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Darts in Perry.

Joel in 1985-1986

      A writer named Sheldon Stump moved in upstairs from us at Kimball road with her little seven-year-old son, Walker. When he saw the greenery of Iowa (or of my unkempt lawn, with all the trees I had planted around its tiny perimeter), he told her it was like Eden.
      Joel occasionally babysat for Walker. Sheldon took the photo below of the two of them. This was in the heart of Joel's martial-arts phase. He and I were both taking a class in tae kwon do at the UI, trying to turn ourselves into midwestern Bruce Lees.

Walker and Joel

Joel coming home on last day of elementary school, June 1985.       Part of our reason for moving up to Kimball Road was its closeness to Shimek Elementary School. And I turned my back for a moment and suddenly he was through with elementary school and getting ready to go to junior high. Turns out that it's true: time really does fly.
      Here he is coming home from his final day of classes, June 1985.

      Joel's friends Keen, Orion, and Unity came out to Palisades Kepler state park with us on Palm Sunday -- March 23, 1986.
      Unity is to the left, and Orion is following Keen across the log.

Unity, Orion, Keen, Joel at Palisades Kepler.

      Below, Joel and I are playing darts in my sister Winibee's back yard in Perry, Iowa. Must have been the spring of 1986, around the time I wrote a column for the Daily Iowan about our trip to Perry. Back when my hair was still brown.
      It didn't occur to me that the column I wrote would get back to people in Perry, so I made it sound funny and small-townish instead of like the thriving metropolis it is.
      Of course some student at the UI sent a copy of the column back to the mayor of Perry. He wasn't very happy about it.

Darts in Perry

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