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Beth. [2 kb]


Win's portrait of Beth.  [28 kb]
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Win's portrait of Beth. Not sure when she painted it -- the midseventies, I suppose, when Beth was in her midteens.

      Beth with Mike Zangwill at Julie's sometime before their marriage. They were married on February 15, 1988, in Rockville, Maryland. (Would you like to see a photo of Win at their wedding?)
      Mike, I should probably mention, is a descendant -- great-grandson? -- of Israel Zangwill, the renowned playwright who wrote "The Melting Pot" (the play that introduced that phrase as a symbol of the United States). After a performance of "The Melting Pot" in 1908 (according to a commentator on NPR), Teddy Roosevelt leaned out from his box and shouted "That was a great play, Mr Zangwill! A great play!"
Beth and Mike.  [14 kb]
 Lois with Zena.  [9 kb]
My dear friend Lois flew to meet me in the east in September 1994, and after two weeks of sightseeing we stopped by Beth's place (after the requisite trip to Mount Vernon) the day before Lois had to fly back to Santa Cruz. Here Lois is discovering Zena and vice versa.

      Beth took Lois and me out to Great Falls, and after seeing the falls we walked down the canal towpath half a mile or so.
Lois and Beth on towpath.  [17 kb]

Beth, Tom, Zena.  [17 kb]

      At this age Zena seemed curious and open. But when I saw Beth and Mike and Zena a few times while I was living in Winchester in 1996-1997, I found that Zena had precisely the same sort of shyness with strangers that Beth had had at that age. Maybe there is something to this inherited-characteristics nonsense.

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