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Zena and Mike.  [2 kb]


      When I came east in June 1999 to see Julie I stayed with Beth a couple of nights. I brought out my camera while she was eating lunch. But Zena was shy and didn't want me taking her photo, so after a few shots I put the camera away.

Mike and Zena.  [11 kb]

      The last time I'd seen her, a couple of years earlier, she was shy too, the way Beth had been at that age. But just as Beth had done, she'd gotten over it in a few hours.
      But that didn't happen this time. This time she remained fearful the entire time I was there, till at last I couldn't help wondering what sort of ogre I must appear to be.

Zena at lunch  [10 kb]

Zena at lunch  [9 kb]

Zena at lunch  [9 kb]

      Beth used to have this same kind of beauty when she was Zena's age, and I used to take scads of photos of her, too.
      Lois looked at these photos and thought Zena was beautiful enough to be a model. But at the same time she thought I was mean to have kept taking photos.

Zena.  [16 kb]

Zena, Joey, Mike.  [23 kb]

      Joey, who was working in DC for the summer, came over for dinner on Beth's carport-top deck, and Zena was delighted to see him.
      After dinner we all played Junior Monopoly together, and I thought Zena had gotten over her shyness. But it was just that she was happy to see her dear grandfather. She wanted him to spend the night.

      Joey shows Zena his camcorder.
      A day or two later Beth asked Zena why she seemed so afraid of me, and Zena told her I looked angry. That's the way I seemed to Lois, too, whenever I was thinking about something.
      "Pickle puss," Jackie used to call me.

Joey showing Zena his camcorder.  [22 kb]

Zena and Mike.  [34 kb]

Zena and Mike.

      "Where's your bellybutton?", Joey said. "Show us your bellybutton."

Zena's bellybutton.  [18 kb]

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