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Winibee 1999. [2 kb]

Winibee in 1999

      July, 1999. On my way back from the east coast I stop in at Saint Paul, as I've been threatening to do for years, and see Winibee for the first time since Jay's wedding in 1992.
      The Greyhound, which I've taken from Silver Spring and will ride the rest of the way back to Santa Cruz in two or three more days, is three or four hours late. Jay has harnessed up his kids and come to the bus station for me a couple of times this afternoon and now he does it again. On the ride to Winibee's I get to know Ian and Maggie, whom I've never met before -- cheery blond kids who are a mostly north-Atlantic salad of norwegian, irish, english, and syrian

Me with Winibee in her kitchen, July 1999.  [16 kb]

Jay took this photo for the permanent record -- me with Winibee in her kitchen in Maplewood after my 27-hour bus trip from Silver Spring.

      Winibee with Maggie.

Winibee hanging onto Maggie.  [14 kb]
Maggie escapes.  [23 kb]

Ian, Winibee, Maggie.

Winibee reading to Ian.  [22 kb]

Winibee reading Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel to Ian. "I think his Norwegian blood is showing promise of turning him into the size of several of his maternal uncles," Winibee wrote me when Ian was four months old.

      Here we are a couple of days later, at Jay's kitchen table wrestling over the Times crossword puzzle after getting back from the children's museum. Six-letter Seuss character. Grinch? Horton? No -- Sam I am! Seven-letter wigwam dweller? Shawnee!, says Jay, raising his camera to record the moment forever.
We struggle over the Times crossword puzzle.  [31 kb]

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