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Joel in August 1984

Joel in 1984

My father had gotten to be too much for my mother to care for, and in August 1984 she put him into a nursing home -- signing his death warrant, as my brother said -- and went to live with Julie. All that summer I'd been taking a filmmaking class at the UI and had produced a little eight-millimeter thing featuring Joel and Rhonda. But in August Joel and I came east to see my father for the last time -- an experience that still makes my throat tighten. We spent the first night at a campground in Illinois.

In August 1984 we came east to see my father one last time. Here's Joel in Illinois. The teeshirt he's wearing is from the renowned Marine Specialties store in Provincetown.

Joel at the campground in Illinois

Joel and Tommy

We saw my father at the nursing home and saw my mother at Julie's and then loaded a few things from my parents' apartment into our Dodge van -- plus a red fiberglass kayak, which Jackie thought we should have, riding on the top -- and headed up to New Hampshire to visit Joey and Mary, who were staying at Mary's mother's place (down the road from their own fifteen acres). To the left and below you can see Tommy and Joel in the field outside the house.

Joel and Tommy       Joel and Tommy

      Here's Joel back at Kimball road a couple of months later -- just three days before his twelfth birthday. He and Unity and Orion, a couple of the friends he's had ever since he was in daycare, are lunching on grilled english muffins with cheese.
      The table and china cabinet are the ones we brought back with us in August from my parents' apartment in Washington.
      My father lasted less than two months in the nursing home. A man who had been strong and bright and fearless all the days of his life. A man who never wanted to die.

Unity, Orion 841103

Joel 841103

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