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Sarah and Joel

Joel at Año Nuevo

      I gave Jacky Lewis a call while Joel was visiting for a week, and she and Sarah came up to Año Nuevo with us to check out the elephant seals. Año Nuevo is a hotbed of them. They've taken over a little offshore island (setting up quarters in an abandoned house out there), and in the winter months they're sprawled out among the dunes. It's their mating season.

      Below, Joel pauses to look out at the surf as we head towards the staging area where we'll meet a docent.

Joel at Año Nuevo

Joel looking at surf at Año Nuevo

      A docent led us out to the dunes to keep us at a respectful distance from the elephant seals. Here Joel and Sarah must be listening to one of the docent's jokes.

      Below, they are taking the beach route back to the parking lot.

Sarah and Joel.

Sarah and Joel on beach.

Joel, Sarah, Jacky.

      Joel, Sarah, and Jacky before heading back to Santa Cruz..

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