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Alice Todd

I met Alice in the spring of 1991. She was living in Madison and working as a nurse, and in the late summer she and her three cats moved to Iowa City to get another degree in art -- a BFA to go with the BA she already had. She also already had her nursing degree and a master's, I think, in occupational therapy.

She wanted me to stay in Iowa so we could get married and have babies, and often I wonder if that is not what I should have done. I've always wanted to get married and always wanted more babies.

But I was set on going back to California. Joel was about to go off to college in Michigan, and seventeen years in Iowa seemed more than enough.

Alice in Holland, Michigan

      Alice in Holland, Michigan, a day or two after we'd dropped Joel off in Ann Arbor.

      Alice and I went up to Michigan together in August 1991 to take Joel to Ann Arbor for a few days of freshman orientation. Alice was still living in Madison at the time, so we met in Rockford, Illinois, and drove over to Michigan in her bronze Nissan pickup.
      Alice took advantage of the trip to apply for some nursing jobs in Michigan. We drove back across the state to Grand Rapids, where she had worked before. She showed me where she used to live and where she'd taken art classes at the Kendall art school, and then, after registering at a motel, we drove over to the state park in Holland. We walked on the beach and out onto the jetty and looked at all the boats out in the lake. And the next morning she applied for a job at Blodgett hospital.
      I was still sort of thinking, at that time, that I might move to Michigan myself. If I could establish residency somehow, Joel's tuition payments would be thousands and thousands of dollars less.
      But it didn't happen. Alice got a nursing job in Iowa City, and I went out to California.
      And a couple of years later Alice got married to someone else.
      Why do I still keep having regrets? Why do I still keep seeing those boats out on Lake Michigan and thinking I might have been in one of them with Alice?

      Here's Alice on my back deck in summer 1992. She was taking a photography class in the UI art department and made a wonderful black-and-white photo of me.
      Yes, I still have a pang about her, even when I tell myself it wouldn't have worked out.

Alice in summer 1992.

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