shillings to Giles Blogate, a son of said brother Thomas. His son Thomas was executor and was directed to pay all debts and legacies out of the household stuff and moveable goods; should Thomas default, then son John and Robert's friend John Sharpe of Haughley should administer the will. (Ipswich Probate Office: Arch. Sudbury. Book Copping 1600-1505; F. 142. Will of Blogate dated July 5, 1602, proved Aug 2, 1602.)

    6209. Margaret Marie WAREN (or Warren) of Stowmarket, Suffolk, England, was born about 1544. She married Robert Bloggatt at Stowmarket around 1567 and bore him these children:

    • Thomas Bloggatt or Blowgatt (b. ~1564, Stowmarket; d. 1662, Haughley, Suffolk)
    • John Bloggatt or Blowgatt (b. ~1566; m. X Whitlock or Witlock; d. 1625-1631), an innkeeper whose entire family died of the plague
    • Elizabeth Bloggatt or Blowgatt (b. ~1568; m. X Beverlie or Beverly)
    • Ann Bloggatt or Blowgatt (b. ~1570; m. [1] X Beaumon, [2] John Myllar)
    • Frances Blogate (b. ~1572)
    • Robert Blodgett (b. 1578; d. 1625)
    • Ellen Bloggatt (b. 1576; m. X Weith)
    • Joan Blowgatt (b. 1580; buried 13 Jun 1580)
    • Margaret Blowgatt (b. 1574)

    6240. Simon STONE married Agnes ____?

    6241. Agnes ____? married Simon Stone.

    6248. Henry STERNE was born in Stoke, Cambridge, England around 1520. He married ____? ____? about 1544 in Cambridge.

    6249. ____? ____? was born (in Stoke, Cambridge, England?) around 1523. She married Henry Sterne about 1544 in Cambridge.

    6250. Robert RAMSFORD was born in England around 1542. He married ____? ____? He died in England.

    6251. ____? ____? was born (in England?) around 1546. She married Robert Ramsford.

    6252. John BARKER, son of Richard Barker and Alice ____?, was born in Nayland, Suffolk, England, in 1540 and was christened in Layham, Suffolk, on 15 February 1543. He was a cloth maker. He married Margaret Mawle on 26 May 1562 in Nayland, Sudbury, Suffolk. He was buried in Nayland on 22 October 1588.

    6253. Margaret MAWLE, daughter of John Mawle and Margaret ____?, was born in Nayland, Suffolk, England, in 1541. She married John Barker on 26 May 1562 in Nayland, Sudbury, Suffolk. Their children were:

    1. John Barker (bp. 1563-)
    2. Margaret (bp. 1565-)
    3. Katherine (bp. 1568-)
    4. Alice (bp. 1570-)
    5. Dorothy (bp. 1572-)
    6. Richard (bp. 1575-)
    7. Thomas (bp. 1578-)
    8. Alice (bp. 1580-)
    9. Anne (bp. 1582-)
    10. William (bp. 1585-)
    11. Joyce (bp. 1588-)
    She was buried in Nayland on 11 January 1589/1590.

    6254. Richard WALTER of Nayland, Suffolk, England, was born in 1538. He married ____? ____? in 1563 at Stoke Nayland. He died at Stoke, Nayland, on 4 June 1569 and was buried the same day.

    6255. ____? ____? was born at Nayland, Suffolk, England, around 1542. She married Richard Walter in 1563 at Stoke Nayland. She died at Nayland on 3 November 1574 and was buried there the same day.
          Another ancestral record—which says she was born between 1530 and 1540—gives her first name as Margaret.

    6258. William WODELL (WARDWELL), son of Richard Wardwell and Mary Ithell, was born in 1540 in Warwickshire, England, and christened in Warwickshire in 1542. He married Meribe Marcelle Lascelles Laschelle in 1564 in France. He probably died in Warwick, England.

    6259. Meribe Marcelle Lascelles LASCHELLE, daughter of Gersham Lascelle and Meribe ____?, was born in France in 1544 (one site says 1540). She married William Wodell (Wardwell) in 1564 in France. She probably died in Warwick, England.

    6264. William WOODWARD was born about 1559/1569 at Childwell, Lancashire, England. He married Elizabeth ____?

    6265. Elizabeth ____? of Ipswich, Suffolk, England, was born about 1567. She married William Woodward.

    — Fourteenth Generation —

    8608. Thomas SHERMAN, the son of John Sherman and Agnes Fuller, was born in 1490 in Yaxley, Suffolk, England, and died there on 16 November 1551. He married Jane Waller in Suffolk in 1512.

    8609. Jane WALLER was born in 1495 at Wartham, Suffolk, to John Waller and Margaret Thorolde. She married Thomas Sherman in 1512 in Suffolk. She died at Yaxley in 1573, and was buried in Norfolk, England. Children:

    • Thomas Sherman (b. 1514, Yaxley; d. abt. 15 Sep 1585, Yaxley)
    • Richard Sherman (b. bet 1517-1520, Yaxley; d. 25 Mar 1587, Yaxley)
    • Henry Sherman (b. 1524, Dedham, Essex; d. Jan 1587/1588, Yaxley)
    • William Sherman (b. 1526, Yaxley; d. 1 Jun 1583, Yaxley)
    • John Sherman (b. 1527, Yaxley; d. 10 Sep 1587, Yaxley)
    • Bartholomew Sherman (b. abt 1529, Yaxley)
    • Anthony Sherman (b. 1530, Yaxley; d. abt 7 Sep 1582, Yaxley)
    • James Sherman (b. 1532, Yaxley; d. 1577, Yaxley)
    • Francis Sherman (b. 1533, Yaxley; d. 3 Oct 1605, Yaxley)
    • Nicholas Sherman
    • Margaret Sherman
    • Denys Sherman
    • Elizabeth Sherman
    • Ann Sherman

    8610. Thomas BUTTER (BUTLER) was born in 1500 in Dedham, Essex, England, and married Joane ____? in Dedham about 1520. (He may later have married Marion ____?, around 1525.) He died in Dedham on 15 October 1555.

    8611. Joane ____? was born in Dedham, Essex, England, in 1504. She married Thomas Butter (Butler) in Dedham around 1520. Their daughter Agnes Butler was born in 1521.

    8612. John LAWRENCE, the son of Robert Lawrence and Elizabeth ____?,was born about 1500 at Rumburgh, Suffolk, England. He married Elizabeth ____? in Rumburgh about 1519. He died at Rumburgh in 1550/1559 and was buried there.

    8613. Elizabeth ____? was born in 1510 (but check against the marriage date) in Rumburgh, Suffolk, England. She married John Lawrence at Rumburgh around 1519. She died at Rumburgh on 22 January 1583. (Same date and place of death are given for her daughter-in-law Agnes ____?.)

    9248. John CLAYTON, the son of Thomas Clayton and Margaret _____?, was born in England around 1530. He married Jone Ouyngton on 27 January 1554/1555 at Rudgwick Parish, Sussex, and died in England.

    9249. Jone OUYNGTON, the wife of John Clayton, was born about 1530. She was the mother of

    • John Clayton (b. 17 Oct 1555, Rudgwick Parish)
    • Johanna Clayton (b. 9 Jan 1558, Rudgwick Parish; m. Edward Allord 21 Jul 1583, Rudgwick Parish)
    • Thomas Clayton (b. 1560, Sussex; m. 1589; d. 1630/1631, Chichester, Sussex)
    • Elizabeth Clayton (b. 15 Oct 1564, Rudgwick Parish)
    • Richard Clayton (b. 29 Jul 1567, Rudgwick Parish; m. Grace Morrice)
    • Walter Clayton (b. 9 Sep 1570, Rudgwick)

    12,368. John WRIGHT , son of John Wright and Olive Hubbard,was born on 19 June 1522 at Kelvedon, Essex, England. He married Alice Rucke (Ruche) (Wood) on 13 September 1541 at South Weald, Wright Bridge, Essex. He died in 1558 at Kelvedon Hatch, Essex.
          The mormon ancestral record calls him John "The Middle" Wright, but that appears to be simply a designation adopted by his descendants to differentiate him from his father and son.

    12,369. Alice RUCKE (RUCHE) (WOOD), daughter of Robert Rucke (Rooke) and ____? ____?, was born in 1520 at Havering, Essex, England She married John Wright on 13 September 1541 at South Weald, Wright Bridge, Essex. She died at Kelvedon, Essex, and was buried at Kelvedon Hatch.

    12,370. James Lindsell of Kelvedon Hatch, Essex, England, was born in 1522. He married Martha Clement about 1547 (at Kelvedon, Essex?).

    12,371. Martha CLEMENT of Kelvedon Hatch, Essex, England, was born about 1526. She married James Lindsell about 1547 (at Kelvedon?).

    12,372. John JAMES, the son of John James of Littleore, Stafford, England, was born about 1509. He married Ellen Bolte in England about 1539.

    12,373. Ellen BOLTE of Sandbache, Cheshire, England, was born about 1513 to William Bolt and Miss ____? Venables. She married John James in England about 1539.

    12,374. Henry MASHAM of Badwell Ash, Suffolk, England, was born about 1535. He married Joan Salter.

    12,375. Joan SALTER of Badwell Ash, Suffolk, was born about 1537 to John Salter and Joan Hovell Smith. She married Henry Masham.

    12,416. Thomas BLOWGATE was born about 1490 at Haughley, Suffolk, England. He died in June 1560 at Haughley.
          According to Lynn Gallup,

          Thomas was named “Blowgate” in the probate of his will but this family has used a variety of spellings over the generations, e.g., Blogett , Blowget, Blowgett, Blowgatt and Blodget. By the mid 1700’s the spelling pretty much became “Blodgett” [...].
          Thomas Blowgate is the earliest Blodgett ancestor who has been identified. His will, dated 1 November 1558, proved 5 June 1660, provided that his body be buried in the churchyard of St. Mary at Hawley. He gave "to Robert, my son, house and land where I now dwell, he to pay thereout legasies following: To every one of my children outcetp [except?] Andrewe and John my sons, 6 pounds ls 4d, namely to Johan my daughter, Thomas my son and Margaret my daughter, Johan to be paid first, Rose next, Thomas next, Marrgaret last, as the ferme (rent) of said house and land may bare. To John, my son, my house and land in New Street Hawley, he to pay 5 pounds 5 within a year after my decease in deeds of charity. If Robert my son depart, my sonne John to have house and to fulfill legacies and if John depart the world without heirs, then Thomas my son."
          Executors were Robert Blowgate & Martyne Ruttman. Witnesses were Wm. Smythe of Haughley, Thomas Borrone and John Stannard.
          (Ipswich Probate Office: Arch. Sudbury. Book 1560. Paynter Fol. 67)
          Reference: Thompson, Rev. Franklin C. BLODGET-BLODGETT GENEALOGY, Descendents of Thomas of Cambridge. LDS Film # 0896868.

    12,417. ____? ____? , Thomas Blowgatt's wife, was born around 1509 at Haughley and died in 1573. She and Thomas had these children:

    • Thomas Blowgatt (b. 1531)
    • Joan or Johan Blowgatt (b. ~1533)
    • Margaret Blowgatt (b. ~1535)
    • Andrew Blowgatt (b. ~1537)
    • John Blowgatt (b. ~1539)
    • Rose Blowgatt (b. ~1541)
    • Robert Blogatt (b. 1543; d. 05 Jun 1602)

    12,504. Richard BARKER, who was born around 1507, married Alice (____?). Barker, a prosperous property owner who held a lease on a mill in Wormingford, Essex, England was buried in Nayland, Suffolk, on 27 July 1561.

    12,505. Alice ____? married Richard Barker. Their children were:

    1. John Barker (~1540-)
    2. Katherine (~1538-1561)
    3. Margaret (~1540-)
    4. Richard (~1542-)
    5. Elizabeth (~1542-)
    6. Thomas (~1547-)
    She was buried at Nayland on 27 December 1560.

    12,506. John MAWLE, who was born around 1512, was a prosperous clothier. He was probably the son of John Mawle, Sr. (buried at Stoke Nayland on 5 February 1560/1561, aged 72) and Christine (_____?) (buried at Stoke Nayland on 9 May 1560/1561). He married Margaret (____?). He died in late 1579.

    12,507. Margaret (____?), who may have been the daughter of George Abbes of Stoke Nayland (who died in 1554), married John Mawle. She died in 1586. Her children with John Mawle were:

    1. Margaret
    2. James (d.1608)
    3. John
    4. George
    5. Robert (d. after 1586)

    12,516. Richard WARDWELL was born in 1515 in Warwickshire, England. He married Mary Ithell in 1540 (in Warwick?). He died in Wales.

    12,517. Mary ITHELL, daughter of Pierce Pierre Ithell and ____? ____?, was born in 1518 in Wales or England. She married Richard Wardwell in 1540 (in Warwick?). She probably died in Warwick.

    12,518. Gersham LASCELLE was born in France (one internet site says London) in1519. He married Meribe ____? in France before 1544. He died in France.

    12,519. Meribe ____? was born around 1523 in France. She married Gersham Lascelle in France before 1544.

    — Fifteenth Generation —

    17,216. John SHERMAN was born in Diss, Norfolk, England, in 1445 to Thomas Sherman and Agnes Fulmer. He married Agnes Fuller in Yaxley, Suffolk, in 1489, and died in Yaxley on 12 December 1504.

    17,217. Agnes FULLER was born in Yaxley about 1470 to Thomas Fuller and ____? ____?. She married John Sherman in Yaxley in 1489. She died in Yaxley in 1528. Children:

    • Thomas Sherman (b. abt 1490, Yaxley; d. Jan 1549/1550, Yaxley)
    • Margery Sherman (b. abt 1492, Yaxley; m. Robert Lockwood)

    17,218. John WALLER of Wortham, Suffolk, England, was born around 1462 to Thomas Waller and Margaret Hotofte. He married Margaret Thorolde in Wortham around 1492. He died at Wortham on 26 June 1539.

    17,219. Margaret THOROLDE, the daughter of John Thorolde of Thornham, Suffolk, England, was born about 1470. She married John Waller around 1492 in Wortham, Suffolk.

    17,224. Robert LAWRENCE was born about 1474 in Rumburgh, Suffolk, England. He married Elizabeth ____?

    17,225. Elizabeth ____? was born about 1478 at Rumburgh, Suffolk. She married Robert Lawrence and was the mother of John Lawrence, who was born around 1500.

    18,496. Thomas CLAYTON was at Rudgwick Parish, Sussex, about 1500. He married Margaret _____? and died sometime before 5 October 1557.

    18,497. Margaret _____?, the wife of Thomas Clayton, was the mother of

    • John Clayton (b. ~1530; m. 27 Jan 1554/1555, Rudgwick Parish, Sussex)
    • Alice Clayton

    24,736. John WRIGHT, the son of John Wright and Agnes ____?,was born in 1488 in Kelvedon, Essex, England. He married Olive Hubbard at Kelvedon in 1509. He died in England on 5 October 1551 and was buried at Kelvedon Hatch Church Cemetery, Kelvedon.

    24,737. Olive HUBBARD, the daughter of Samuel Hubbard and Katharine Wright, was born in 1487 and was christened on 22 February 1487 at Dagenham, Essex, England. She married John Wright at Kelvedon, Essex. She died at Kelvedon in October 1560 and was buried in Kelvedon.

    24,742. Robert RUCKE (ROOKE) of Havering, Essex, England was born circa 1490.

    24,743. ____? ____? <of Wrightsbridge, Essex> was born about 1502. She married Robert Rucke (Rooke). Their daughter Alice Rucke (Ruche) was born in 1520 at Havering.

    24,744. John JAMES was born about 1478 at Littleore, Staffordshire, England. He married around 1508.

    24,746. William BOLT was born in England about 1487. He married Miss ____? Venables.

    24,747. Miss (____?) VENABLES was born in England about 1490. She married William Bolt.

    24,750. John SALTER was born in England around 1511. He married Joan Hovell Smith.

    24,751. Joan HOVELL SMITH was born in England around 1515. She married John Salter.

    25,038. Pierce Pierre ITHELL of Wales was born about 1490 to ____? Ithell and Miss ____? Pierce.

    25,039. ____? ____? of Wales was born about 1490. She married Pierce Pierre Ithell.

    — Sixteenth Generation —

    34,432. Thomas SHERMAN was born in Yaxley, Suffolk, England, in 1422 to John Sherman and Mary Lance. He married Agnes Fulmer about 1455 in Diss, Norfolk. He died in Diss in 1493; his will was probated on 4 April 1493, in Diss.

    34,433. Agnes FULMER (FULLER) of Yaxley, Suffolk, was born around 1425 to Thomas Fulmer and Margery ____?. She married Thomas Sherman around 1444 in Diss, Norfolk, and died in Suffolk County around 1495. Children:

    • Thomas Sherman (b. abt 1459, Diss)
    • John Sherman (b. 1445, Diss; d. 12 Dec 1504, Yaxley)
    • Agnes Sherman (b. abt 1462, Dis; m. John Clark)

    34,434. Thomas FULLER of Yaxley, Suffolk, England, was born about 1444. He was buried in 1497.

    34,435. ____? ____? of Yaxley, Suffolk, was born about 1446. She married Thomas Fuller. Their daughter Agnes Fuller was about 1470.

    34,436. Thomas WALLER of Parham, Suffolk, England, was born about 1436 to John Waller. He married Margaret Hotofte.

    34,437. Margaret HOTOFTE of Wortham, Suffolk, was born about 1440. She married Thomas Waller.

    34,438. John THOROLDE of Thornham, Suffolk County, England, was born about 1444. He was the father of Margaret Thorolde, who was born about 1470.

    49,472. John WRIGHT, the son of Henry Wright and Anna Whitebread, was born on 27 October 1450 in Dagenham, Essex, England. He married Agnes ____? about 1470 in Dagenham. He died in Dagenham on 5 May 1509 and was buried there.

    49,473. Agnes ____? was born at Dagenham, Essex, England, around 1452. She married John Wright around 1470 in Dagenham, and their son John Wright was born in 1488 in Kelvedon. She died and was buried in Dagenham.

    49,474. Samuel HUBBARD was born about 1466 in Dagenham, Essex, England. He married Katharine Wright around 1485 in Dagenham. He died in Dagenham and was buried there.

    49,475. Katharine WRIGHT, the mother of Olive Hubbard, was born at Dagenham, Essex, England, around 1469. She married Samuel Hubbard around 1485 in Dagenham. She died and was buried in Dagenham.

    50,076. ____? ITHELL of Wales was born about 1455. He married Miss ____? Pierce in Wales in 1480.

    50,077. ____? PIERCE of Wales was born about 1459. She married ____? Ithell in Wales in 1480.

    — Seventeenth Generation —

    68,864. John SHERMAN was born about 1396 at Yaxley, Suffolk, England,and died at Yaxley before 21 October 1487. He married Mary Lance in 1419.

    68,865. Mary LANCE, the daughter of John Lance and Isabella Davis was born about 1400 at Dartford, Kent, England. She married John Sherman in 1419, and their son Thomas Sherman was born at Yaxley in 1422. She died around 1487.

    68,866. Thomas FULMER of Bury Saint Edmunds, Suffolk, England, was born about 1397. He married Margery ____?.

    68,867. Margery ____? of Yaxley, Suffolk, England, was born about 1399. She married Thomas Fulmer.

    68,872. John WALLER of Parham, Suffolk, England, was born about 1415.

    98,960. Henry WRIGHT was born in 1424 at Upminster, Suffolk, England. He married Anna Whitebread around 1448 at Upminster. He died in Upminster and was buried there.

    98,961. Anna WHITEBREAD of Upminster, Suffolk, England, was born about 1426 to Thomas Whitebread and ____? ____?. She married Henry Wright at Upminster about 1448. She died and was buried at Upminster.

    — Eighteenth Generation —

    137,730. John LANCE of Dartford, Kent, England, was born about 1368. He married Isabella Davis about 1396 in Dartford, Kent..

    137,731. Isabella DAVIS, the daughter of Edward Davis of Dartford, Kent, England, was born about 1372. She married John Lance about 1396 at Dartford.

    197,922. Thomas WHITEBREAD of Essexshire, England, was born about 1396.

    197,923. ____? ____? <of Essexshire, England> was born about 1396. She married Thomas Whitebread.

    — Nineteenth Generation —

    275,462. Edward DAVIS of Dartford, Kent, England, was born about 1340.

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