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Jacky Lewis

Jacky Lewis

I met Jacky in late 1993 while I was working in Bookworks in the Rancho del Mar shopping center in Aptos. She came into the store often and left things on consignment -- dog cookies she had baked and wonderful little bookmarks she made with chinese knotting. She was born in England and therefore responded to my sense of humor, which californians sometimes do not, and sometimes she and I went hiking together.

She'd been immobilized for a number of years and was just discovering herself again, and she seemed to possess boundless energy. She went off to the Grand Canyon and thereabouts to do some solo hikes in the spring of 94, and back in Santa Cruz she went on a number of long, fast hikes with the Loma Prieta chapter of the Sierra Club.

Jacky at her diningroom table with her daughter, Sarah Mueller.

Jacky and Sara.

When I met Jacky I was sharing a one-bedroom apartment on Pelton street, right off Lighthouse Field in Santa Cruz, with an easygoing fellow named Lee Russ. When Lee and I lost that place in the spring of 1994 I rented a room in Jacky's house on Meadowlark lane in Aptos.

Jacky lived with her daughter Sarah, her son, James Orman, a couple of dogs, and three cats. It was a comfortable place to live. It was a house in which books were regarded highly, and Jacky's inquiring mind made me feel right at home.

Jacky.   Birthday cookies.

Jacky in her kitchen after giving me these gingerbread men for my birthday.

Jacky drove east with me in August 1994 and stayed with me in Iowa City for a month or so while she planned out the two weeks of backpacking she'd decided to do on the Long Trail in Vermont. The green gently rolling hills of Iowa reminded her of England. She seemed to like Iowa City. She met Maureen and met Wayne and Karen, who were living in Iowa City then, and when she went out walking made friends all over town, especially in the bookstores.

      We did some minor hiking around Iowa City while we were there -- if you can call that hiking. (It didn't seem like it to me.)
      I took this photo when we went walking on a flat trail at Lake McBride. The midwest seemed exhausting to me. How could Jacky keep smiling like that? She took a photo of me at the same time and I looked as though I belonged on life support.

Jacky in Iowa.

In September we headed east, stopping in Ann Arbor long enough to embarrass Joel and then going through Canada and into Vermont. I left Jacky at the start of the Long Trail at four or five oclock on September 10 and then drove into Boston and waited at Logan Airport for Lois to fly in from Santa Cruz.

[Nota bene: This page, like all the others in this site, is in progress. The text is mostly irrelevant and hastily written stuff designed just to fill the gaps between the photos -- and the photos themselves are not the best, but simply what I happen to have on hand. Please let me know if you find anything false, misleading, offensive, or intrusive to your privacy. It's hard to maintain privacy on the internet! Let me know too if there's a photo or something in the text that should be removed or something that should be added. I have not set up this site primarily for my own sake but for my family and friends -- and I welcome all corrections, additions, and suggestions about how to improve it!]

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